Chakra Sunday: Your Throat Chakra

Is there something I need to say? Are there words stuck in my throat? Does this life reflect my best self?

This is the fifth post in a series of 7 from our dear friend, Nina Endrst.

The throat is the center of communication, both verbal and nonverbal. The first of the upper three chakras, which deal more in the spiritual realm rather than the physical. Unlike the lower four, the boundaries here are harder to define. This chakra allows us to find our voice, governs our ability to express ourselves creatively and speak with integrity and truth.

Here we ask ourselves questions like; Is there something I need to say? Are there words stuck in my throat? Does this life reflect my best self? The practice here is about giving ourselves room to understand and explore our needs and desires. Perhaps we are stuck in a story that tells us we are inadequate or unworthy of such happiness and beauty – but that is a trick of the mind. Start to move away from this and create a new one by sitting quietly and listening for truth beneath the doubt.

Location: Throat, ears, mouth, neck, shoulders.

Color: Blue.

Mantra: I clear a path for truth.

Element: Sound, vibration.

When in balance: We are vibrating at a high frequency and understand that our words are powerful. We have created a meaningful life around our highest intentions and are able to express ourselves without hesitation and with kindness. We take time and space to listen to others and it’s important to us that they feel heard. Our words are rooted in truth and flow naturally, making most interactions pleasant.

When out of balance: We have trouble finding our voice and therefore find it difficult to communicate openly and effectively. Often we feel anxiety, guilt, shame, or fear around speaking our truth. When out of balance we tend to talk too much, project fears onto others and have trouble listening. We are not confident in our ability to create and manifest our dreams in the physical world.

I hope these practices clear the path for you to live out your dreams;


Yes! Singing is one of the best ways to purify and clear the throat chakra. So sing in the shower or kick it old school and grab a hairbrush, stand in front of your mirror and belt it out! You may be surprised how healing this simple and fun practice can be.

Say what you need to say.

Be honest with yourself. Is there something you need to say to someone in your life? Or yourself? Something you are holding onto that has been bugging you? It may seem difficult but holding fear or resentment inside can be damaging to our spirit. Get it out! There are ways to approach a difficult conversation that make it less uncomfortable. Try using “I” statements instead of “you” or write out what you wish to say beforehand so you have a bit of a blueprint. Be honest and respectful – the relationship just may be better off in the long run.


Create something, and don’t be afraid to color outside the lines. Let yourself splatter paint on a canvas or draw in a coloring book. (Yes, a coloring book — I am so serious.) Art is incredibly healing – remember, creating is another form of meditation. It allows us to surpass the mind and connect with the soul.

Painting by Mitchell Hoffmaster.

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My sing my heart out in the shower every day anything, so this should be no problem for me! ;)

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