Grow Your Glow, Part 4: Hormonal Balance

This week, we boost skin glow by supporting the healthy balance of your hormones, which influences your skin and beauty in major ways…

Your gorgeous glow: you know it’s there, but there are some days (weeks even…) when it feels like it’s playing hard to get. A stressful time, a few too many indulgences, a stretch of weather that leaves you feeling blah — these routine life situations influence the way your skin behaves, and in turn what you see in the mirror.

In this 4-part series, we’ve been learning to amp up our baseline glow, taking our skin to the next level of healthy and gorgeous. If you missed week 1 on nutrition to grow your glow, week 2 on digestion, or week 3 on energy, be sure to catch up on those posts for additional tips.

Hormone Balance to Grow Your Glow

You know your hormones are key players in the timing of your cycle, your fertility and your libido. But you may not realize quite how deeply they influence the clarity, tone and texture of your skin, not to mention your overall glow. Adopting a few key habits that support hormone balance in your body can go a long way toward growing your glow (and encouraging weight loss, energy and good moods while you’re at it) from the inside out. Here are two powerful ways to grow your glow with balanced hormones:

First, become more conscious of the way you breathe. I know, breathing is actually one thing you don’t ever need to be conscious of, but give this strategy a chance. Setting aside a few moments to check in with and, if needed, adjust your breathing throughout the day can make a massive difference in your stress levels and hormone balance as a whole. And that will seriously grow your glow. A few times a day, slow your breaths and make sure you’re breathing from deep in your belly, instead of high in your chest. Breathe in through your nose as your lower abdomen expands and relaxes, and then expel air through your mouth as your abdomen deflates. You can achieve even deeper relaxation by holding your breath in for a few seconds to deeply oxygenate your body before you breathe out. Over time, this practice lowers your stress hormone cortisol and frees up resources for your body to keep your other hormones in greater balance, visible in radiant skin.

Next, aim to put away your electronic devices two hours before bedtime to cut your exposure to hormone- and sleep-altering blue light when it counts most. Research shows that just 30 minutes of exposure to blue light (the kind that comes from laptops, smart phones, tvs, and fluorescent lighting) before bedtime disrupts REM sleep and changes the melatonin produced by your body. Over time, these changes can dysregulate healthy hormone balance and have trickle-down effects on your cycle, fertility, moods, weight and your skin. After too much screen time at bedtime, you’ll awaken groggier and lose some of the glow that comes from deep, restful sleep. Most nights of the week, go screen-free to grow your glow!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Grow Your Glow series! If you’re looking for more ways to grow your glow, check out the Eat Pretty book series or follow me on Instagram.


Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP is a Philadelphia-based health coach and founder of Beauty Is Wellness, a natural beauty and health coaching practice. Her coaching and Eat Pretty book series teaches women to use nutrition and lifestyle choices to look and feel their best from the inside out.

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My hormones have always been unsteady, so this is great!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

Absolutely love it!

2 years ago

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10 months ago

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