Night Moves: Join The Moon Club

No stranger to Free People, our dear friend Ruby Warrington is back with her partner-in-good-crime Alexandra Roxo to talk all things Moon Club, and how YOU can join their lunar movement!

The moon: a source of beauty and inspiration for poets, scientists and all-around dreamers throughout history. What is its significance to you? 

ALEXANDRA: For over a decade I have been working closely with the cycles of the moon – learning and studying them and becoming acquainted with the ancient feminine traditions associated with the moon. As the moon relates to the unknown and the subconscious its like the deep wells of the womb, the night, and the feminine yin principle. A depth unlike any other! Deep as the ocean. Unseen forces and worlds. Mystery. I LOVE all of those things!

RUBY: As a lover of astrology who often has to explain to skeptics why I believe that our human lives are influenced by the planets of the wider solar system, I often cite the fact that Moon influences the tides and is linked to our menstrual cycles as evidence that we are all connected to the Cosmos! Also, what Alexandra said about the Moon representing the receptive, feminine, yin energy, which has been so repressed in our society.

What is Moon Club’s mantra? 

BOTH: “Find your Voice. Own your Story. Serve the World.” We believe that each of our individual stories is equally valid and has the potential to be equally inspiring to others, and so our mission is to help our members learn how to speak up and share their truths authentically in the world.

Your animal kindred spirit/s:

A: In that traditions that I’ve studied with we call them Power Animals. My Power Animal has been the Snake since I was a child and began to dream with them my whole life. Now I work directly with snakes for the last year and a half doing Sacred Serpent Ceremony where they act as shamans and healers and awaken the shakti/kundalini—female power!—inside of women while we dance with them. It’s so amazing! 

R: In my book, I talk about the first Spirit Animal meditation I had, with a modern Shamanic practitioner named Marika Messager. During the journey (like a guided hypnosis), I met a black stallion that was undoubtedly my Power Animal! He is a reminder to me that I am stronger than I think.

What are the most important lessons that the moon can teach us?

A: To go inward. To listen to what is going on below the surface. To give that just a much space in your life.

R: For me, living by the cycles of the Moon is a reminder that life is constantly changing and evolving. Just as the Moon goes through its phases, we all have times when we feel more active, productive and extroverted, and times when we need to be quiet, receptive, and more inward facing. Society tends to teach us to focus on the former — that this is what will make us liked, and successful. But, as women in particular, balancing our outer life with time spent tending to our inner needs is absolutely vital.

How does one become a member of Moon Club?

A: So simple! Just join!

R: We now offer two levels of membership: Moon Mystic, for people who want inspo, rituals and access to a community of likeminded seekers, and Moonpreneur, for those wanting to go deeper and apply the tools we teach to their lives and careers in a really active way. Both are available monthly (when you can cancel any time) or as an annual commitment. SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS!

We also have a Moon Ambassador program, mentoring our most active members on how to lead IRL Moon Club circles in their own cities. We launched MC to make all the mystical tools we have easy access to in LA and NY available to people who may not have a community to investigate this stuff with close to them.

Night or day?

A: I used to be afraid of the night. But I think I was afraid of my power… now I love the night. But sunrise is my fave.

R: Day for def! I’m usually in bed by 9.30…

Favorite constellation and why?

A: I know more about the Earth than the Stars. My fave ocean is the Mediterranean Sea.

R: I’ve always had a soft spot for Orion.

Song featured on the soundtrack to your life:

A: “Higher Love” by Steve Winwood. Been listening to this and singing it since age five when my Mom and I would drive around Miami in her light blue Mustang with white leather interior belting it out!

R: So hard! I love so many different styles of music depending what mood I’m in, but I guess an all-time fave is Madonna’s “Like A Prayer.”

What might we expect from your next FP Wellness Workshop?

A: How to Experience Deep Pleasure and why it can save the world!

R: I’ve been hosting Full Moon workshops at the SoHo store in NYC for a few months now, and we’re getting a regular crowd, which means the work we do gets a bit deeper every time. I’ll also be hosting an Astro Guide to 2018 in January.

What does free mean to you?

A: It means being able to be me.

R: It means being free of the conditioning that says: “act this way, look that way, feel like X.” Stepping outside of this paradigm means that every choice we make, from the food we eat, to the clothes we wear and the company we keep, can be in service of our own unique and individual needs. So basically, what she said!


* If YOU’d like to join Ruby and Alexandra, they’ve offered up a special discount for our FP Family. Simply  email with the subject line: FREE PEOPLE DISCOUNT. 

Become a Moon Mystic member for just $149 a year…or a Moonpreneur for just $449! Offer good now through January 7!


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The Moon Club has an interesting concept! I wish the girls all the best with their venture. :)

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

6 years ago

Love this!

6 years ago

I was surprised at the deep discounts I got at