FP How We: Move Together

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go TOGETHER.  — African Proverb

This post comes from friend and TRX instructor, Michelle Vahey.

We rely on friends for so many different things — why not rely on them for exercise?

One smile can start a friendship,
One word can end a fight,
One look can save a relationship,
One individual can change your life. — (OSIRIS)

Friends provide a kind of motivation and competition that you just can’t get when you exercise alone. Workout partners keep you both accountable and motivated when you may not feel like moving at all. Having a workout buddy helps you keep track of your goals and to attain them more quickly.

On October 12, I had the honor of imparting the ideals of the “buddy system” as part of the FP How We home office series, pairing up Free People employees with members of our local chapter of Girls Inc. (And, a special thank you to Cocoa V. for providing all of us with such wonderful goodies!)

And what happened next was magic.

The power of moving together became immediately apparent, when I saw that the very nature of moving could change someone’s mood, someone’s ability to smile, to be vulnerable to be themselves.

The incredible transformation, the butterflies in the girls’ bellies fueled by nerves… this all disappeared the moment we started moving together. The whispers that followed the workout, of girls telling each other how good they felt, hearing sisters say, “Wow, can’t wait to do this workout with Mom…” or “We can do this together during gym class.”

These whispers filled my heart — empowering girls to experience the power of exercise, the power of moving and doing it as a team was priceless.

No matter what is unfolding in your life, if you allow yourself to move and feel free, feel the energy that occurs within your body, feel that inner child come out, feel the smile on your face and the heartbeat in your chest… Life in that moment can be great. If you experience it with a friend, your pleasure is truly doubled. Knowing that you just did something for your future self is a feeling nothing short of contagious. 

If you’d like to incorporate buddy workouts into your routine, here is a sample sequence for you and your partner to consider:

3-5 min warm up (jumping jacks, jump rope, jog in place etc.)

25 min workout ( 45 sec on 15 sec rest, each exercise 3 rounds):

Plank Taps: On High Push up position facing each other, tap each other’s hand, alternating them each time.

Burpees: Facing each other, do a burpee and high five each other on the jump.

Back to back wall sits: Partners hold each other on squat position, facing back to back.

Low plank with a side jump: While partner A holds a low plank, partner B hops over her, side to side.

Squat and leg drop: Partner A is on her back doing leg drops, holding partner B’s ankles while partner B is doing squats.

Crunches and Mountain Climbers: Partner A does crunches while partner B puts hands on partner A’s feet and does Mountain Climbers.


The feeling you get after exercising, after moving with a friend, is something to keep close to your heart. That feeling will be THE thing that keeps you going, keeps you coming back to the movement, keeps you coming back to YOU!

Between thought and action lies a choice. Leading a healthy and fitness conscious lifestyle will bring deeper meaning and passion to all that you do. Throughout your day, pause to connect with your life’s direction. FITNESS IS A CHOICE!

+ Read more about how we #MoveTogether here!

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Ah, I need a workout buddy pronto. If anything, a friend who I hold accountable to can get me motivated to exercise more!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Love this post and photos! :)