Embody the Goddess and Tap into Your Shakti with Emilie Perz and Yoga Wake Up

Yoga Wake Up teacher Emilie Perz tells us how goddesses came to be, how we may have gotten lost along the way, and why now, more than ever, it is time to Embody the Goddess within…

If you’re in Los Angeles, Emilie Perz is teaching a LIVE “Embody the Goddess” workshop at our Santa Monica pop-up on 1/21 and 1/28  from 10-11am. Sign up here!

“Not a morning person” is a phrase heard — and muttered — all too often (of which I, too, am guilty), usually reserved as code for “I’m too tired to get dressed/make coffee/make that 9am meeting/leave me alone,” so…what about making time for morning meditation? Consider Yoga Wake Up, an app created by Lizzie and Joaquin Brown for those who need an extra boost in the morning.

The app (currently available for iOS) offers up an alarm clock alternative that will leave you feeling refreshed and flexible, and ready for the day ahead.

We’re excited to share that Yoga Wake Up has teamed up with @FPMovement to inspire women worldwide with a morning meditation – a free 8-minute visualization detailing how we can all “Embody the Goddess” within each one of us. Use it to wake up and visualize your Goddess-like being, harness your power and exalt her.

The Goddess is a sacred female figure that is revered for their virtues. Ancient polytheism religions honor many Gods and Goddesses, and to this day Goddesses are seen as source of power, strength, fertility and creation. In the yoga practice we call this divine feminine energy shakti and it’s a universal energy that sustains life! 

In the Embody the Goddess wakeup, we are looking at the unique characteristics of several vibrant Hindu goddesses who represent mothers, warriors and destroyers of evil! The modern woman doesn’t envision herself as a goddess because we are bombarded by ideas and notions of how we need to change, fix and rectify ourselves. Embody the Goddess is about tapping into the essence of these goddess qualities and recognizing that, as women, we have always been multi-dimensional beings. We are lovers, fighters, intuitive beings who are also sacred for the ways in which we love, nourish and heal the world.  As women, it is necessary for us to see that the masculine/feminine relationship was created equal in order to restore balance in the world we need to fully embody these divine characteristics with which we’ve been blessed. 

We are presently on the dawn of a new age in time when women are stepping forward into their power. This class is about reclaiming your shakti, trusting your intuition and not being scared to step into the potential of your divine feminine grace! Goddesses are noble, sacred beings — just like all women. We should be adorned for our dynamic qualities and learn to love all the ways in which we embody the goddess.  

Download Yoga Wake Up for free in the App Store — wake up with Emilie today!


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I love that she offers the app for free. Going to check it out now! ❤️

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