Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of December 18–24

Your weekly guide to what’s on the horizon, courtesy of Tracy Allen…


November 22–December 21

This week’s harmony between Venus in Sagittarius and Uranus in your joy sector inspires you to seek pleasures off the beaten path. You could become bored with predictable romance and creativity, preferring to shake things up and keep life interesting. Unorthodox attractions, quirky fun and unique self-expression are bound to appeal to you, which could result in an exciting fling or artistic breakthrough. With Saturn arriving in your worth zone for a three-year tour after an equally long stay in your sign, you’ll segue from redefining yourself to taking stock of your resources and clarifying your values. This restrictive planet requires you to scale back and prioritize. You’ll learn what’s most important to you and will work hard to earn what you need. Your confidence may be put to the test, compelling you to consider what you base your self-worth on. There are no shortcuts to financial prosperity during this transit, so put sound plans in place. Right after the sun leaves Sag — bringing your birthday season to a close — it joins up with Saturn, prompting you to focus on building up your security in the year ahead. Luckily, Mercury’s about-face in your sign will gradually restore your ability to make good choices and express yourself clearly. And although Saturn presents challenges wherever he is in the chart, his departure from Sagittarius can make you feel like a weight has been lifted.



December 22–January 19

Big news! Your ruler, Saturn, comes home to Capricorn this week, where he’ll be camped out for the next three years. Although the ringed planet is known for being a taskmaster, you’re more acclimated to his demands than anyone else. As a responsible, levelheaded sign, the maturation process this transit entails isn’t so daunting. Yes, you’ll be put through your paces between now and December, 2020, but you’re not one to back away from a challenge. You’ll be called to test your strength, define yourself on your own terms and assume more authority in the world. It’s time to demarcate your identity and stand on your own so you can be taken seriously as an individual. Own who you are and make it crystal clear to others! The sun’s arrival in Cap marks the beginning of your birthday season and fills you with a welcome dose of vitality. But the sun’s rendezvous with Saturn later that day could take the wind out of your sails temporarily. Rest if you’re tired, and don’t dwell on the negative. You may want nothing more than to celebrate the holidays and your birthday; however, you’re embarking on an important new chapter in your life that doesn’t have the same festive tone. Sometimes life offers you a mixed bag! Bonus: Mercury’s direct turn means you can start assembling your recent gut feelings into conclusions. Happy solar return!



January 20–February 18

When Venus in your network zone clicks with your ruling planet this week, take advantage of opportunities to interact with new people, especially those who stimulate your mind and help you look at life from a different angle. You’re in the mood to socialize, but not with just anyone. Surround yourself with an interesting range of humanity who feed your curiosity. Saturn is sneaking into the last house of your chart, where he’ll be hiding out for the next three years, pushing you to wrap up old business and let go of what no longer serves you. This is a period for coming to grips with the past and cutting your losses where necessary. It’s the end of a cycle, so you’re meant to be releasing mistakes, regrets, guilt, old patterns, stagnant feelings and the ties that bind you to your backstory. Work on understanding what’s been pushed down into your subconscious and subsequently undermined you at times. The sun’s arrival here and ensuing encounter with Saturn will shed light on the work you have to do and might make you feel drained. Retreat, unwind and rest up in the month leading up to your birthday season. The sun-Saturn alliance prompts you to set boundaries, put a stop to something or close a chapter of your past. With Mercury resuming forward motion, you can look forward to better communication with friends in the weeks to come!



February 19–March 20

A collaboration between Venus and Uranus suggests that tapping into your singular talents will enable you to appeal to higher-ups, or creative work will boost your finances and confidence. In any case, the best path to success will not be the most travelled one, so seek unique routes to the top. As Saturn segues from your ambition angle to your hopes-and-humanity sector for a three-year stay, your focus shifts from current goals to future ones and from personal achievement to team-building. The emphasis now is on being a responsible citizen, being accountable to others, integrating your individuality with group interests and figuring out who your people are — based on your interests, ideals and objectives. You might pare down your squad, as Saturn stresses quality over quantity, and some friendships will probably be put to the test. You’re challenged to forge new connections, join forces for a higher purpose (such as a philanthropic cause) and master the art of cooperation. No sooner does the sun sail into this sector than he meets up with Saturn there, nudging you to secure a mentor, join an organization and focus some of your attention on networking. This would be a good time to fine-tune your profiles on professional platforms like LinkedIn. Now that Mercury is wrapping up its retrograde phase, your ability to make career plans, communicate with authority figures and articulate your aims and accomplishments is about to improve.



March 21–April 19

Uranus in Aries makes nice with Venus this week, giving you a green light to enjoy pleasures off the beaten path. Experiences that expand your consciousness and break boundaries of convention will quell your restlessness, so go ahead and flirt with someone who’s not your type! With Saturn ascending to your chart’s peak, where he’ll hover for the next three years, you’re compelled to assume an air of greater authority. You’ll gain the respect you’ve earned and might secure a leadership role that’s been long in the making. But if you’ve taken shortcuts or aren’t pursuing your true calling, you might experience a setback that requires you to reevaluate your path. Those of you who harbor a fear of failure or fear of success will find yourselves grappling with it — because Saturn is pushing you onto center stage and challenging to fulfill your potential. The sun’s meeting with Saturn might indicate a public or professional test, and you’re likely to feel as if you’re under someone’s thumb or at the mercy of rules and regulations. The lesson of the day is a difficult one for Aries: Slow and steady wins the race. Press pause and plan the next steps on your road to success. As Mercury gets back in gear, travel will become easier and delays related to learning, publishing and the law should dissipate.



April 20–May 20

Your ruler harmonizes with Uranus this week, inspiring liberating closeness and compassionate self-examination. Self-love is a prerequisite for true intimacy, and the depth of feeling you experience now can be a revelation. Carve out alone time or private time with someone you care about to get the most out of this transit. Saturn’s arrival in your exploration corner begins a three-year journey that will bring hard-earned knowledge. You might work to earn a degree, get something published, launch an entrepreneurial venture or learn what you need to know to reach your professional goals. Travel could become a bigger part of your life, as this is a period when you’ll strive to broaden your horizons. Saturn wants you to give your vision of the future more structure and devote yourself to figuring out how the game of life is played. It’s a time for defining your personal philosophy and allowing it to guide you — without dictating how others should live. When the sun moves into this corner and gets together with Saturn, you may feel the weight of the mission ahead of you. Challenge yourself to do one thing that will put you on the road to becoming a more conscious being. Now that Mercury is wrapping up its retrograde phase, an investigation will yield clearer results, your psychological insights will make more sense or an outside resource such as a loan will be more available.



May 21–June 20

You’ll have an easy time getting along with others, thanks to this week’s Venus-Uranus harmony. This pairing helps you find the right balance of personal space and keeps your interactions lively and entertaining. Saturn’s segue into your sharing sector lays down the gauntlet, challenging you to master the art of give-and-take in the next few years. Issues surrounding sexuality, trust, power, jealousy, mortality and interdependence will be put under the microscope, and you’ll need to dig deep to resolve them. Casual sex probably won’t satisfy you as much as real intimacy, because Saturn is teaching you how to truly merge your life with that of another individual. A relationship that’s already on the rocks could end, while a healthy one is apt to grow stronger as you do the hard work of building something with lasting value. During this period, you’ll be called to invest in another person; transform something in your psyche; work to gain the support you need; and strive to navigate the inner workings of relationships. As the sun dives into that sector and joins up with Saturn, commitment could feel heavy yet crucial. If you’re faced with the reality of financial resources, a personal crisis or another person’s values and priorities, don’t shy away from it. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Mercury’s course correction will allow you to perceive people’s intentions more accurately and gradually clear up misunderstandings.



June 21–July 22

Enjoyment of your work, a sincere desire to help others, and doing something creative can propel you forward on your path this week, when Venus in your efficiency corner vibes with Uranus. Saturn is crossing your one-on-one angle, which he’ll be traversing for the next three years, so your ties with other individuals will be tested, and weaker ones may be severed. It’s time to begin the following: laying the groundwork for equal partnerships based on mutual respect; taking your commitments to others seriously; forming connections with people who require you to conduct yourself like an adult; and owning up to your role in a relationship. Whew! Your relationships may feel harder, but the best ones will grow more solid and mature. Don’t waste time on lightweights during this period, especially if you’re in the market for a long-term partnership (either business or romantic). Saturn doesn’t play, so no players need apply! People are bound to present as the source of your difficulty at times because the sphere of one-to-one relationships is showing you what you’re made of. With the sun crossing that angle and aligning with Saturn, you’ll get a taste of all this. Don’t get caught up in comparisons or criticisms. You might be ready to make a decision about what’s best for you, especially now that Mercury’s 180 will improve your ability to analyze a situation thoroughly.



July 23–August 22

Positive vibes between Venus and Uranus could inspire a romantic trip, creative gamble, unexpected fun or eye-opening adventure this week. Simple pleasures won’t suffice, as you’re seeking horizon-broadening experiences. Venture into untested waters to maximize the joys of this transit. Saturn’s grand entrance into your efficiency corner marks the beginning of a three-year stopover that will put your nose to the grindstone. You’ll be compelled to improve your physical health, job performance, time management, daily habits, skill-set and work ethic. And although you’ll be busy with all that and may take on duties that feel somewhat burdensome, Saturn will push you to conserve your energy and get better at prioritizing so you can juggle what’s on your plate. This can be a humbling period for proud Leos, but you need this time to get organized, get your life in better shape and prepare for the more public phase that’s to come. It’s sort of like an internship! Hone your craft, and don’t shoot for fame and fortune just yet. Cut out time-wasters. Get serious about lifestyle upgrades like eating healthy and exercising regularly. A sun-Saturn encounter forces you to notice what isn’t working and just say no to anything extraneous. You may need to set very clear limits now. With Mercury finally moving forward, a creative block could lift, and you’ll feel better able to express what’s in your heart.



August 23–September 22

Your ruling planet gets back in gear this week, which should make you feel less touchy and nostalgic and will gradually clear up miscommunication on the home front. Venus’s link with Uranus hints at impromptu bonding with family, and quality time with a relative can help you understand an emotional issue better. The pleasures of home have the power to heal you now. As Saturn sets up shop in your joy sector for the next three years, you’ll get down to the business of developing your creative talents and taking what you have to offer seriously. A casual affair could turn into the real deal, since Saturn is pushing you to make dating less of a game and more of a mission. Maybe you’ll fine-tune your Bumble profile or your list of must-haves and deal breakers for prospective baes — or have the big DTR talk with someone you’ve been seeing. This part of your chart also rules procreation, so it’s possible you’ll turn getting pregnant into a mission during this period. The sun’s meeting with Saturn can make you reluctant to share your feelings freely, and it can also cast romance in a realistic light. You might draw a line in the sand, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You don’t want to wall off your heart, but you do want to maintain firm boundaries that show you respect yourself.



September 23–October 22

With Saturn getting settled at the base of your chart for the next three years, you’re called to do some growing up. Your relationship with a parent could be tested, and you should try to resist falling into old patterns. You might have to shoulder more responsibility at home or deal with a challenging living situation head-on in order to make your environment more stable or comfortable. Decluttering or downsizing could take priority, or you could finally get your own place. Working from home or on your home are other strong possibilities. This is an appropriate period for doing inner work, and you might opt to process your memories and feelings in psychotherapy, with the aim of greater self-awareness and emotional security. Take self-care seriously now, as a big component of this transit is learning to parent—and in some cases, reparent — yourself. The sun is dipping down to your foundation angle as well, putting you in the mood to nest with your clan, and his meet-up with Saturn could make you feel a bit blue. Catch up on your sleep if you’re tired, and treat yourself to TLC. Venus and Uranus are in cahoots, encouraging you to notice how people are beautiful in their own unique way. Express your affection and appreciation! Now that Mercury retrograde is ending, you won’t be at such a loss for words.


October 23–November 21

A creative talent can allow you to produce unique work when Venus dovetails with Uranus in your productivity corner this week. Strong self-worth and knowing what you want will spur you to find clever ways to get something done. And thanks to Mercury’s direct turn, your financial acumen should slowly sharpen and delayed payments will be forthcoming. But here’s the headline news: Saturn shows up in your cognition-communication-and-community house for a three-year visit, pushing you to examine how your mind works, how you express yourself and how you interact with others in your immediate environment. Don’t take your habitual thought patterns for granted; look closely at them to understand how they shape your reality. You might dedicate yourself to a writing project, cultivate your verbal skills, work on becoming a better listener and strive to be taken seriously as a thought leader. If you’re truly invested in your ideas, you’ll begin to speak with greater authority. And the more you know, the more expertise you’ll convey, so make an effort to continue learning. You may get discouraged at times, but you’re meant to develop your thinking during this period, establishing a firmer foundation upon which your brilliance will flourish. With the sun landing in the same house and getting together with Saturn there, you can separate the wheat from the chaff in your head and distill your words so your core message comes through loud and clear.


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