Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of November 20–26

Swim against the tide or go with the flow? Let Tracy Allen fill you in on what to expect for the week ahead…


November 22–December 21

The sun’s arrival in Sagittarius this week marks the beginning of your birthday season and refills your tank so you can get back in the game. This is a time of year when it’s totally acceptable to focus on yourself, first and foremost. Plan your party, channel energy into personal endeavors and project your personality freely wherever you go. Mercury is also in your sign and gelling with Uranus, greenlighting creative self-expression, quirky humor and the discovery of new pleasures that stimulate your mind. If you’ve been hoping for an artistic breakthrough, you might get your wish. You’re more likely to blurt out your feelings now, so hanging with your crush could lead to a different kind of breakthrough. With Neptune doing a U-turn at the bottom of your chart, a domestic or family matter that’s been in limbo should start to seem less ambiguous. You may get inspired to move ahead with a decorating project or feel more sure of how to maintain peace with a parent. If you’ve been lost in memories or enmeshed in an uncomfortable living situation, take a step back and ponder what will make you feel grounded and secure. It may be time to recognize a lingering emotion that keeps you tethered to the past and let it go. Happy solar return!



December 22–January 19

This week’s Venus-Pluto connection can give you a lovely feeling of belonging and remind you how important friendship is to you. Socializing, networking or spending time with your squad will be worth your while, and you can also be a force for good in the world by demonstrating that you care about others. After the sun sneaks into the last house of your chart, your energy will wane a bit, and you’ll need more peace and quiet to replenish your reserves. Don’t feel guilty about dropping off the grid and unwinding by yourself. In the month before your birthday season, it’s appropriate to put the finishing touches on your year, relax and reflect. Mercury is also in that house and harmonizing with Uranus, so looking back over the past and tuning into your private emotions could elicit helpful insights that allow you to move on with your life. Psychotherapy or a conversation with a parent may also lead to liberating revelations. With Neptune resuming forward motion, you’ll feel more able to gather your thoughts and put them into words. Vague imaginings could develop sharper outlines and morph into creative ideas, while nuances you’ve picked up on can grow into profound perception. Don’t rush to assign meaning, though; wait for the fog to clear in the coming weeks.



January 20–February 18

When the sun moves into the part of your chart that’s naturally associated with Aquarian matters, you’ll feel more in sync with the world around you. Your affinity for socializing and networking will kick in as your attention shifts away from personal ambitions. You might devote energy to a humanitarian endeavor like organizing a Thanksgiving dinner for homeless people in your community. Or you could focus on attending events where you’ll be able to make professional contacts. Friendship is a vital part of life for Water Bearers, and your role in your friends’ lives — and theirs in yours — is highlighted by this monthlong transit. Make time to see your pals, and also try to meet new people who share your interests and ideals. As Neptune wraps up his five-month retrograde phase, financial matters come into sharper focus, and you might have a fresh impulse to splurge on something you yearn for. Money has a way of disappearing when Neptune is involved, although it can also magically appear. The challenge is to zero in on your highest values and priorities and let them guide you, rather than grasping for material goods that don’t always provide as much pleasure as you imagine they will. Listen to your deepest intuition when it comes to what you truly need.



February 19–March 20

It may not be your birthday season, but you shouldn’t hesitate to step into the spotlight once the sun ascends to the pinnacle of your chart this week. You’ll be keeping a high profile and making progress toward your goals while this focalizing planet heats up your ambition angle. How do you want to come across in public? What mark do you want to make in your profession? Consider your image and your status, and do what you can to prove what you’re capable of. It’s your time of year to put your best foot forward and shine. Plus Mercury is in the same spot and gelling with Uranus, nudging you to make career plans that will boost your bank balance and to promote your unique gifts around people who can give you a leg up. With Neptune getting back into gear in Pisces, you’ll begin to have an easier time applying your creativity and intuition in the outside world. You’ll no longer feel completely adrift in your own head and should be able to engage with others in a more direct manner. Your dreams may assume sharper outlines that enable you to craft objectives to make them a reality. Soon you’ll no longer merely be treading water; you’ll be swimming with the tide.



March 21–April 19

Mercury sees eye to eye with Uranus in Aries this week, giving you the perfect outlet for restlessness. Experiences that broaden your mind will feed your hunger for change, so visit a new place, talk to people from different cultures and countries, study a subject that’s unfamiliar to you, contemplate foreign ideas and beliefs. Taking in more of the world will give you the sense of forward movement that you crave. The sun’s arrival in your exploration corner kicks off a month of such pursuits. You need to get out of your routine to discover new ways of being you in the world. Expanding the possibilities available to you will lift your spirits, so don’t stick to the same old same old. Explore uncharted territory, stimulate your intellect, strive to learn something new every day. Now that Neptune is coming out of reverse, your inner searching should start to seem less aimless. The distressing feeling that there’s more to life has been floating around in the back of your head for ages, but it’s not there to bring you down. It can guide you to deep, intuitive insights, self-acceptance and oneness with all living beings. As autonomous as you Rams are, you still long for a connection with something greater than yourself, a sense of unity that transcends our human separateness.



April 20–May 20

The pleasure of companionship expands this week when Venus makes music with profound Pluto. Sharing a new experience with someone close to you will be extra gratifying, so plan a romantic getaway or an adventure with a friend. As the sun dips into your depth zone, you’ll naturally begin to focus intently on people and pursuits that you’re passionate about. Sometimes tunnel vision can be a good thing; your energy isn’t likely to be scattered in the coming month. The emphasis on intimacy is sure to bring out your sensual nature, while the soulfulness of this transit puts you in touch with your psyche and helps you to heal. Tune out the noise around you and spend private time with a special someone or alone time exploring your emotions. Foggy Neptune is leaving his five-month retrograde period behind him now and getting back up to speed in the weeks to come. Social planning should become more straightforward, and group relations won’t be as confusing. If a friendship has veered off-track, you may be able to pick up where you left off soon enough. Assess the circle of people in your life realistically. Do you form healthy connections easily? Make an effort to see people as they are, not as you want them to be.



May 21–June 20

When the sun crosses your interpersonal angle this week, that’s your cue to start forming dynamic duos. You’ll have more energy and learn more about yourself be actively engaging in one-on-one relationships. Spend time with people who inspire you rather than drain you, and make a point of putting a lot of yourself into your closest connections. You’ve been ultra-focused on crossing things off your to-do list, but now it’s about we, not me. Mercury is already in that angle and gelling with Uranus at the moment, which will make it easier to meet people who can shake up your life in a good way. You can learn from each other, so talk freely and brainstorm outside the box. As Neptune rouses himself out of his five-month retrograde, your career path or overall life direction could become clearer. You may have felt like you were chasing your tail rather than your dreams, but all that musing about what you’re doing with your life hasn’t been for naught. If you’re disillusioned with your profession or confused about a future vocation, you might reach out to a mentor or counselor who can help you to conceptualize your calling and turn dreams into goals. Your search for a purpose may be taking longer than you’d like, but it’s not futile.



June 21–July 22

This week’s Venus-Pluto link could offer a chance at romantic or creative partnership, so keep your eyes peeled for possibilities. One-on-one relationships of all kinds can be extra powerful and satisfying now. With the sun setting up shop in your productivity corner for the next month, you’re gearing up to get a lot done. Channel energy into performing well on the job, tackling daily duties with gusto and doing what you can to improve your health. Take pride in your ability to cross items off your to-do list, and don’t get hung up on thanks or accolades. Make yourself useful, and be of service to others if possible. A Mercury-Uranus meeting hints that your intellectual labors, problem-solving, careful thinking or conscientious communication could earn notice with higher-ups and might even lead to career progress. With Neptune doing an about-face, your fuzzy vision of the future can gradually come into sharper focus. As your old preconceived notions fall away, you may find yourself in a purgatory of not knowing. Discarding outworn beliefs dissolves boundaries, opening your mind and your spirit, like empty vessels to be filled with personal truths, lessons and philosophies that serve your growth rather than limit it. Metaphysical, religious and spiritual studies might inspire you more than strictly cerebral topics.



July 23–August 22

After the sun soars into your fulfillment house this week, you’ll be in the mood to get out and enjoy life. Whenever possible, follow your heart and do what pleases you. Express your feelings, creativity, personality and humor, free of inhibitions. Your zest for living is ignited by this monthlong transit, and your inner child is due to come out and play. Make time for romance, fun with friends and enjoying hobbies. Mercury is also in that house, and it’s vibing with Uranus in your expansion corner at the moment, hinting at a pleasure trip, a creative learning experience or an inspired brainstorm. You also might share your singular point of view or read something that blows your mind. Neptune has been in reverse since June, and he’s shifting back into first gear now, which could help to clear up confusion in a close relationship. You may feel let down by someone, but are your expectations of him or her realistic to begin with? Sexual, emotional and financial exchanges are often confounding while Neptune travels through your sharing zone, and clarity on the agreements and motives involved is vital. Be mindful of how much control you’re giving up and whom you’re placing your trust in. Above all, trust the inklings in your own psyche.



August 23–September 22

The holiday season is upon us or just around the corner (depending on your religion, culture and country), and with the sun slipping down to the foundation of your chart this week, home and family will become a higher priority. You want to get cozy in familiar surroundings with people who’ve known you forever. You need a comfortable home base where you can kick back and recharge your battery at the end of the day. Tune into your private feelings, notice the memories popping up in your head and ask yourself what you need to feel safe and secure. Devote time to soothing self-care. Mercury is also in that angle and jibing with Uranus now, giving you excellent incentive to reflect on your emotions and backstory because you’re bound to learn something about yourself. Psychological revelations — and change — can also come from confiding in a family member or someone else you trust. As Neptune resumes forward motion in your one-on-one sector, it should become a bit easier to read people and suss out the reality of your relationships. Have you been overidealizing someone or overromanticizing the nature of a relationship? Or are you trying to connect with someone who’s unavailable? Allowing yourself to see the light will clear space for relationships that are healthy and real.



September 23–October 22

Your ruler’s sync-up with Pluto this week might lead you to purchase something for your home or ask your family for something you want, and either move will probably work out well. Mercury and Uranus are also in sync, making it easy for you to meet new people, enjoy stimulating conversations or have an important talk that facilitates change in a relationship. Be honest and direct, but also listen to what others have to say, no matter how much their viewpoint may differ from yours. With the sun coasting into your thinking-and-talking zone, your brain revs up and your interactions become livelier. You’re eager to express yourself and connect with people, and the tempo of your daily life is likely to accelerate. You might take a trip in the coming month or just spend a lot of time out and about in your local area. Neptune’s direct turn in your efficiency corner could clear up a lingering health issue or nudge you back on track with diet or fitness goals. Getting organized will fuel efficiency, so declutter, make lists or do whatever you need to do to create an orderly system for daily productivity. And let your empathy for others guide you to volunteer work or a humanitarian endeavor that serves a higher purpose than personal ambition.


October 23–November 21

Thanks to Venus in Scorpio flirting with Pluto this week, an encounter could have a powerful effect on you, and your charms certainly won’t be lost on others. An intense convo can strengthen your bond with someone, or the weight of your words could draw someone to you. Love and communication make a potent brew under this influence, and lighthearted flirting won’t be enough for you. The sun is segueing into your worth zone, calling for you to focus some of your attention on your finances, assets, material needs, self-esteem and personal values. Get your priorities in order, create a holiday-shopping budget and deal with your possessions. Mercury is in cahoots with Uranus at the moment, so you can figure out ways to use your resources and change your daily life in one fell swoop. For example, is there a money-wasting habit that you could put an end to? Or do you own something you could be using to save precious time? On a different note, Neptune is going direct after a five-month retrograde period, reawakening your passion, clarifying your feelings, breathing new life into a creative idea or luring you to look at a romantic interest with fresh eyes. Bring the love and happiness you yearn for out of the realm of fantasy and onto your list of goals.

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4 years ago

I cannot get enough from this section. It gives me the right amount of energy for starting the week fresh and ready to kick the day!

I’m excited to start the new week with new experiences. Thanks for the horoscope! :)

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Great, thanks :)

Mandie Fae
4 years ago