Soho + Santa Monica Pop-Ups: HeartRise Method

HeartRise Method founder Jessie May Wolfe explains the powerful source energy that is our heart… 

Current Habitat:
Venice Beach.
Spirit animal:
What did you want to be when you grew up?
Magician. I was always a lover of wands, wanderlust and dreaming life into being.
10 words that best describe the HeartRise movement.
Connection. Energy. Passion. Purpose. Empower. Love. Inclusive. Evolve. Compassion. Radiance. 
Your method involves revving up the electromagnetic frequencies of the heart. Tell us about that.
Our heart has enough power (the electromagnetic field) within it to light up a small city. HeartRise is all about plugging into this powerful source energy. Once activated, our heart’s power can repurpose blocked energy as fuel. With a simple 4-step method HeartRise ‘alchemizes the noise,’ so we can recycle the energy that we would otherwise hold onto with our busy minds (stress) and the tension we carry in our physical + emotional bodies (as toxicity + disease).
HeartRise is all about igniting your Heart’s Radiant Integral Soul Energy ~ to connect, inspire and guide you with your natural rhythm. Once activated, this natural life force connects us to our unique potential and each other, reminding us that our radiance is contagious.
What are the health benefits of “reaching out and touching someone?”
Deep down, we all long to connect. With each other, and the truth of who we are. In times like these, reaching out and connecting is critical. We can radically reduce our stress, awaken our sense of calm, and honor our human need for feeling seen and belonging. Connection empowers feelings of love, trust, courage, compassion and potential. When we feel connected to one another, we remember we’re all in this together. One heart ignited illumines all those it touches. Connection is our greatest currency. As we join hearts, we build bridges. 
Current soundtrack to your life:
It varies with the rhythm of my heart and how I’m feeling. The ocean is my favorite current that keeps it all flowing with fervor. I live steps from the sand, and make time to tune into this natural soundtrack on the regular.
A few current musical faves are SYML + Vintage Trouble. And I’m always jamming on Motown. 
How did you find meditation? Or, how did it find you?
Without realizing that’s what I was doing, I’ve always loved to meditate… to find a place where I could come home to myself…  To reflect and reconnect. Craving space, I would actively seek this kind of connection in nature, where I would unplug from the noise of the world and tune inward to listen. Over the years, with my curious nature, this journey has evolved as I came to discover there was a powerful way to tune into my natural heart compass, to recalibrate with intention.  
Your go-to beauty trick:
Smile from your heart ~ the more you smile, the brighter you shine. For reals. 
What does free mean to you?
Living, leading and loving heart first. 
+ Join Jessie at our Soho Pop-Up on 10/18 and at our Santa Monica Pop-Up on 11/4, and follow HeartRise on Instagram!
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Now that she’s said it, I want to be a magician too! Imagine if there was really Hogwarts!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Wow, this heart technique seems so magical! This women seems so incredible and very inspiring : )

4 years ago

Love this! Great post! x