Wellness Encyclopedia: Golden Berries & Golden Berry Salad

These sunny yellow berries are rich in vitamin C and taste, with their juicy-tangy-sweet interiors and slightly crunchy texture. What else are they good for? Read on to find out!

Sometimes, when inspiration just isn’t coming my way, I head to the grocery store. Outside of the shower, it’s where I do some of my best thinking (raise your hand if you’ve ever had an “ah-ha” moment in the produce section). I love perusing what’s in season, and my small-town market never ceases to amaze me with what they actually have available. Fresh turmeric, baby ginger, dragon fruit… I have to admit I’m impressed (especially after the disappointing almond milk selection over in the cold cases). Yes, if I need ideas, I hit up the market, which is where I saw a little glimmer of yellow casually sitting next to the nearly-decimated blueberry selection this weekend (I swear most Mainers run on a combination of blueberries and maple syrup). The blueberries may be out, but golden berries were most certainly in stock that day, and you can bet I walked out of there with more than one box in hand. A welcome reprieve from traditional winter citrus in my flu-season arsenal, these sunny yellow berries are rich in vitamin C and taste, with their juicy-tangy-sweet interiors and slightly crunchy texture. What else are they good for? Read on to find out!

What are golden berries?

Also known as Peruvian groundcherry after its native Peru, golden berries are tart and juicy and more closely related to tomatoes and tomatillos than berries or cherries, which is apparent by their texture, similar to that of an unripe tomato. Often sold inside their lantern-like husks (called a calyx), golden berries are rich in nutrients and an excellent source of antioxidants. Often found dried, fresh golden berries occasionally show up fresh at the market and lend themselves easily to a variety of uses — so if you see them, be sure to grab a box before they’re gone!

What are golden berries’ benefits?

Rich in antioxidants, golden berries could support immune function and scrub free radicals from the body, which could improve the appearance of skin health and may reduce the appearance of wrinkles. These same antioxidants may also reduce overall inflammation, which may improve well-being and could positively affect cardiovascular health. A great source of vitamin C and carotenoids, golden berries could boost immunity, especially during these dark, cold winter months, and support healthy eyesight. Golden berries are also unique in that they contain withanolides, a compound also found in ashwagandha that could positively affect the endocrine system.

How do I use golden berries?

Because they’re not super sweet, golden berries are surprisingly versatile. The dried berries are delicious as a snack or tossed onto salads, and the fresh berries can be used in the same way. Additionally, try adding the fresh berries to baked treats, like crisps and crumbles, in savory salads and dishes like the one below, on top of smoothie bowls, in your morning oats, or simply popped one by one as a nutritionally dense snack.

Quinoa Golden Berry Salad


¼ cup quinoa

1 cup packed roughly chopped kale

Handful of golden berries, halved

¼ avocado

Handful chopped green onions

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp freshly-squeezed orange juice

Handful toasted slivered almonds

Salt and pepper to taste


Combine quinoa, kale, golden berries, avocado and green onions in a bowl and toss to combine. In a separate bowl, whisk together olive oil and orange juice to make dressing. Drizzle dressing over the salad and mix together well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!

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I hope these are available where I live. I’ve never seen them before but will look out for them from now on!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Love this! :)

Amir Najam Sethit
3 years ago

Nice and interesting article. But is it available anywhere or in my place? I want to try this salad. Thank you for giving new food recipe.

3 years ago

So, up in central jersey these are available all summer long and are amazing. I’ve only known them to be called ground cherries. Do yourselves a favor and get your hands on some if available. Mine never make it past the car. I eat them and pop the skins out the window on my drive home from the farm all summer long.

3 years ago

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3 years ago

This blog is really great. The information here will surely be of some help to me. You give readers a lot to think about and I appreciate that kind of writing. The better you feel, the more likely it is that you’ll make positive, healthy lifestyle.

2 years ago

I just started reading your post and just after few seconds, I found it very interesting. I want to consume salads from now on. Thanks