Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of December 25-31

Your last forecast of 2017 — be sure to check in and keep track of the naughtiness and niceties all around you…


December 22–January 19

You’ll exude a certain je ne sais quoi after alluring Venus sashays into your sign on Christmas morning. The transition from recluse to social butterfly may happen quickly, but when she runs into your ruling planet hours later, you won’t feel like spreading yourself too thin. So choose quality over quantity and bond with your nearest and dearest. You’re feeling warm and peaceful, but also quite serious, making this a potential transit for beginning a long-term relationship or drawing the line with someone who’s not as committed as you are. In the next few weeks, drawing in people who are right for you shouldn’t be a problem. You might opt to focus on your relationship with yourself, though, or Venus’s aesthetic bent could put you in the mood for a makeover. When Mars and Neptune tango, creative ideas, spiritual interests or a compassionate mindset can lead to inspired teamwork. Your intuition will help you align with a group, so listen to it!



January 20–February 18

After Venus slips into the last house in your chart this week, big parties won’t sound nearly as appealing as restful alone time and relaxing private time with someone you care about. The love planet’s rendezvous with Saturn on Christmas Day could make you feel a bit lonely, but one upside is it will get you to snap out of a fantasy if necessary or keep better boundaries with people who drain your energy. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like your outgoing, flirty self; it will feel more natural to show your affection through a thoughtful act of caring for someone special. With Mars and Neptune in harmony, you can make great strides working for your highest values. If you’re in it for more than just money, you can accomplish something significant now. So do something ambitious that will benefit others. Bonus: It will make you feel good about yourself in the process!



February 19–March 20

The social whirlwind of the holiday season could start to seem way more fun on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning when Venus’s presence in your humanity house puts you in the mood to see lots of people. If you’re in a relationship, you might want time apart to hang with your squad or play the field. Those Fish who are looking for love are most likely to find it through the circle of people you know or via technology like dating apps. A Venus-Saturn meet-up can spur you to formalize your association with a group or do something practical to help a friend. Fyi, it’s a good time to work on a friendship problem if you’re having one! Neptune is in sync with Mars, reminding you to keep chasing after your dreams. New experiences will give you a sense of your higher purpose — and metaphysical or spiritual pursuits are highly favored. You might also fight for a cause that’s close to your heart.



March 21–April 19

Venus’s ascent to the peak of your chart gives your rapport with higher-ups like parents and bosses a nice boost in the next few weeks. It might also get you thinking about where a relationship is heading, since relationships and ambition are blended together during this phase. With Venus encountering Saturn hours after her climb to the top, you’ll be taking your bonds extra seriously on Christmas Day. This pairing can be a little imperious, so just be careful not to push anyone away with a tone of authority. If you’re in the mood, you might choose to create a plan in your mind for attaining the relationship you want. When your ruler syncs with Neptune, sex and emotional intimacy will have a soulful quality, while exploring your own psyche will be cathartic and cleansing. And if you’re inclined to dive into a passion project now, your imagination will be firing on all cylinders.



April 20–May 20

Your ruling planet segues into your expansion corner this week, filling you with a taste for adventure as the year winds down. You’ll begin to opt for interactions with a range of people rather than intense one-on-one connection. A long-distance relationship might be starting up, or you could enjoy a holiday fling. Traveling with someone you’re fond of is another possibility. Although you tend to prefer the type of mate and friend who’s within your comfort zone, don’t let a difference in culture or zip code keep you from forming new bonds that may prove exciting. Venus’s alignment with Saturn tells you that such explorations won’t be all that risky. Next, Mars vibes with Neptune, encouraging you to partner with a pal on a philanthropic endeavor or get your squad and your significant other’s together. Collabs — especially creative and charitable ones — will take off, so don’t go it alone.



May 21–June 20

A close relationship could heat up over the coming weeks as your desire for intimacy grows, thanks to Venus’s presence in your sharing sector. During this transit, you’ll gravitate to quality one-on-one time instead of big, impersonal gatherings. So skip the party circuit and make plans with people you most want to see. You might get super serious with someone when Venus and Saturn mesh on Christmas Day, showing you the appeal of commitment. But if you’re not feeling the love, you could also break things off with a partner or take a time-out. Mars is making music with Neptune, inspiring you to work in the spirit of service and make a difference in the lives of others. You’re capable of meeting a creative or spiritual goal now, so put your nose to the grindstone. Just tackling the tasks in front of you will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.



June 21–July 22

With Venus crossing your one-on-one angle this week, you’ll be less focused on your work and more attuned to other individuals. An agreeable mood prompts you to connect with others; extend the olive branch if you want to make peace! Venus will make it easy to get on the same page with people and enjoy companionship. Her rendezvous with mature Saturn prompts you to make your relationship status more official. That could mean anything from moving in together to getting engaged to launching a biz partnership to parting ways with your s.o. Whatever the next step is, Saturn says it’s time. Mars is joining forces with Neptune, so you could travel for pleasure, enjoy escapist fun or pursue a meaningful attraction that feels a little risky in a good way. Going after what you want and enjoying life to the fullest will put you in a different state of mind.



July 23–August 22

If you’ve been playing a lot lately, Venus’s arrival in your productivity corner this week could inspire you to start relishing the pleasure of getting things done. You may take a more practical approach to a relationship and perhaps decide to work on patching things up. Venus’s meeting with Saturn suggests whichever way this goes, it will be for the best. So you could also dissect problems you’re experiencing with someone and opt to walk away if you can’t make it work. Taking excellent care of your body and participating in volunteer efforts (or doing favors for people you care about) will be extra gratifying in the next few weeks. Mars is clicking with Neptune, which indicates that facing your innermost feelings will have a healing effect. Confronting buried anger now can wash it away. Alone time — or time with someone special — in the privacy of your home will soothe your soul, so get cozy in your winter nest!



August 23–September 22

You’ll want to get out and celebrate after Venus leaves your domestic angle and glides into your joy sector on Christmas morning for a three-week tour. It’s easy to show your affection during this transit, so dare to wear your heart on your sleeve! You’re in the mood to get dressed up and have a good time, but you might also get inspired to show off your creative streak. Enjoy being your authentic self, and let other people savor your company. When the love planet aligns with staid Saturn, a casual affair could become more serious. If you’re single, you might start craving a committed relationship and swipe left on lightweight prospects. A Mars-Neptune collaboration nudges you to assert yourself and say your piece because you’re likely to get a positive response. And speaking up for an underdog will also be worthwhile, so give a voice to the voiceless.



September 23–October 22

Your ruling planet twirls down to the base of your chart as Christmas Eve turns into Christmas Day. Perfect timing because she’ll give you a hankering for the pleasures of home and family. You may feel like baking, cooking, entertaining guests, hosting out-of-town visitors, hanging with relatives and relishing simple comforts like food, drink and a warm nest. A mellow mood is likely to keep you tucked away in your comfy cocoon rather than heading out to play social butterfly. Plus Venus’s encounter with Saturn could make you a bit touchy or nostalgic, bumping self-care to the top of your priority list. If you’re feeling extra sensitive, nurture yourself! Even relationship-oriented Libras need to be alone now and then. Put me-time on your calendar, then nestle in and unwind. A Mars-Neptune confab implies you could also devote energy to a decluttering binge, use your resources to help others — or make the connection between self-worth and wellness and give both a needed boost.



October 23–November 21

After Venus moseys into your thinking-and-talking corner, your mindset could brighten, and you’ll probably have an easier time expressing your soft spot for people. You may find yourself out and about in your community interacting with neighbors — or staying closer to home enjoying the company of siblings. Meeting new people through current connections is very possible, and you’ll have a good attitude about socializing. Venus’s meeting with Saturn brings a weightier tone, and you could make an important contact or encounter someone older who appeals to you. You might ask for relationship advice or have a serious talk with someone close to you. Mars in Scorpio is vibing with Neptune, which could spark a romance or a memorable night of fun. Even if the love, happiness or pleasure you covet seems elusive, this is your chance to go for it. What do you have to lose? Take a leap of faith!



November 22–December 21

Your tastes could turn more lavish when Venus heads into your worth house for a three-week visit, but you’ll also find it easier to magnetize what you want. Money and possessions can be easy come/easy go during this transit, but Venus’s summit with Saturn will help you to be more practical and concentrate on what’s truly important. If you crave the joys of nature, make plans that involve getting outside and indulging your senses. Simple pleasures, reliable people and stable relationships may be just what the doctor ordered now. Mars is forming a positive angle with Neptune this week, hinting that wrapping up old business, confronting something you’ve swept under the rug, dealing with the past or fighting a regressive behavior pattern will give you an underlying sense of peace and help you to connect with your spiritual essence. Breaking through relationship blocks and being vulnerable can also bring its own bliss.


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Photo by Jana Kirn.


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