Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 13–19

Only the stars know what’s in store for you this week… let Tracy Allen fill you in on what to expect.


October 23–November 21

Mysterious Scorpios play their cards close to the vest, but you’re practically an open book when Venus and Jupiter form a dynamic duo in your sign this week. This pairing dares you to gamble on a new love interest you might not normally go for. He or she may live too far away or quote too many movies for your taste, or their background may be radically different from yours. Jupiter wants you to learn though, and your differences are bound to be educational. If you’re in a dead-end relationship, find the courage to fly out of that cage and test your wings. And if you have your eye on someone, you’re prepared to make that more apparent now. Regardless of your relationship status, a surge of optimism will brighten your outlook, and your glow will draw people to you like moths to a flame. You want to enjoy life to the fullest and might be inspired to travel or embark on another adventure. Venus’s tête-à-tête with Neptune gives you the go-ahead to gush, pine, flirt, dress up and indulge in creativity, romance and fun to your heart’s content. You might change your appearance, fall in love or immerse yourself in an activity you’re passionate about. And when the new moon hits Scoripio, that’s your cue to reinvent yourself in whatever way you choose. Set your intentions for a new year now rather than waiting for December 31. This is your personal fresh start! What do you want? Where do you see yourself in a year? What would you like to manifest? This is your moon! There’s a hurdle to get over at week’s end when your co-ruling planets do battle. Subconscious aggression can heat up a convo, and words are apt to wound, so edit yourself. Examine your emotions rather than slipping into a destructive behavior pattern. You could be working against yourself, and a powerful decision to change may be necessary now.



November 22–December 21

Your ruling planet hooks up with Venus in your release corner this week, bringing a surge of unconditional love. You might be moved to make a grand gesture out of the goodness of your heart to benefit other people or a special someone. Or an urge to escape might prompt a luxurious indulgence like a trip to a day spa. If you meet someone new, you could feel a deep, karmic connection, but give it time to develop before you proclaim him or her to be The One. You’re even more receptive, and less prone to setting boundaries, than usual. Venus is also vibing with Neptune, reiterating the theme of escape. Although you might enjoy a trip, holing up at home to relish simple pleasures like comfort food or a long bath will also hit the spot — alone or with a companion. Your somewhat introspective mood also lends itself to letting go of an old love or making progress on a relationship issue in therapy. Mercury in Sag is at odds with Neptune, though, so don’t put too much emphasis on intellectual understanding; lead with your heart. You might get confused or be misread if you get too hung up on words and literal interpretation. A Merc-Mars collaboration will make it easier to communicate and team up with friends or another type of group. A fight between Mars and Pluto warns against overextending yourself if you’re feeling a time or money crunch. Group dynamics are complicated under this influence, with control, finances, values and material goods being possible triggers. You may need to make a decision based on what’s truly most important to you. The new moon gives you a great excuse to begin a new spiritual practice or let go of something (or someone) to give yourself closure and peace.



December 22–January 19

All work and no play makes life dull, Goats! Lucky for you Venus is romping through your network zone and throwing a party with Jupiter and Neptune this week, so you’re feeling super social. You’ll thrive on being around a lot of people, which means you should RSVP yes to anything and everything that comes your way. If you’re in a relationship, bring your plus-one because you’ll also feed off group energy as a couple. Your positive feelings about humanity could translate to backing a progressive cause or launching a philanthropic effort. You can easily widen the circle of people in your life this week (including professional contacts, which should appeal to you ambitious Caps!) And this up-with-people vibe could also spark an attraction to a platonic pal, inspiring you to take a chance and make the first move. You should be able to read between the lines pretty well, so trust your instincts when it comes to matters of the heart. The new moon in that part of your chart is coaxing you to make a new friend, join an organization, embrace a team-player role and transition to a new goal or item on your wish list. This is also the perfect lunation for launching a group endeavor like a coat drive. Mars in your achievement angle is sparring with Pluto in Capricorn, mixing your determination to accomplish something with your compulsion to maintain control. Be extra mindful of how you conduct yourself around authority figures like a boss or parent because this is a highly combustible brew. If possible, work by yourself and on yourself, since deep psychological transformation is perhaps the best result you can get from this planetary combo, and it will be so worthwhile if you can channel your intense energy properly.



January 20–February 18

Your PR is perfection this week, as Venus’s meetup with Jupiter at the peak of your chart sends your stock soaring. You won’t need to jump through endless hoops to polish your image or promote your brand. These planets will boost your appeal naturally, so get ready to claim your place in the spotlight. Creative work is likely to receive accolades, and you might make fortunate contacts who can help you climb the ladder. You might take a trip for your job or be given a plum assignment that brings you positive attention. Tapping into your hidden talents and working for the love of what you’re doing — not the monetary profit — will also help you shine. If you’re looking for love, career and travel could make your mission a success. So if you can’t swing a getaway, why not attend a work function or strike up a convo with that new colleague who’s also logging late hours? Or visualize the relationship you aspire to and set your intention to create love in your life. Couples will do well to set new goals now, since these planets can point you both in the same direction. The new moon prompts you to cultivate your ambition, set new personal and professional goals, craft a business plan or kick off a fresh chapter in your career. With Mars barreling through your exploration corner, you’re not opposed to taking risks in order to learn and grow. But his quarrel with Pluto in your subliminal sector could cause you to do something self-destructive. Difficult emotions you haven’t dealt with may sabotage your efforts to conquer new territory, or another person could act out that role for you. Avoid knee-jerk reactions if you feel like someone’s working against you; instead, examine your own hidden motives for holding yourself back. Aquarians have a conflicted relationship with change, as you’re progressive but also fixed. Grappling with that thorny equation can pay off now.



February 19–March 20

The allure of difference is off the charts this week when pleasure-seeking Venus connects with expansive Jupiter in your growth corner. Same old same old just won’t cut it; your urge to get out of your comfort zone must be obeyed! A big trip with your significant other or close friend would absolutely do the trick, and the spontaneity in the air can make that happen. Learning also counts as exploration, so if you can’t leave town, take a class or attend a lecture — and bring a companion, because two is more fun than one where Venus is concerned. If you’re dating, swipe right on someone who’s not your type. Whether they’re from a different culture or country, they don’t watch GoT or they skew closer to nerd than bad boy, keep an open mind! Your heart may thank you later. Venus is also making sweet music with Neptune in Pisces, hinting that going out on a limb can facilitate a transcendent experience — or at the very least, a lovely escape. This combo gives you full permission to be your dreamy, romantic self. New love or pleasure can have a profound effect on you, so wait until your feet are back on the ground before you decide to turn your life upside down. Plus Mercury is quibbling with Neptune, clouding your judgment when it comes to planning. The new moon does want you to crank up your faith and take more chances. Launch an entrepreneurial venture, book a trip, sign up for a new course of study or adopt a new mantra that inspires you to believe in — and chase after — a bigger and better future. The Mars-Pluto friction could generate rumblings in your relationships, so sidestep power struggles and don’t let anger get the best of you. The comparison game always spells trouble, as jealousy and envy engender suffering. Keep your friendships and your intimate life separate. Time for permeable Pisces to work on those boundaries!



March 21–April 19

Sex, emotional excavation, a passion project or investigation can blossom into a glorious adventure this week, thanks to Venus’s meeting with larger-than-life Jupiter in your depth zone. You’ll feel brave enough to be totally vulnerable with another individual or to explore your feelings so you can understand yourself better. If you want to learn from a past relationship, bounce back from a loss or recover from a dark time, this is a great opportunity to dive into the deep waters of your psyche and come out on the other side — wiser and happier. Since Jupiter represents travel, you might form a strong connection with a long-distance love or bond with your bae over Skype, FaceTime or your app of choice (the illicit details are up to you!) Venus’s link with ethereal Neptune introduces a spiritual vibe, doubling down on the themes of healing and soul-deep intimacy while also emphasizing the very private nature of your experience. The new moon hints at a fresh start in these areas in the coming months. For instance, a new sex partner, emotional bond or intense endeavor may grab much of your attention. You could also tap into a fresh outside resource, so apply for that loan or grant! Your ruling planet goes up against power player Pluto this week, which might spell tension over goals in a partnership. Get problems out into the open, and tackle them as a team, but make sure you both remain on equal footing. No one gets to be the boss here, so don’t jockey for position. If you can maneuver yourselves onto the same page, you can go after something big together. Feel pushed to the brink by work pressures or another person? Avert spontaneous combustion by making a choice.



April 20–May 20

Your ruling planet, Venus, is due to rendezvous with beneficent Jupiter in your partnership angle this week, hinting that you’ll be lucky in love. You might meet a person from a different country or background or find yourself drawn to someone who doesn’t match your usual criteria. If you’re in the dating game and seeking a significant other, keeping an open mind will definitely up your odds of hitting the jackpot. And since Venus is dancing with dreamy Neptune in your group sector, a platonic friendship might morph into a romance — or you might feel a soulmate connection with a friend of a friend. Plus that sector rules technology as well, making online dating another good bet. Travel, learning and socializing can liven up an existing relationship, so don’t settle for Netflix and chill! Go out and have new experiences together. All that being said, Venus isn’t only about romance; in addition, she rules relating and creating (among other things). Meaning a creative partnership, a close friendship and other interpersonal and artistic bonds can really take off during this transit. The new moon also reboots your one-on-one connections, possibly launching a new partnership or taking a current one to the next level. Secrets and mistrust could pose problems now, due to Mercury’s skirmish with Neptune, so you might opt to keep mum. And since Mars and Pluto are at odds, if you’re overwhelmed with work, you could implode or explode. Stress has a tendency to impact physical health, so pull back on the throttle. Tackle tasks one at a time, focusing your energy where you can make the most difference. Avoid micromanaging and destructive criticism, and don’t force matters in order to obtain a certain result. Have faith things will turn out the way they’re meant to.



May 21–June 20

Mercury — your ruling planet — is in your interpersonal zone and squabbling with Neptune this week, so a dialogue could go around and around in circles. Maybe you want to see eye to eye with someone, but it’s like you’re speaking different languages. Take advantage of Merc’s harmony with Mars by walking your talk. Back up your words with action to make your position more clear. Mars has his own feud going on with Pluto in your sharing sector, taking the drama (or passion!) in a close relationship up another notch. Power struggles should get a hard pass, and you may also run into trouble involving jealousy or loyalty. A love affair could get too intense for your liking, or you might feel like another person is trying to control your free-spirited ways. Lust and trust are a powder keg with this planetary picture. Luckily, Venus is vibing with generous Jupiter and laid-back Neptune, providing an area where things are bound to run more smoothly. You should get along famously with coworkers and will find people in your everyday life to be extra helpful under this influence. If you have a positive attitude about working on a relationship, it’s likely to pay dividends now. You’ll gain a sense of purpose from doing creative work or being of service to others — including your partner, if you have one. Plus being grateful for all the little things in your life equals an instant mood booster! The new moon lights a fire under you to learn a skill, launch a job search, initiate a good habit, start a new exercise or diet regimen, get organized, strengthen your work ethic, streamline your schedule or start a volunteer gig. And if you want to improve your health, recruit a buddy to help you stay the course.



June 21–July 22

Even the most cautious Crabs should be willing to take a risk this week when Venus joins forces with lucky Jupiter in your love-and-happiness house. A crush could blossom into a full-blown romance, or you might fall for someone new who’s outside your comfort zone. Fresh sparks could fly with someone you’re already dating, as you’re feeling more open to a big love. A creative gamble will also pay off, so don’t play it too safe. This planetary combo urges you to go out on a limb in the name of self-expression, joy or amour. And Venus is also in sync with Neptune in your expansion corner, encouraging you to throw yourself into an experience that transcends daily reality. Travel and other escapist pleasures get a solid green light. Given Neptune’s spiritual nature, your heart could be filled with compassion and empathy, possibly for injustices done to — or the pain inflicted upon — people whose lives are distant from yours. The lines between you and others are blurred, allowing you to feel at one with the world. And on a different note, you might act out a fantasy with someone special. The new moon inspires a fresh start in your love life and your fulfillment as an individual, whether that means dating more, showing off your personality more freely, rekindling the flame with your bae, embracing a new hobby or launching an artistic venture. Or you might simply commit to having more fun in the months to come! Mars is hiding out at the bottom of your chart, and his spat with Pluto in your one-on-one angle could cause turmoil in a close relationship; repressed anger or an old behavior pattern could be at the root of it. Be careful not to take a bad mood out on others. Dealing with your own emotions will facilitate relationship change.



July 23–August 22

With Venus and Jupiter cozying up to each other at the base of your chart this week, you might be in the mood to get cozy with someone behind closed doors or host a big bash at your place. Since domestic relationships are highlighted, you should experience smooth sailing with family members and roomies. Plus you might take the leap with your mate and swap house keys, talk about moving in together or make holiday plans involving each other’s relatives. Nesting, romance and socializing at home are all favored by this transit, but this part of your chart also rules emotions and memories, so you might get super sentimental or nostalgic. A Venus-Neptune confab paves the way for you to tune into your innermost feelings and share sweet moments with someone close to you. This pairing is all about private love and deep connection; if you’re flying solo, that translates to self-love and being in touch with your core self. Bonus: The new moon prompts you to lay a piece of your past to rest and shift your emotional state. Prioritize nurturing relationships with women and regular self-care. A change in your family or living situation might be in the pipeline. Mercury’s dispute with Neptune could make it hard for you to articulate what’s in your heart, but Merc’s harmony with Mars suggests you’ll have the courage to speak your truth. Just don’t focus too much on receiving a specific response. Mars and Pluto are butting heads, so things might not play out the way you’ve planned in your head. You have a certain m.o. in mind, but circumstances change. Don’t push your point too forcefully on the job or speak impulsively, but do sell an idea that has the potential to help others or to make a difference in the world.



August 23–September 22

Given your ability to analyze and critique, your sign doesn’t tend to view the world through rose-colored glasses. But thanks to amiable Venus flitting through your mindset zone and vibing with both optimistic Jupiter and dreamy Neptune this week, everyone and everything has a lovely pink tint. That zone also rules communication, so you might bare your soul or simply flirt with abandon. You’re open to clicking with a wide range of humanity, so get out and circulate. Tell someone how you feel. Show your sappy side! Enjoy being on the same wavelength with people. Revel in spiritual, creative and romantic simpatico. Noticing beauty and good, rather than flaws, will keep you in a happy mood. And expressing love, compassion and kindness will do you and your relationships a world of good. A Mercury-Neptune dustup signals that your words won’t translate as clearly as your gestures, so don’t get too hung up on feeling heard. The new moon nudges you to find new ways to get your message across and to keep the positive thinking going. Make a point of meeting new people and gathering info in the next few months. And keep coming up with fresh ideas, some of which are bound to ripen into workable plans. With Mars and Pluto duking it out in your worth and fulfillment sectors, you could jeopardize your security for something or someone you’re passionate about. Maybe you’ll be tempted to splurge on something you’re fixated on, thinking it will give you significant pleasure. Or you might put your self-confidence on the line, pursuing the object of your obsession. Jealousy may cause you to fight for what you feel is rightfully yours. Don’t let anyone or anything have so much power over you that you feel insecure. If that’s the case, this transit insists you take your power back.



September 23–October 22

Venus meets up with Jupiter in your worth house this week, inspiring you to indulge your senses. Sight, smell, sound, taste and touch can all give you immense pleasure, so dive in! Your desire to splurge is strong, and you can be extremely generous and rather decadent too. But this pairing can also signal a windfall or a wise investment. If you have a partner, feelings of warmth and security will give you a happy glow. And if you’re playing the field, you might find yourself craving stability and gravitate to a dependable dude with LTR potential. Regardless of your relationship status, a burst of self-confidence will enliven your interactions with people. Venus is also making music with Neptune in your wellness-and-work corner, helping you to make the connection between feeling good about yourself and taking good care of your body. You might opt to focus on eating a clean diet, working out in the fresh air or doing a form of exercise that you find soothing. Selflessly helping others and using a creative talent on the job also get the go-ahead. The new moon encourages you to find a fresh source of income, create a budget, start saving more and develop your innate talents over the course of the next six months. Mars in Libra is keeping you busy, and his clash with Pluto poses the biggest challenge of the week. You might feel triggered by a family member or pushed to the limit by personal (and possibly domestic) obligations. Look at your own volatile emotions instead of lashing out. Your sign tries to stay on an even keel, but there’s a lot churning inside you! If you keep pushing difficult feelings and memories down inside you, they end up controlling you. Carve out solo time to process them, or reach out to a healing professional for help in dealing with them. And to burn off steam, try tackling a major home project like a possession purge.

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