5×5: Seattle

Take note: here are five of the best Seattle hot spots, straight from the locals who know…

Like any city, Seattle is often associated with a few famous things. Starbucks Coffee, the Space Needle and the Pike Place Market all call this city home and are among the most widely known “things to do” in the area. But ask any local and you’ll find out there is so much more to be discovered beneath the surface – which is why we did just that. Welcome to 5×5: A series where local Free People employees offer up one of their must-see, must-visit, or must-do sights. Get a glimpse into Seattle by checking out the in’s and out’s of this must-see place.

Whitney Anderson: Assistant Store Manager

Elliot Bay Book Book Company – 1521 10th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122
Set aside an hour or so for yourself to peruse the shelves at my personal favorite bookstore in the city.  When you step in the door, you will be enveloped by the smell of books and hear little more than the quiet squeak of the old hardwood floors.  Once you decide on a book, you can take it to the little cafe in the back of the store to read while you enjoy a cup of coffee and a baked treat.

Hannah Lee: Store Brand Leader

Mount Rainier National Park – Discovery Park: 3801 Discovery Park Blvd, Seattle, WA 98199
To burn off all the amazing food we have in Seattle I became an avid hiker at a young age, which is honestly very difficult not to do in the amazing Pacific Northwest. Although it’s a bit of a trek, my all time favorite hike is the Paradise Trail on Mount Rainier — my family typically goes once a year and we stay on the mountain until sunset to watch the beautiful colors bounce off the snowy mountain. For a more local adventure I frequently take my roommate’s Corgi, Maisy, on a big walk through Discovery Park which is Seattle’s largest public park located in Magnolia neighborhood and was previously the U.S. Army’s Fort Lawton!

Maximilien – 81 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101
Pike Place is the #1 Instagrammed location in all of Washington — but little know the hidden jems that it has to offer and the food is my forte. One of my favorite places when I’m feeling fancy is The Pink Door in Post Alley which is an upscale, speakeasy style Italian Restaurant that offers live music and burlesque dancers for entertainment throughout the evening! There’s also Emmett Watson’s which is a picnic-inspired Oyster Bar — casual and relaxing and an amazing hidden escape from the hustle and bustle of the market. Another great place to grab a quick and semi-fancy bite is the French bistro Maximilien (located right behind the guys that throw the fish) — sit at the intimate 6-seater bar and share some paté while overlooking the amazing view of the Ferris Wheel that lights up Seattle! 
Kayla Taylor: Assistant Visual Manager
Geek Girl Con –  705 Pike St, 98101
Every year I attend this all-inclusive, all-female run and attended event celebrating women writers, artists and creators. Geek Girl Con features fan meetups and panels to learn new skills, perform science experiments and meet empowering ladies with similar interests. This year they hosted a fashion show featuring female entrepreneurs with models walking the runway of all races, genders and body types. The convention grows every year but continues to always remain welcoming and inspiring.
Gabriella Loya: Stylist
Caffé Fiore – 224 W Galer St. Seattle, WA 98119 + Rachel’s Ginger Beer – 1610 12th Ave. Seattle WA 98122
My favorite things to treat myself to while out and about in Seattle are a refreshing ginger beer in the summer and a big mug of chai tea in the fall and winter. Rachel’s Ginger Beer in Capitol Hill is handcrafted in Seattle, and features fresh, simple ingredients and seasonal flavors. The best spot for Chai Tea is Caffé Fiore in Queen Anne, an organic coffee shop that feels like a second home and holds a special place in my heart.


Have Seattle secrets to add? Let us know in the comments below! In the meantime, if you’re local be sure to stop by our Seattle Free People stores and say hello!

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One of my favourite Youtubers is from Seattle and I’ve been wanting to visit it for the longest time. Thanks for the guide!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Lovely! x

4 years ago

I love Seattle such an underrated city with so much to offer! Can’t wait to visit again :)



4 years ago

Great article, Thanks for your nice knowledge, the content is quiet attention-grabbing. i will be expecting your next post.

4 years ago

Seattle is a city I’ve always wanted to visit! It looks gorgeous!
xo Erika

4 years ago

I’m scamming to visit Seattle at Christmas, is it a good time?

4 years ago

I’m a seattle born+raised local and can say it’s pretty magical at christmas/holidays in general! So many shows, restaurants and even renegade craft fair to check out…not to mention too many cozy pho spots and cafes to choose from :)


4 years ago

Seattle is definitely a bucket list item for me.

4 years ago

I agree, you do write your articles with passion. I hope you get the time to post for me some time in the future.