Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 30–November 5

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October 23–November 21

The sun is dancing through Scorpio and partnering with Neptune in your fulfillment house this week, enticing you to show your romantic, creative or spiritual side. Let down your guard and lose yourself in love, play or artistic expression. Allow the boundaries of your ego to dissolve, and become completely immersed in a pleasurable experience, achieving a state that positive psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls flow. One caveat: If you put a loved one’s needs before your own, make sure you’re not playing a martyr or savior role. The full moon in your one-on-one angle endorses the idea of balancing your own needs with those of others. It might also spell a turning point in a relationship, pushing it to a final conclusion (read: breakup) or bumping it up to the next level of commitment. Keep in mind that you have freedom-fighter Jupiter in your sign for the next year, so you need a healthy amount of personal space to explore your full potential. Still, a romantic, creative or spiritual partnership could flourish under this lunation. A Venus-Uranus faceoff hints that although part of you wants to hibernate, something is apt to come up — possibly a work or health matter — and compel you to deal with reality. If you’re at liberty to make your own schedule, this transit will be easier. An unresolved problem in a relationship might surface, requiring you to take a fresh approach. And Venus’s vibe with Saturn tells you that releasing past love will rebuild your confidence, while purging possessions will make you feel more organized.



November 22–December 21

Change things up to keep life interesting when Venus opposes Uranus this week, impacting your social life and personal life. Romantic sparks with a friend or spontaneous fun with your squad will satisfy your need for excitement. You’re getting along well with people but may dart off in your own direction, following a whim. If you get into a relationship during this transit, he’s more likely to be Mr. Right Now than Mr. Right, although you never know — only time will tell! Venus is in sync with Saturn in Sag, making it easier to live up to your obligations to others. You’re into organizing group activities and being the reliable one who friends can lean on. But with the sun and Neptune forming a coalition, don’t underestimate the benefits of downtime. Meditate, reflect on the past, look at old photos, watch movies, listen to music, indulge in relaxing self-care like an aromatherapy bath or just catch up on your zzz’s. One exception: You might take care of a relative or someone you live with. Next, a full moon can bring a health matter to a head or trigger a crisis on the job. But it’s also the best time of the whole year to ditch a bad habit once and for all. So swear off the cigs or sodas and don’t look back. A moon-Pluto confab reminds you that not only will you feel better about yourself, you’ll also save dough! Mercury’s arrival in your sign at week’s end will get ideas and words flowing — and you could also take a quick trip or make a snap decision.



December 22–January 19

Feeling like an integral part of a group will put you in a tranquil mindset this week when the sun in your network zone makes music with laid-back Neptune in your cognition-and-communication house. You’ll feel like you know what people are thinking and might have a spiritual bonding experience with friends. Creative brainstorming is also highly favored. Note that checking your ego at the door is a prerequisite for harmony with others. And compassionate words will close the gap between you and your fellow human beings, so speak up. Meanwhile, Venus is up at the top of your chart playing nice with higher-ups to polish your image. Her faceoff with Uranus means disruptions at home or unruly emotions could cause you to lose face. Keep your feelings in check at work, and find different ways to juggle professional and personal time, like Skyping from home for a meeting if you’re stuck dealing with an emergency repair. This opposition also pushes you to break out of an old pattern so you can improve your PR or win over an authority figure. And Venus’s connection with your ruler, Saturn, suggests that finishing up something that’s incomplete can also earn you notice. The full moon of November 3–4, on the other hand, alludes to an unforgettable night of fun. So cut loose with your crew or your bae — and don’t hold back when expressing what makes you you. The moon is in cahoots with Pluto in Cap, giving you carte blanche to let your intense emotions, strong personality or powerful creativity out.



January 20–February 18

There’s no law against changing your mind this week when Venus in your expansion corner opposes Uranus in your perception house. A pleasure (person, place or thing) you took a hard pass on can suddenly be your jam. Maybe long-distance isn’t a dealbreaker with the right guy. Or you might start fan-girling over foreign films when you see one that’s so amazing you forget you’re reading subtitles. And you could also take an impromptu trip with your significant other or enjoy a vacay fling. Chase after gratifying experiences that are both unfamiliar and eye-opening. Venus’s vibe with Saturn in your network zone introduces the possibility of enjoying these new pleasures with your squad. The sun and Neptune are also in sync, implying that your creative talents will help you shine, or your spiritual values will guide you on your career path. Focus on the nonphysical attributes you esteem most in yourself because they can enable you to make your mark now. The rewards for success might be impalpable rather than monetary. But strangely enough, rising above your fear of not having enough can propel you to greater heights. The full moon at the base of your chart could provoke family drama or a crisis on the home front. Your professional life and personal life (or your public life and home life) are probably a bit out of balance, so take time off to relax at Chez Aquarius. Tune into your emotions before they boil over. Look at how far you’ve come and notice how your emotional growth affects your ability to succeed out in the world.



February 19–March 20

Neptune in Pisces sees eye to eye with the sun in your exploration zone this week, luring you to keep testing the limits of who you can be in the world. You yearn to have extraordinary experiences that transcend your daily reality, and travel would be one possible avenue. Put yourself in settings and situations that challenge your understanding of the world. You’re even more sensitive than usual to how different some people’s lives are from your own, and you want to help those in need. Spirituality and metaphysics arouse your interest and can expand your awareness if you choose to learn more. If you’ve been feeling a bit lost, broadening your horizons rather than playing it safe will bring you out of your fog. A faceoff between Venus and Uranus could set off shockwaves in a close relationship if you’re torn between craving closeness and worrying about getting what you need. Try loosening up your requirements; be open to what someone is offering. You or someone important to you might need more space now. Merging comes naturally to Pisces, but a greater degree of independence might ultimately make you feel more secure. Consider whether you’re leaning on someone partly out of anxiety over lack or loss. Venus’s link with Saturn does suggest that partnership is still very beneficial to you, and you can steadily work toward a common goal with someone. The full moon might cause information overload and a frenzy of activity around you. You’re full of questions, but you don’t need to have all the answers. Seek some semblance of mental equilibrium, and open up to friends if you feel flooded with feels.



March 21–April 19

Uranus in Aries confronts Venus in your one-on-one angle this week, so even though you’re in the mood for companionship, your urge for autonomy is sure to kick in at some point. Oppositions can make it seem like you have to pick a side — in this case, autonomy versus relationship harmony. But really they’re about balance. So find ways to be your own person and still maintain important bonds. If you need to take time off from a relationship or even call it quits, this transit can put the wheels in motion. Your desire for space might spur you to flirt with someone other than your significant other just to shake things up. The ways in which you’re changing are bound to affect your closest connections during this transit. You’re open to different experiences, and that can create excitement in healthy relationships. If you meet someone new, you might have instant chemistry, but the two of you may or may not go the distance. A Venus-Saturn link reinforces the idea of sharing a learning experience with another person, so plan a trip, sign up for a lecture series or download a language app and start to parler français together. The sun and Neptune are also in sync, alluding to deep intimacy or introspection. Take advantage of this chance to be in tune with another person — or with your own psyche — by carving out private time or alone time. The full moon may boost your earnings or tempt you to splurge. Tend to your own needs without trampling on someone else’s. Work on sharing control and rebalancing give-and-take.



April 20–May 20

When Venus goes toe to toe with Uranus, the challenge is to find different ways to get things done. You might be engrossed in creative work, but you keep getting distracted by seemingly random thoughts and disruptions. Take periodic breaks and give subliminal flashes their due, as your best ideas may not be fully formed yet. If you’re working on a relationship problem or collaborating on a project, pay close attention to the side of you that secretly wants to upset the apple cart. And if a person or circumstances seem to be working against you, notice how you might be unconsciously colluding with the shakeup. A flirtation with a colleague may appear to come out of nowhere but has probably been brewing beneath the surface for a while. Venus’s confab with Saturn encourages you to form a creative partnership or commit to improving a relationship. A sun-Neptune link hints that you could meet someone new through the circle of people you already know, and this relationship may have a spiritual or karmic flavor. This transit also serves to clarify where you stand with a friend. Plus a bond might deepen as you discover you share ideals, interests or dreams. This week’s full moon is gracing your sign, so your emotions are due to reach critical mass. Try to assert your needs without being a diva, and take a closer look at what’s pushing you over the edge. This is the perfect excuse to drop it from your plate! A powerful new experience, perhaps involving an escape with your crew, would be a great outlet for your rush of feelings.



May 21–June 20

If you keep your nose to the grindstone, you’ll finally feel like you’re getting somewhere this week when the sun gels with Neptune. You can do some of your best work, and it may have a creative bent or fulfill a higher purpose. Aim to be of service to others, and you’ll find you have the energy to make a difference in people’s lives. You can get a better sense of the grand plan the universe has in store for you by immersing yourself in idealistic work. A Venus-Uranus faceoff inspires you to take a different route to pleasure. You’re in the mood to enjoy life, but your track record finding reliable partners in crime may be spotty, as people seem to have their own agendas and sometimes bail on you. The more flexible you are, the more fun you’ll have. You might have a date scheduled, and a friend suddenly throws a wrench in your plans. Or a flirtation with a platonic pal could take you by surprise. Romance, creativity and play will be anything but normal now, which is fine with you Gems, who get bored easily! Variety is the spice of life — that’s pretty much your motto. Venus’s vibe with Saturn, on the other hand, implies that you might make things more official with your love interest, and if you get involved with someone new now, it may be not only exciting, but lasting. A full moon could bring a secret to light or cause something to bubble up from your subconscious. Don’t stuff your emotions down inside you. You need alone time to process them and decompress.



June 21–July 22

This week’s sun-Neptune summit illustrates that it’s possible to find yourself by losing yourself. When you surrender to the transcendent pleasures of romance, creativity and play, you’ll feel at one with the world. Enjoying life can be a rather mystical experience under this planetary influence. You might put the object of your affection on a pedestal, but your heart is in the right place. Venus is still cozily ensconced at the base of your chart, highlighting the comforts of home. Although the sun provides you with energy to get out and live life to the fullest, part of you is quite content to savor peace and quiet. Venus’s opposition with Uranus in your achievement angle suggests a turn of events in the outside world will compel you to leave your nest and deal with the demands of your boss or jump through bureaucratic hoops. When Uranus is involved, things don’t go according to plan, but with equal measures of flexibility and ingenuity, you can make the best of this faceoff. Find a way to juggle downtime and ambition. If you hit turbulence with your family, don’t choose sides; take a step back to get some breathing room from friction. Venus is meshing with Saturn, which could mean working from home or working on your home will be enjoyable. Plus you can stabilize your relationship with a parent by working on it. The full moon might cause drama in your squad or spur you to cut ties with a group. But it can also signal that you need to be around people and might have an unforgettable night hanging out with friends.



July 23–August 22

Your ruler is in cahoots with Neptune this week, paving the way for you to bare your soul to someone or indulge in healing self-reflection. The effects may be subtle, as these planets are hunkered down in very interior parts of your chart. But the emotional benefits of intimacy and soul-searching are boundless. If you’ve suffered a loss, delving into the ensuing feelings will help you to recover. And if you yearn to experience closeness, get past self-consciousness and allow the barriers between you to dissolve. Venus is filling your head with pleasant thoughts and enabling you to express your affection. But her faceoff with Uranus can flip a switch in your head and make you wonder what else — or who else — is out there waiting for you. You might contradict yourself or simply discover different pleasures that open your eyes to a new world of possibility. You could also flirt with a stranger or suddenly reveal your feelings to someone. If you’re in a long-term relationship, taking a trip together will rekindle the flames. Venus’s harmony with Saturn gives you a great chance to discuss matters of the heart. If The Talk is overdue, get the ball rolling and figure out where things stand. This week’s full moon lands in your ambition angle, which might bring a goal to fruition or signal a shift in your career path. Lucky for you, the moon is gelling with Pluto in your productivity corner, so all the long hours you’ve been putting in are apt to pay off. Come with your A-game in public or in your profession — because you might find yourself in the spotlight.



August 23–September 22

You may want one thing and get another this week when Venus goes up against Uranus in your resources and sharing zones. If you view whatever is offered to you as a pleasant surprise, you won’t be disappointed. Allow for more personal space in a close connection if your friend or partner is pulling away. On the other hand, a sexual encounter could be freeing and fun, and self-confidence can embolden you to try something different. If you know your needs aren’t being met in a relationship, this transit can also incite you to cut your losses. Venus is synced up with Saturn, hinting at family support or getting grounded in the comforts of home. Perfect time to organize your possessions; if you haven’t done it yet, you might tackle the seasonal closet switch and sell some clothes online. A sun-Neptune assembly suggests conversation will flow naturally, and you can click with someone on a creative or spiritual level. Cut through misconceptions by expressing your authentic self and seeing people for who they really are. This is a useful transit for clarify your positions in a one-on-one relationship and conveying how much you care. The full moon could provoke a crisis of faith or a thirst for adventure and learning. A new experience such as travel to an unfamiliar place is likely to have a powerful effect on you — and possibly on a romantic relationship. Once a year, you have a lunation that pushes you to ditch a personal belief that doesn’t serve your growth, and this is the one. Identify which conviction you need to get rid of, and hit delete!



September 23–October 22

Your ruling planet is still sashaying through your sign for another week, and she’s locking horns with Uranus at the moment, which could throw an existing relationship off-kilter or bring someone new into your life. FOMO might lead your eye to wander, which could have a ripple effect. If you have a solid connection with a partner, this is a great time to surprise each other and do something you’ve never done before. But if your romance happens to be rocky, one of you might seek a change now. If you get involved with someone new, things can start off with a bang and fizzle out later, unless you’re in the market for an unconventional arrangement. To make the most of this transit, regardless of your relationship status, be open to unfamiliar experiences and offbeat individuals. Venus’s vibe with Saturn ensures that you can remain calm, cool and collected when talking about matters of the heart. Honest, mature communication can spare hurt feelings. Plus it’s a good time to give serious thought to your bonds — perhaps one in particular. A sun-Neptune meeting implies that creative work or social-service work will boost your income or your self-esteem. Use your talents to do something that has a higher purpose. When a full moon hits your depth-and-sharing sector, the complexities of give and take become readily apparent. You might pay off a debt or borrow (or loan) money or possessions. Try to balance your needs with those of another individual. Letting go of something or someone can transform your emotional state.


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Planning a trip sounds perfect for an Aries like me. Next weekend it is!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

As always Tracy offers a great horoscope and advice! This is my favorite post of the blog!

3 years ago

Oh and Tracy, thank you so much for introducing me to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi! As a sensitive scorpio for me happiness is not constant joy and laugh for I feel overwhelmed with too much emotions (even the ” positive ” ones) so the idea of flow ressonates with me!