A Hand-Dyed Pillowcase that Delivers Beauty Benefits

Upstate’s pillowcases prevent hair tangles and face creases so you really can wake up looking pretty great.

If you still long for those summer camp days spent tie-dying t-shirts with mounds of rubber bands than Kalen Kaminski’s beautifully hand-dyed pieces should be on your radar right now. The founder of Upstate relies on the Japanese technique of shibori when creating her signature brand of kaleidoscopic patterned goods, using natural dyes made from cochineal, avocado pits, turmeric, madder root, and an ample supply of nuts and bark (a more sustainable — and creative — alternative to traditional dyes, right?).

In addition to fashion items, like this amazing flared velvet jumpsuit, Kaminski recently launched into the wellness space, with her new Beauty Pillows. Hand-dyed at her Brooklyn studio, the pillowcases are made from 100 percent silk charmeuse — a fabric with smoother fibers than those found in coarse cotton, which helps prevent hair tangles and bedhead snarls that can actually weaken and damage your mane. Plus, silk has hypoallergenic properties that help minimize skin irritation — so you can wake up without those annoying pillow creases on your face. Some even suggest that by not contorting your face every night silk pillowcases can reduce wrinkles — hey, it certainty can’t hurt.

Beyond the beauty benefits, the pillowcases just look magical — like the type you would find in the bedroom of a gypsy artist or a French poet who lounges in bed writing verses all day. The standard-size cases come in four patterns, dyed with ingredients like hibiscus flowers and turmeric, to achieve their perfectly worn-in design. It’s enough to convince you that resting your head on one of these otherworldly creations is the stuff of dreams.

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The pillows look absolutely beautiful! :)

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

6 years ago

I’m sorry but the price is outrageous…yes they do have a cool factor; but for that price I can do 10 of them, including natural tye-dye!

6 years ago

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6 years ago

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