Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 23–29

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October 23–November 21

The sun’s grand entrance into Scorpio marks the beginning of your birthday season and infuses you with welcome vitality. This is your month to focus on yourself and project your personality fearlessly. You’ll feel Jupiter’s positive presence in your sign a few days later when the sun aligns with the planet of luck, which recently began a 13-month tour of Scorpio. It could seem as if someone changed the channel from a dark drama to a thrilling action adventure, as this pairing brings a surge of courage and exuberance. Don’t kick back and revel in Jupiter’s beneficence. Take a big breath and jump. Kick off a new initiative that makes you feel like you’re punching a little above your weight. Embrace experiences that raise your consciousness. Seek out people who expose you to a wider world. You’ll never find out what you’re capable of by playing it safe. Since Venus is quibbling with Neptune and Pluto, letting go of an old love, surrendering some control in a relationship or making a sacrifice out of compassion could be difficult. It’s possible that your ideals aren’t being met or your understanding isn’t complete enough for you to accept the situation. Be careful not to manipulate anyone or obsess out of jealousy. Mercury in your sign is playing nice with Neptune and Pluto, making it easier for you to use your imagination and convey both sweet and intense feelings. In-depth thinking will help you drill down to profound truths, and you might benefit from a brief change of scene as well. Happy solar return!



November 22–December 21

After the sun slips into your release corner, your energy is bound to wane a bit, as the month before your birthday season is a time for rest and reflection. Look back on the past year and let go of regrets, cleaning the slate so you can start fresh next month. The sun meets up with your ruling planet this week, inspiring you to be bravely vulnerable. Show your compassion. Forgive someone who’s wronged you. Embark on a spiritual journey. Look for signs that you’re on the right path. With a combination of faith and wisdom from lessons learned, visualize your future. If you’re holding onto something — or someone — that’s not serving your growth, dare to let go. Free yourself of comfortable crutches. Have empathy for your own shortcomings and those of others. Venus’s squabbles with Neptune and Pluto can complicate your social life, and your home life or resources such as money may be involved. If you or a friend is playing the comparison game, envy might rear its ugly head. Insecurity over a disparity in what you possess is likely to cause problems, so don’t fall into the trap of keeping up with the Joneses. Financial pressures or the need to tend to a family matter can get in the way of group fun. But fortunately, Mercury is heightening your intuition and making it easier for you to find the right words to soothe hurt feelings. Plus you could have a sharp instinct about your finances or helpful insight into your emotions or a domestic quagmire. Trust your gut!



December 22–January 19

Now that the sun is sailing into your network sector, you’re able to shift gears from strutting your stuff on center stage to being a good team-player. Enjoy being yourself around your squad and feed off their energy. Maintain a visible presence on social media. Join an organization that reflects your interests and/or goals. Do some professional networking. Find ways to collaborate with your peers and colleagues. The sun’s rendezvous with Jupiter fires you up to get your name out there and broaden the circle of people in your life. You’ll be in a social mood, so say yes to any type of large gathering. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and can accompany you on your journey toward new hopes and wishes. You’ll learn from and gain inspiration from others, so don’t be shy. This planetary meetup gives you the confidence to mix and mingle and connect with a wide range of people. Venus in your ambition angle is at odds with Pluto in Capricorn now, so if you become controlling or domineering, it’s likely to affect your image. Be willing to play by the rules, especially around higher-ups. If you don’t have the best relationship with a boss or parent, ask yourself what you can do to improve it. Mercury is in sync with Neptune and Pluto, so you’ll have an easier time clicking with people who are on your level. You can use these transits to put your empathy, creative ideas, spiritual thoughts and personal feelings into words. And you might also make a new contact who empowers you to change.



January 20–February 18

With the sun ascending to the pinnacle of your chart this week, your ambition gets a jumpstart. Be prepared to keep a high profile in the month to come. Know your strengths and weaknesses, and do what you can to put your best foot forward. You may be nudged into the spotlight and called on to assume more responsibility. And when the sun connects with go-big Jupiter, that’s your cue to reach for your highest aspirations. Promote yourself. Chase down bigger and better career opportunities. Stand out from the crowd in your profession or in a public setting. Take on a leadership role. Don’t hide your light under a bushel, as they say. Show off your capabilities. Challenge yourself to achieve bolder goals and believe in your ability to succeed. It might even be time to set off in a different direction in your life! Venus’s battles with Neptune and Pluto suggest your desire to meet new people, travel or have different experiences with someone could be thwarted by financial uncertainty, personal insecurity, hidden pain, self-sabotage or unpleasantness from the past. It’s important to confront your demons and overcome your fears so you can enjoy all that life has to offer. Thankfully, Mercury is vibing with Neptune and Pluto, so your intellect and communication skills can come through for you. Craft objectives that address your fear of not having what you need to survive — and that also make the most of your creative talents. And if you’ve been doing private work like compiling research, tap into it when speaking with higher-ups to provide more substance.



February 19–March 20

Thanks to the sun’s arrival in your exploration corner, your energy and outlook should brighten, as you begin to sense more possibilities opening up. This is a great month to start studying something new, take a big trip or break out of your everyday routine in small ways that stimulate your mind. You’ve been focused intently on specific projects, issues and relationships, but now you’re meant to take off the blinders and view the big picture. And since the sun is joining forces with Jupiter, it’s time to screw up your courage and take a leap of faith. Jupiter offers a wide array of opportunities, but it’s up to you to seize them. Get inspired. Get entrepreneurial. Get out of your comfort zone. This planetary combo wants you to realize that you can be more than you thought you could be, and your life can have more meaning and purpose than before. Don’t set unnecessary limits on your growth out of fear. Venus is still in your depth zone, increasing your desire for closeness, and her dustups with Neptune and Pluto this week indicate a bond may not live up to your ideals and may lead to trouble in a group. Jealousy, mistrust and sharing could cause problems, or a changing friendship might cause pain. But Mercury’s alliances with Neptune and Pluto should allow you to clear the air. Make learning and understanding your goals rather than fixating on being understood. The Merc-Neptune transit is perfect for letting your imagination run wild and fantasizing about the future, but you also might give kind, helpful advice.



March 21–April 19

When the sun dives into your depth sector, you’ll start to tune into the subtler side of life. Get in touch with a hidden side of yourself, pick up on nuances around you, experience life on an emotional level, delve into a relationship that has a powerful effect on you, grapple with weighty issues like pain, loss, mortality and intimacy. The sun is teaming up with larger-than-life Jupiter, bringing luck with sharing and closeness. You might step things up with your significant other or land backing like a loan or grant. A financial investment or emotional investment could pay off, and so could an investment of time and energy in a passion project. This would be a nice opportunity to make a commitment by going all in on something or placing your faith in someone. Plus this pairing alludes to a major insight into your psyche that can facilitate growth and healing — so face the scary stuff! Venus in your one-on-one angle is at an impasse with Neptune and Pluto, potentially upsetting the equilibrium between you and others. You’re feeling easygoing, but lingering self-doubt, subconscious fear or pressure to achieve could make it harder to keep the peace. You might feel jealous of someone’s success or worry about whether you and your partner — or bff — are headed in the same direction. A power imbalance can also threaten the stability of a relationship. Fortunately, Mercury is clicking with Neptune and Pluto, assuring that introspection will enhance your self-awareness, and confiding in a person you trust will be cathartic. A penetrating dialogue can get you on the same page with someone special.



April 20–May 20

The sun is making its annual trek across your partnership angle, putting your one-on-one connections under the microscope. You’ll feed off the energy of other individuals, so don’t fly solo too much. This is a period when you can learn more about yourself through your relationships than in any other arena. Examine your closest bonds and see what you can do to improve them. Ask yourself who you are when you’re with certain people and which duos bring out the best in you. If you’re in a committed relationship, do you like the sides of you that your significant other brings out? The sun’s meetup with bold Jupiter makes this a fantastic time to team up and form mutually beneficial partnerships. Other people can inspire you and teach you, and vice versa. You might gravitate to someone who’s very different from you or lives far away. And romantic relationships aren’t the only ones that are favored now. You could also launch a business partnership or a joint venture. Being genuine, positive and accessible — and perhaps a bit more extroverted — will help you draw in relationships that are good for you. Be true to yourself, no matter who you’re with. Venus’s struggles with Neptune and Pluto might make it harder for you to enjoy your work if it doesn’t have enough depth and meaning or if you’re dying to escape and see your crew. But Mercury is seeing eye-to-eye with Neptune and Pluto, prompting you to use your words. A dialogue could touch on spirituality, philosophy, dreams, creativity, beliefs and growth experiences; don’t limit yourself to discussing safe subjects with familiar people.



May 21–June 20

It’s time to get down to business when the sun marches into your productivity-and-wellness corner, fueling hard work and self-improvement. Use your energy to hone your skills, check things off your to-do list, perform tasks with efficiency and strive to be useful. Take pride in a job well done, and remain humble enough not to expect applause for it. This is also a period for getting healthy, which could mean anything from eating more nutritious food to making exercise a higher priority. The sun’s encounter with Jupiter ignites your enthusiasm for such efforts; you could get more fired up about the work you’re doing or become inspired to set a big fitness goal. Motivation, vision and exuberance combined with a strong work ethic and an ability to pull together a realistic plan will ensure your success. The more meaning an endeavor has for you, the more energy you’ll bring to it. Aim to contribute something to the world. The effort it takes to reach these aspirations will help you grow and feel good about yourself. Venus is still focused on romance, creativity and fun, but her tussles with Neptune and Pluto hint that jealousy, sex, mistrust, psychological turmoil or unclear goals may complicate matters and make you feel less playful. Maybe part of you wants to keep things lighthearted, and a relationship is getting too intense. Don’t try to control someone else. Mercury’s links with Neptune and Pluto indicate you can break down the situation in your head and talk about it sensibly. You might also do creative cerebral work or partner with someone on an intellectually challenging project.



June 21–July 22

Come out of your Crab shell and enjoy life when the sun dances into your fulfillment house for a monthlong tour. Express your personality. Show your fun-loving side, especially if you’ve felt too buttoned-up. Spend time dating, hanging with friends, displaying your creativity or enjoying hobbies. And when the sun meets Jupiter this week, let the games begin! Play to your heart’s content — and speaking of heart, wear yours on your sleeve. You’ll have the guts now to tell someone how you feel. Both Jupiter and this house encourage risk-taking, and the sun signifies ego, so yours might be on the line. But your confidence is high and your zest for living is soaring. Challenge yourself to boldly explore your full potential. You can have an over-the-top good time, but aiming to learn something along the way will make it even more memorable. This planetary pair may spark an attraction to someone from a different background, as it favors experiences that expand your world. Venus is still nestled at the bottom of your chart, keeping the home fires burning. But her struggle with Neptune hints that your desire to nest and relish peace and quiet conflicts with your yearning to travel or have escapist adventures. And a Venus-Pluto spat could trigger a power struggle with a family member or an intense encounter that shakes you up. It also signals that you’re comfortable with the status quo and resistant to change in a relationship. Luckily, Mercury’s vibes with Neptune and Pluto allow you to speak from the heart and come to an understanding, so open up!



July 23–August 22

With the sun dipping down to the base of your chart this week, you’ll shift some of your attention to home and family. Spending time in familiar surroundings will make you feel revitalized and centered. This is a month for getting in touch with your innermost thoughts and taking your emotional temperature. So check in with yourself and consider what would make you feel more comfortable and secure. If you feel the need, go off by yourself and tune into your feelings. Reflect on the past in an effort to make peace with where you are in your life. The sun’s rendezvous with Jupiter could bring out the domestic goddess in you, resulting in anything from cooking and baking to hosting a big bash to going on a decorating or crafting spree. This might also be the right time to look for a bigger (or better) place, invest in real estate or simply relocate. You’ll have the courage to share your private side and might opt to talk to a therapist who can help you in your quest to grow out of old patterns. Venus’s run-ins with heavyweights Neptune and Pluto allude to a few possible scenarios. Flirting could be misconstrued, or someone’s elusiveness might mess with your pleasant mood. Or you might be intent on enjoying your day, but the weight of your workload is hanging over your head like a dark cloud. Fortunately, Mercury is in sync with both Neptune and Pluto, prompting you to confide in someone close to you, get to the root of a problem and solve it and communicate with great sincerity and substance.



August 23–September 22

After the sun breezes into your thinking-and-talking zone, your brain will rev up, and your daily interactions will benefit from a power surge. The pace of life is apt to accelerate, and you might become restless for a change of scene. A day trip or weekend getaway should feed your wanderlust, but if you can’t travel in the next few weeks, simply exploring your surroundings will sate your appetite for fresh stimuli. You’ll be able to communicate your thoughts and intentions and also listen attentively. This week’s sun-Jupiter rendezvous will speed things up even further, and you’ll have the energy to pitch your ideas, meet lots of people, advocate for something you believe in, become active in your community or take in tons of information. This is an ideal transit for learning, brainstorming, circulating, publicizing, writing, traveling, improving your attitude, planning for the future, communicating honestly and connecting with siblings. Since Venus is at odds with Neptune and Pluto, you may feel like you’re not getting what you need from a relationship and could have a crisis of confidence. Don’t give someone too much power over you and don’t waste time and energy trying to read their mind. You might also spend too much money because you’re obsessing over something you hope will give you intense pleasure. Mercury is in sync with Neptune and Pluto, nudging you to spell out what you’re thinking in no uncertain terms. You can forge a strong connection with someone by getting a dialogue going. And if you’re engrossed in a creative or intellectual project, bounce your ideas off someone.



September 23–October 22

The sun segues into your worth zone this week, beckoning you to shift your focus to what you have, what you need and what’s most important to you. Consider your personal values and the things that you value, and prioritize accordingly. You might purge some possessions, reallocate resources or tap into a hidden talent. Also look at your self-esteem. What do you base it on? Does your relationship with money reflect how you feel about your own worth? Do you believe you deserve to get what you want? The sun’s annual encounter with Jupiter can bring luck by attracting abundance. You might make a wise financial move or make the most of your natural gifts and increase your income. Jupiter may bring opportunities your way, but you need to believe in your worth and throw yourself into improving your fiscal security. One potential downside of this pairing: You might identify strongly with a material possession and go overboard to procure it for yourself. Venus in Libra is scuffling with Neptune and Pluto, so your work or your health might get in the way of socializing, and emotional or domestic turbulence may have the same effect. Any of these factors could make you feel less amiable, and an old, private issue could resurface, causing you to relate in a rather destructive way. Recognize that change is rumbling within you, whether you’ve cosigned or not. Mercury is gelling with Neptune and Pluto, improving your ability to think through what you really need and articulate it. Circle back to your priorities and values, and you’ll be fine.

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Good to know I’ll be dipping into a subtler part of my life. I need some peace and quiet this week!

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