Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 27–December 3

Swim against the tide or go with the flow? Let Tracy Allen fill you in on what to expect for the week ahead…


November 22–December 21

You might feel quieter than usual when Mercury in Sag bumps into constricting Saturn early in the week and then turns retrograde several days later. Your thoughts and words have a more cautious, sober tone, and you’re not terribly eager to share what’s on your mind. But this can be an excellent period for finding flaws in your plans and revising them accordingly. With Venus sashaying into your sign, you’ll still be able to connect with people, but verbal exchanges won’t be a strong suit. The fact that you’re projecting warmth and charm and feeling amiable and attractive will draw people to you and liven up your social season. A Mars-Uranus faceoff could disrupt teamwork, though, when your pursuit of romance, creative self-expression or personal pleasure takes you on a detour. An urge to go your own way can thwart your intention to cooperate, but you might make a unique contribution that redirects a group effort. With the sun going up against Neptune now, underlying fatigue or insecurity—or a family or domestic matter—can sap your strength. Could you use a day off to recharge your battery? Take it! Jupiter is gelling with Neptune, signaling that the key to reviving your spirits is within you. You may be used to drawing inspiration from the world around you, but turning inward to learn more about yourself—and to find acceptance and peace—will be rewarding and fire you up in a different way. This transit can help you to see the past in a different light and move on. The full moon reminds you to balance your needs with those of others, and it might push a relationship to a turning point. It’s an appropriate time to evaluate where things are headed and consider parting ways or recommitting with a fresh goal in mind. Try to tune into the emotions at play without overreacting.



December 22–January 19

When Mercury runs into Saturn this week, you could be plagued by doubts for a little while. Resist reflecting on the past only to judge yourself. Use this planetary meetup to learn from your mistakes and intuit how to fix a problem next time around. Mercury shifts into reverse later in the week, so you’ll become quite circumspect and given to keeping your own counsel. Don’t stay quiet when something needs to be said, but do tune into your imagination and listen to your hunches. The sun’s clash with Neptune might cloud your judgment, and it will help to notice the subtle ripples in your unconscious. Be sure you’re not deceiving yourself or anyone else, and don’t get discouraged if you can’t see things clearly at the moment. Venus is sneaking into your release corner, making you feel less social and more interested in private one-on-one time or peaceful solitude. If you’re recovering from a breakup, this transit offers a golden opportunity to let go of a past connection and heal your heart. Regardless of your relationship status, you’ll get satisfaction out of selfless acts of love. When Mars goes toe-to-toe with Uranus, be careful not to let unruly emotions or domestic turbulence detract from your effort to achieve a goal. You’re fired up for success, but may need a time-out to deal with a situation in your personal life. A conflict with a parent (or between your parents) is another possibility. Do your best to rise above! Jupiter’s confab with Neptune nudges you to reach out to friends for moral support, and it also encourages you to show your compassion for others through a humanitarian endeavor. The ideal of justice blends with an empathic mindset under this influence, promoting progress. A full moon can set off a health or work crisis. If your plate is too full, take something off it. Plus this is the best lunation of the year for snuffing out a bad habit once and for all.



January 20–February 18

A serious convo with a friend might be in order when Mercury meets up with Saturn in your network sector this week. You also might find yourself mapping out a plan with a group or consulting with a professional mentor. After Merc starts backtracking later in the week, you could reconnect with old pals and acquaintances and grapple with miscommunication in your squad. Glitches with technology are par for the course during Mercury retrograde, so back up your phone, tablet and computer and postpone buying new gadgets. A sun-Neptune spat may generate confusion over money or possessions between you and others, meaning you’ll need to be careful in matters of sharing. Peer pressure could definitely be an issue now, as you’ll find it challenging to fit in and maintain solid self-esteem at the same time. Never compromise your values in order to be who you think people expect you to be. With Venus dancing into your network sector, your social life will pick up, and you’ll find it easier to get along with everyone and have a good time. Mars and Uranus are facing off, which might instigate a sudden difference of opinion; choose your battles, and be open to changing your mind. An impromptu trip or adventure can turn this transit into a positive. Just don’t take any big risks on a whim. Jupiter’s harmony with Neptune kindles your highest aspirations, and the feeling that you have nothing to lose will propel you to succeed. Your spiritual values and creative talents are a boon, so find a way to use them. Career advancement or public recognition is likely when you blend confidence and nonattachment to specific gain. This week’s full moon pushes you to enjoy life, wear your heart on your sleeve, express your individuality and give your passion free rein. A love affair may reach a climax and either end or get serious.



February 19–March 20

This week’s Mercury-Saturn conference may prompt you to craft a precise plan for achieving your objectives, have an important conversation with an authority figure or identify potential career problems. Once Mercury turns retrograde later in the week, you’ll spend more time reviewing existing goals and plans than creating new ones. Communication with higher-ups could get precarious, so watch what you say and don’t make assumptions. Fortunately, Venus’s ascension to your ambition angle helps you turn on the charm around people in power, attract favorable circumstances in your professional or public life and show off your creativity. The sun is hovering up there as well and clashing with Neptune in Pisces, so you should keep an eye out for self-sabotage. The only one who can dim your light is you. Give yourself permission to shine! Then take a day off to replenish your reserves. Daydream, escape into movies, books or music and catch up on your sleep. Neediness or insecurity can complicate closeness when Mars and Uranus face off. You might lash out at someone, particularly if you’re anxious about getting your needs met. There’s a part of you that doesn’t want to be weighed down, and that could play a role in a conflict. If you’re alone, facing something in your psyche can yield insights that have the power to shift your self-image. Jupiter is making music with Neptune, inspiring you to continue learning about yourself and the world. Find out what you’re made of by taking risks and chasing after new experiences. Don’t stick to the tried and true. Your comfort zone can become a prison, and it’s time you broke out of it! You might even have a spiritual awakening under this transit. The full moon may spell drama on the home front or an emotional crisis; find a balance between personal and professional—or private and public—so you don’t implode. You need a healthy outlet for all those feels!



March 21–April 19

Closeness and independence don’t coexist easily when Venus in your sharing sector has an uncomfortable encounter with Uranus in Aries, but a slight concession can ease relations. Venus dances into your exploration corner next, encouraging you to interact with a broader swath of humanity after a month of prioritizing quality time with individuals you already know. Difference will be extra appealing, so connect with people from other countries and cultures. Mercury is joining up with Saturn, which could persuade you to hit the books hard, perhaps prepping for exams. You might also be planning a trip or trying to envision the future and thinking more negatively than usual. Mercury’s retrograde turn later in the week is likely to complicate travel, so exercise patience if you go away. Revisiting a place you’ve already been might prove easier, and it’s also a good time to relearn things. A sun-Neptune clash can take the wind out of your sails, causing you to question your faith, the meaning of life or what you took to be true. You don’t need to have all the answers; life is a journey, not a destination. Your sense of autonomy might be threatened when Mars opposes Uranus, and your fight-or-flight instinct will probably kick in. You may be experiencing blowback as your changing identity forces relationship dynamics to change. Inventive compromise is the antidote to this tense faceoff. Luckily, Jupiter in your sharing sector is beautifully aligned with Neptune, promoting intimacy, psychological growth and healing. Have the courage to let the people you love—or a special someone—into your heart, and the existential void that troubles you at times won’t seem so vast. Deep one-on-one connection can soothe your spirit and give you a feeling of being in the flow of life. A full moon might cause information overload, an emotional scene with a sibling, a development in your community or a flurry of activity around you. Take a breath and deal with one thing at a time.



April 20–May 20

A dialogue with someone close to you could get super heavy when Mercury lines up with Saturn in your sharing sector this week. Asking for what you want will feel hard, and critical words can wound. However, you’re able to think things through very carefully and might gain important insight into the way a relationship works or the way you’re wired. Mercury goes into backspin mode later in the week, further complicating communication. Over the next few weeks, review debts and shared resources or revisit a wound or loss. You might find yourself reminiscing about an ex more than usual or hear from one out of the blue. With the sun and Neptune squaring off, sex and friendship make a confusing combo. Don’t put people on a pedestal. Pay attention to subtleties, and allow trust to develop over time. Venus is slipping into your sharing sector as well, putting you in the mood for real closeness, not superficial flirtation. A Jupiter-Neptune confab makes it likely that you’ll benefit from your relationships this week. You can gain inspiration, knowledge, support and understanding from other people. Humanitarian and charitable collaborations are bound to flourish. And if you meet someone new under this influence, he or she will feel like a kindred spirit. Mars and Uranus are locked in an opposition, which is sure to distract you from your work at some point. You’re determined to get tons done but need to take breaks to avoid burnout. Quick escapes, perhaps to daydream or catnap, will work wonders. Be on guard against subconscious impulses that can generate conflict on the job or undermine your efforts. Build a bit of freedom into your schedule. The full moon that’s lighting up your worth zone might trigger a spending spree or strong emotions around what you require to feel secure. Do your best to balance self-sufficiency and interdependence, and try not to let your own powerful needs eclipse those of someone else. With this lunation, it’s all about give and take.



May 21–June 20

Your ruler’s rendezvous with Saturn in your interpersonal angle this week suggests another person will represent the voice of reason, and you may or may not appreciate their input. A mature conversation is a likely byproduct of this transit; cool heads and measured tones will make it a productive exchange. Since Venus is heading into that angle, you’ll probably be in the mood to compromise in order to maintain harmony and enjoy people’s company. A sun-Neptune dispute may bring up the question of where a particular connection is headed or make you realize how worn out you are from trying to juggle your personal life and your ambitions. This would be a great time to try to understand how people perceive you and what effect you have on them. With Mercury going into reverse, you’ll be reexamining your closest connections and possibly rehashing an old argument. Try to give other individuals the benefit of the doubt, as it’s easy to misinterpret their words and jump to conclusions. Mars and Uranus are facing off, so you’re marching to your own beat and don’t feel like conforming to others’ expectations or going along with what your crew wants. But it’s also possible that you’re pursuing a new interest and will meet like-minded people. Impromptu fun with friends—or a sudden attraction to one—can also occur with this transit. Gemini is hosting this week’s full moon, cranking up the feels and calling for you to let them out one way or another. It’s totally appropriate for you to put your needs first now; just be sure not to infringe on those of others. Since this lunation is your annual excuse to end something, ask yourself what’s pushing you over the brink, and consider letting it go. A Jupiter-Neptune collaboration signals that taking on more responsibilities and aiming to be of service will give you a sense of your higher purpose in the world. Enjoy working hard and learning new skills, and don’t focus too much on goals like fame and fortune for now.



June 21–July 22

You can’t see the forest for the trees when Mercury and Saturn meet up this week, but you can do rigorous mental work, come up with detailed plans, methodically solve a problem and apply sharp critical faculties to deconstruct complicated issues. Communication on the job could reach a stalemate, and patience will be a virtue. Luckily, Venus will smooth your relations with colleagues and enable you to take pleasure in routine duties. Once Mercury begins backpedaling, you’ll have to go over everything twice, as details are apt to trip you up. Scheduling snafus are also to be expected, so go with the flow and keep your sense of humor. Review your daily routine, rethink habits, relearn a skill, reconnect with a former coworker or research a health matter. The sun is quibbling with Neptune, making it likely that a yearning to escape will lure you away from your workload at some point. Get away from your everyday life, even if it’s just to drift in your imagination. You may be searching for the meaning in your labors, wondering what it’s all for. That listlessness is bound to sap your motivation, so give yourself time away from a task to find fresh inspiration. The full moon might bring subconscious feelings to the surface, calling your attention to your inner life. A slice of solitude to reflect and replenish your spirit will do you good. Notice what your dreams and instincts are trying to tell you. A Mars-Uranus opposition also wants you to balance inner and outer, and a family problem or domestic project might be interrupted by the need to jump through hoops for your boss or keep up to speed with your goals. Curb irritability around authority figures, as it could get you into hot water. This week’s Jupiter-Neptune party hints at a transcendent experience involving romance, creativity, self-expression or just plain fun. Have the courage to be yourself, and the universe will reward you with a feeling of being one with the world.



July 23–August 22

A heart-to-heart may be in the cards when Mercury gets together with Saturn in your self-expression house this week. You might feel reluctant to share your feelings, but don’t let inhibitions get in your way. You also might be working hard on creative writing or doing some serious thinking about your love life. Mercury goes retrograde later in the week, which may bring an old lover to mind or cause you to cross paths with one. It’s a good month for revising a creative project or rediscovering a past pleasure like a hobby. With Venus also entering that house, you want to have a good time, enjoy romance, show affection and share your true self with people you care about. This is the house that’s associated with your sign, so your natural joie de vivre tends to take over when planets are activating it. Your ruler, the sun, is also there and arguing with Neptune at the moment. Their beef might cause some confusion over intimacy or trust, and you may be disappointed in someone if your hopes have been unrealistically high. On the other hand, you can learn a lot about yourself and about closeness if you take an honest look at your ideals of a relationship and the ways in which you deceive yourself. Don’t get down on yourself or on another person; shine a light on what’s real. Jupiter’s tête-à-tête with Neptune indicates that courageously learning about your innermost self will facilitate healing. Accept your past and your full range of emotions. Welcome support from family, or strive to create a base of support in your home life. Relish a sense of belonging and soulful union with loved ones. A full moon may shift a friendship or require you to be there for someone in your squad. You’ll get a charge from being around plenty of people but will probably want to balance group socializing with one-on-one time or me-time.



August 23–September 22

Your ruler’s rendezvous with Saturn this week might generate serious introspection or a gloomy mood, and communication at home may become challenging. But this is a helpful transit for dissecting your feelings or planning a real-estate or domestic venture. Mercury is beginning to backspin, stirring up memories and causing crossed wires with family and roomies. You’re better off reflecting on your emotions instead of verbalizing them. Try to resolve inner conflicts rather than familial and domestic ones, and don’t let people trigger your moods. Venus is sneaking down to your domestic angle, bringing a welcome feeling of warmth to relations on the home front and possibly putting you in the mood to entertain or decorate. The sun is hunkered down there as well and feuding with Neptune, so there could be a confusing conflict between your family and your significant other. Or maybe you need alone time, and another person is draining you or trying to guilt-trip you. If it you’re drawing from an empty well lately, practice self-care; don’t play the martyr role. A Mars-Uranus standoff can set off shockwaves in a close relationship. You could assert your needs and get an unexpected reaction; flexible demands will help to maintain a fair balance of power. You may need to work harder to be self-sufficient if support is sporadic, and it’s possible you’ll pull away from someone (or vice-versa) if security is at stake. Give and take is extra tricky now! Thankfully, Jupiter’s confab with Neptune encourages you to keep an open mind, communicate honestly and seek common ground with your fellow human beings. Expanding your circle will help you form meaningful connections, and you could even meet someone who feels like a soulmate. Don’t let prejudices limit possibilities; chances are, you’ll benefit from bonds that have nothing to do with surface similarities. A full moon might spell a change in your career path or life direction or an emotional scene with a boss or parent. If you find yourself in the spotlight, do your best to prove your capabilities.



September 23–October 22

A Mercury-Saturn meetup could get you to mull over matters carefully, and you might make an important decision. Don’t let a pragmatic mindset veer into pessimism. You can learn something significant by methodically weighing the situation. When Mercury starts to backpedal several days later, you might reassess info, reconnect with a sibling, rewrite or relearn something and take a short trip to a place you’ve been to before. Venus shows up in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, making it easier to express warmth and affection and notice the love and beauty in everyday life. A positive attitude can help you ride out the nuisances Mercury retrograde often presents. The sun is at odds with Neptune, suggesting that a health or work issue could cast a brief cloud over your pleasant mindset or throw you for a loop when you want to live in the moment. On-the-job communication is bewildering under this influence, so be sure you’ve heard people correctly and your own words have come through clearly. With Mars in Libra, you’re motivated to accomplish a ton, but his faceoff with Uranus means others may not be on board and will compel you to take a detour. Keep an eye on passive aggression, and resist overreacting if someone has their own ideas. Take deep breaths, count to ten, do whatever you need to do so you don’t escalate the situation. No matter how nicely you’re asking, your agenda is still yours; if someone is resisting a compromise, don’t force matters. Keep the dynamic between you flexible rather than trying to maintain perfect balance at all times. Jupiter’s harmony with Neptune indicates making full use of your talents will enable you to do the work you were meant to do, which in turn will allow you to thrive financially. Creative work and work that’s performed in the spirit of service are highly encouraged now. The full moon brings out your adventurous side and also gives you the year’s best excuse to banish a limiting belief from your life.


October 23–November 21

Venus in Scorpio forms an awkward angle to Uranus this week, suggesting that your health, work or daily circumstances will require you to tweak your social calendar and might impinge on a good mood temporarily. Mars is also at odds with Uranus, suggesting subconscious irritability or regressive behavior can impact your job or daily life, and you might have an urge to rebel and shirk your duties. Find clever ways to get things done on your own terms now. Don’t repress tension; use it to fuel productivity. A Mercury-Saturn summit favors a sober assessment of finances and resources and thorough organization of possessions. You might get down on yourself while taking inventory of what you have going for you, but Venus encourages you to value what you have. With Mercury turning retrograde later in the week, it’s time to review your priorities, revamp your budget and avoid iffy financial judgment. The sun is sparring with Neptune, which could lead you to idealize something or someone you desire and put your security on the line. You may be unsure of yourself if the pleasure or romance you yearn for isn’t panning out as you’d hoped. But Jupiter in Scorpio is gelling with Neptune, giving you a taste of the personal growth the universe has in store for you this year. Don’t take unwarranted risks, but do test your wings. Discover what you’re made of by drawing out your full potential and putting your gifts on display. Have the confidence to share your true self—your passion, creativity, kindheartedness and soulful depth—with other people. Believe in your capacity (and your right!) to be happy and to experience love. Widen the scope of your life to reach for your ideal of fulfillment. The full moon pushes you to recover from a loss or heal a wound and transform your psychological state. You might also pay off a debt, loan money or lend emotional support. Sex is likely to be extra emo under this lunation. And if you know you should part ways with a lover, here’s your chance.


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You must be psychic, it’s like you read my mind for my horoscope for Aries. I’m planning two trips the coming week and I’m SO anxious about them!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Love it :)

4 years ago

Amazing! Just love “Your comfort zone can become a prison, and it’s time you broke out of it! ” part as I have so many new things in mind! Just Woaah! <3