10 Bits of Good News to Revive Your Holiday Spirit

Your healthy dose of feel-good current events in pop culture, fashion, travel, science, and everything in between…

And with a soft sigh, the latest round of carefree weekly updates has arrived, showcasing 10 topical reports cherry-picked to deliver an opportuuunity to chill out and deeply breathe in that soon-to-be-holiday scent of easy times that lie so very directly ahead.

Take the chance to unapologetically recline, perhaps in a marshmallow-puffy robe, and lounge with some harmless (yet fascinating) stories selected to give you some clickable, likeable current events that are finally worth sharing with your favorites.

Peruse, ponder, audibly “awww,” lol a little, and enjoy the good news you might have missed:

Author Amy Carleton’s touching story about the gift she gave to her selfless stepdad, Skip, is enough to bring you, and everyone you know, to happy, streaming, clapping tears of true family togetherness. Set aside 10 minutes to take in your best read of the week. 

What do eBay, Post-Its, and Super Soakers (aka “an environmentally friendly heat pump that he quickly realized was also a really cool water pistol”) all have in common? Each of these financial powerhouses started as a side project that grew into big business thanks to big dreams. Here, a list of 10 inspirational longshots. 

One of the only times of year that you can easily view falling stars in plain sight, the Geminid Meteor Shower is a highlight of the pre-holidays. Expected to peak this December 12th and 13th, here’s everything you need to know about the electricity-free light show

Best friends and fearless adventurers, Henry the dog and Baloo the kitten have become the very closest of outdoor friends. These photos of the two traveling together maybe be all it takes for you to consider an actual cat harness this season. 

From replenishing social ties to improving heart health, volunteering is becoming the best kept secret for sustained wellbeing. Not only does helping others put your own perception of personal problems and struggles into perspective, but for those looking for even more incentive, performing selfless acts has been proven to light up the same reward centers in your brain as food and sex — for a totally natural, feel-good high. 

These destination wellness retreats — whether working your body with Gwyneth Paltrow’s former trainer, snorkeling the Andaman Sea, or dog-sledding with a pro surfer — are a next-level take on winter escapism.

Is a soothing sleep machine topping your personal list? You’re not alone. Recorded nature sounds are delivering serious improvements in mood and health for city dwellers — but why? This study shows that they may spark a connection with our ancestors who actually lived amongst the elements. Running water soothes and signifies a clean, safe life force — as well as thriving food sources — while the sound of birds rings as a sweet melody because an environment echoing with their song means you can rest easy in a predator-free zone. 

Finding the light of her life in an ultimately unexpected way, this British woman is making waves thanks to a sparkling new love connection: “As soon as I saw Lumiere on eBay, I knew immediately that she was the one for me and it was love at first sight,” Amanda Liberty explained to the Sun of her fiancé, a chandelier who now wears a diamond ring on one of her fixtures. 

For all of the quotes for which Einstein has been praised, one true bummer was surely his assertion: “A person who has not made his great contribution to science before the age of 30 will never do so.” Luckily, real science has proven him wrong. According to researchers over the past century, creatives in fields like art, music, and literature ramp up their instincts in their mid-40s, and that number will likely increase in the future as we live healthier, longer lives with every passing decade. 

Goth holiday spirit, forever.


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The Geminid Meteor Shower sounds like a spectacular sight to see. I wonder if I can see it from where I live!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

6 years ago

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