Chakra Sunday: Crown Chakra

Although this chakra deals primarily in the spiritual realm and less with what is tangible, we experience the opening in a major way…

This is the last post in a series of 7 from our dear friend, Nina Endrst.

The 7th and final chakra, the Crown, is the center of inspiration, wisdom, and unity – our connection to all that is. It’s where we begin to see ourselves as spiritual beings who are one with the universe. When balanced, we are able to expand and open to a higher state of consciousness. A different level of awareness comes and we feel a sense of peace and purpose in all that we do.

With obvious exceptions, our outer world often mirrors our inner world. It is worth checking in regularly – are we vibrating at a high frequency? Is the quality of our thoughts mostly positive or negative? When we make conscious shifts, reframe our thinking, and practice living mindfully – it is highly likely that our lives and those around us will change for the better.

Although this chakra deals primarily in the spiritual realm and less with what is tangible, we experience the opening in a major way. With practice, we cultivate a deeper connection to everything and everyone. When open, we recognize and respect the natural world and appreciate its ancient wisdom and available medicine. We become part of a sacred rhythm. We balance this chakra to align with inner wisdom that guides and supports our existence as empathetic, compassionate souls. We commit to this work so each of us can do our part to elevate the collective consciousness. To understand that unless we ALL are free, none of us will be.

Location: Crown of the head.

Color: Violet or white.

Mantra: We are one.

Element: Thought.

When in balance: We are open to something higher than ourselves, spirituality intuitive, and feel connected to the world around us. We are able to surrender and understand that there are things in life we cannot control. We are courageous in our choices and follow a path aligned with the soul.

When out of balance: We may be spiritually disconnected or overactive, spending too much time looking upward and not enough time grounding in the real world. When blocked we lack empathy and find it difficult to connect with others. It is common to feel trapped and helpless, with no sense of direction or purpose.

I hope these practices bring you peace.


A great way to balance this chakra is to be of service. I’ve learned there is a profound difference between helping others for the greater good and giving ourselves completely without energetic boundaries. The first fills us up, while the latter leaves us depleted and often resentful. I choose this work because I feel spiritually connected and simultaneously grounded when I hold space for others. I highly recommend stepping outside of yourself and finding a way to serve mindfully – whether that means volunteering for a cause close to your heart or making yourself available to someone who is struggling. Take care of yourself first and remember we need each other.


Do more of what inspires you! Music, Art, Fashion, Nature, Yoga – whatever it may be. Let yourself dive into what feels good and watch what happens. If you are lucky enough to have the freedom to explore in this way, do not take it for granted. We all have unique gifts and it is up to us to discover what inspires us and share that beauty with the world.


A great way to open and balance the crown chakra. Speak and/or write positive affirmations every single day — when you wake up, throughout your day, and before you go to sleep. A few suggestions:

I am at peace

I trust the universe

I am awake and connected I am loved

We are all one

Photo by Ashley Randall.

+ Follow Nina on her journey here.

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