FP How We: Crystals 101 with Anna Toonk

For the latest in our home office workshop series, our team, under the guidance of Maha Rose, navigates the world of crystals…

This post comes to you from Anna Toonk of Maha Rose.

Crystals are having a moment right now. They’re everywhere, but it can be tricky to know where to begin working with them. This is why I LOVE to educate people, and I was even happier to teach the lovely people of FP.

My personal spiritual practice is very much enhanced by objects that appeal to my visual and tactile nature. This allows for me to create rituals that focus intentions, and awareness around what I am working on, working through, or just being present.

If you’re struggling to work through certain emotions or habits, the process is not always pretty. But, the job might be made easier WHEN you add some beauty, and crystals are one of my favorite ways to do this.

Why crystals?

So, why crystals? Very simply put, crystals offer energy we are able to harness and use to shift our consciousness. They are able to balance, transmit, gather and release energy. They also amplify, direct, project, sustain, and generate energy as well. You may have heard the phrase “working with crystals,” which sounds mystical and complicated but can be as easy as just having them in your environment, incorporating them into your meditation practice, carrying them with you, or using them in your beauty rituals. Try laying them on your body and breathing deeply for a few minutes, or throwing them in the bath with you. Your intuition is always your best guide. (Just double-check if your crystal is affected by water before making it a bath buddy.)

Crystals and energy…

The degree to which we feel crystal energy — and how it affects us — ranges. It can be very subtle, or quite intense. This is nothing to worry about, as crystals are inherently positive. It just may be that the crystal is bringing your awareness to different energies, or energetic blockages. If you feel very unsettled by a crystal, go slow. Try having it near you but don’t hold it. If you continue to feel unsettled, give yourself permission to give it away. It may not be your crystal ally – and that is totally okay. 

Crystals have the lowest level of entropy, or disorder, found in nature. This makes them a great way to access grounding energy. It literally is a piece of earth. In most of our lives grounding is a constant practice, so when you feel a bit untethered in your head, or very emotional, a crystal can help you feel like your feet are planted a little firmer. As a result, crystals can be wonderful tools in balancing energies. If you suffer from anxiety, having some pocket stones or keeping crystals such as fluorite nearby can be really helpful for soothing that energy. Trouble sleeping? Try amethyst or selenite to clear the mind and promote calm.


Cleansing and charging…

Despite the positivity and perfection of crystals, you’ll want to cleanse them before working with them. Effective cleansing methods include: burying them in salt, a saltwater bath (avoid this for softer stones like selenite), burying them in the earth, smudging, sunlight, or bathing in full moon light.Cleaning and clear the energy they may have collected along their way to you, so you’re starting with a clean slate together. If there is a specific intention you’re hoping to attain with your crystal, post-cleanse is the best time to set it.

You can also use sunlight and the full moon to charge your crystals. Crystals need a little maintenance to stay powerful because of their energetic properties. You don’t have to be really strict about it but, if you are carrying them with you every day, or working with them frequently, be sure to cleanse and charge them often to keep them at their most powerful. Full moon power serves as the traditional “charging station,” and you can reset or reaffirm your intention once charged.

Choosing a crystal…

When selecting crystals, don’t stress or overthink it. Trust what you are drawn to, then look it up and see what properties are associated with it. You can also work with specific crystals for the energy you want to transmute, or amplify. There is no wrong or right way to work to do this. Trusting your intuition will always be your strongest and best guide. The possibilities are infinite. You can work with chalcopyrite to boost creativity; it’s powerful for removing blocks both energetically and practically, like writer’s block. Seeking love? Rose quartz is best for this, but other stones to consider are rhodochrosite, kunzite, and green emerald. You can create a space in your home dedicated to your intentions, carry stones with you, keep them by your bed, or put them in your pillowcase.

Work slowly, and build a relationship with your stones. Challenge yourself to first find awareness. How do you feel around them? What do you feel physically? The idea is that crystals vibrate at their own frequencies and are attuned to the frequencies of those properties with which they are associated. Some crystals whisper and their work takes a little while to unfold, while other crystals shout, resulting in immediate shifts. Simply honor your own energy and needs. 

Crystal starter kits…

There are approximately a billion crystals to choose from, so where should you begin? My suggestions for basic kits include…

Clear quartz: It may seem snoozy but it’s a powerhouse and amplifies the energy of other crystals! The entire quartz family possesses this ability.

Rose quartz: for loving yourself — have handy when in need of some soothing energy.

Fluorite: for its abilities to boost positivity, be protective, and shield bad energy.

Black tourmaline: to ground and protect.

And pyrite: to aid abundance and manifestation.

If nothing else, just remember to trust yourself and what you are called towards – you are your own best guide!

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All photos by Danny Owens.

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How interesting! The Crystal Starter Kit is such a good idea for newbies like me!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Sounds great :)

4 years ago

Love this, have a few of my own!



4 years ago

So exciting! I already own all of those crystals you recommended in the starter kit hehe

4 years ago

I have been so curious about crystals for the longest time but didn’t know where to start! Thank you for the starter kit!


3 years ago

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