Santa Monica Pop-Up: Reiki with Kelsey Patel & The/Thirty

In Santa Monica? Got some free time on your hands? Come with us, and learn how to shift your energy and let go…here’s a quick Q&A with our instructor, Kelsey Patel

Your spirit animal: Hummingbird.

How did you find reiki; or, how did it find you? 

Reiki absolutely found me. I had opened up my pure barre Beverly Hills studio and was on another level of stressed-out and anxious in my life at the time. I was also experiencing a tremendous amount of back pain and could not find relief from it, even after countless massages and appointments. As a new business owner, I didn’t really feel like I had time to take care of myself and on top of not having a clue about how to run and operate a business on my own, lots of emotions and fear started to arise. One month, I decided to do a health and wellness day for my clients and my esthetician asked if I wanted her reiki master to come in. I said sure, even though I had no clue what that meant. I watched her working on people without really touching them. After the event we spoke and she asked if I’d like to come in for reiki. I said yes and after my first session, I knew I had finally found something that helped alleviate the pain and stress. 

Can you share with us a brief history of reiki? 
Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that is said to be discovered by a Japanese Monk named Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s. Reiki itself translates to Universal Life Force Energy, so it has always existed, but the name of reiki and its practices are classically known under Master Usui. There are studies that show that there were other styles of reiki being practiced in Japan before Usui; however, many of the methods and teachings today fall under the Usui teaching method.  

Can you practice reiki on yourself? 

1,000 percent yes! I do it on myself in some capacity every single day and know how healing and impactful it has been on my life. In my Reiki I certification program, students are required to practice reiki on themselves every day for a month prior to receiving their certification. 

What can our Santa Monica guests expect from your upcoming workshop with The/Thirty? 

This Sunday is going to be all about letting go and shifting energy. We will do a short yoga flow to sweat and move some stale energy in the body and then a guided visualization meditation where each person will receive reiki. 

Your best recipe for winding down after a long day: 

A delicious, long and yummy bath, followed by a full detox scrub of my skin and then lots of different nourishing and nutrient-rich lotions to care on my body. I’ll then sit with some tea, my incense or Magik Vibes candles and crystals nearby and do some journaling and meditating to really connect with myself, and end it all with reiki.

Go-to beauty tip: 

Living in LA, it’s hydration! Drinking lots of water, eating hydrating foods and tons of hydration for my skin and body. 

Best advice for struggling workaholics: 

This is a big topic for most of my students and clients. A lot of burnout, stress, anxiety, exhaustion, dissatisfaction and more. I always like to take a moment to have them ask themselves “why?” – why do I feel like I need to do and work so much? Why do I not get to have time to simply be and to receive rest and relaxation? Why do I feel like my work needs me? Why do I need my work so much? There’s a long list of questions and inquiries one can make to get really connected to where their addiction to work and to doing comes from but ultimately I have seen it come from a place of fear for most. Fear of many different things and each is different for the individual. I have certainly struggled with it and still do in many ways. A fear of not believing I am enough without needing to do all the time. A fear that if I stop and rest, I might be missing out on opportunities for my future. A fear that I won’t make enough money; that I won’t be enough; that I am not enough right now. None of them are actually true, but the programs and the beliefs can drive me in a way that is not healthy and I ultimately end up getting hurt or paying the price when I don’t stop, ask myself why and tune into the stories I have been telling myself. 

What does free mean to you? 

Free to me means feeling at peace and at ease with myself and my choices. That I am free to choose moment by moment what I need, what I want and to feel peace about having needs and wants and desires. 

You recently launched a subscription box – tell us about this exciting new venture: 

The Magik Vibes Box is a new spiritual subscription box to help others get back into their hearts. It was created from a place of need, where I saw my clients and friends wanting to do monthly, spiritual rituals but not knowing how, when or the best way to start. This box has everything in it that I have worked with, been taught and practiced myself each month for the past decade. There is so much magik to be had in our lives when we simply take moments to recognize it and trust our worthiness to receive it. The box is based around new moon and full moon rituals for each month, but it also carries its own vibration to assist in helping people connect and commit to their needs, desires and intentions each month. There are guided meditations, ancient healing rituals, crystals, candles, a journal and much more to start the process of self-healing, shifting and uplifting right in your own home, where you get to create your own sacred space.

+ Catch Kelsey Patel and learn more about reiki at our Santa Monica Pop-Up this Sunday, 10/15!

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I like her meaning of feeling free. That’s what it should mean!

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