Everything You Need to Know about RMS Beauty’s New Supplements (Which are Exclusive to Free People this Month!)

Why digestion matters, and how the brand’s new ingestibles will help with everything from breakouts to brain fog…

This post comes from contributor Katheryn Erickson.

If you know anything about Rose-Marie Swift, the founder of the non-toxic beauty line rms beauty, you’re probably aware that she’s a total health nut. While the extent of some natural makeup brands’ clean ingredients starts and ends with mineral pigments, the ingredients in her products are so pure they sound like the recipe to some esoteric vegan dessert (cocoa butter, coconut oil, rosehip oil, and propolis all make appearances). Her obsession with delivering healthy beauty also means that the brand’s latest venture makes a lot of sense: This week, RMS is entering the wellness space with two new supplements launching exclusively at Free People: rms beauty within Probiotic + Prebiotic and Women’s Digestive Enzyme.

You might wonder, however, why she is focusing on digestion rather than putting out some other sexy supplement, like adaptogens, collagen, or antioxidants. Turns out, it all comes back to beauty. “I could not stand people complaining that products were giving them pimples,” Swift explains. “I always say your skin is a mirror to your gut. Skincare isn’t giving you pimples; your gut is giving you pimples.” Below, Swift sheds some light on the new products, why a healthy gut makes for a clear mind, and why digestive enzymes may just be the fountain of youth.

What made you decide to focus on probiotics and digestive enzymes? Have you always been interested in digestive health and its connection to beauty?

When I got sick in my late 30s, I became a raw foodist. (I still do a lot of raw food today.) Raw food is all about the life force of the product being there because it hasn’t been destroyed by heat; it nourishes your whole body. When you eat food like potato chips and warmed-up stuff in the microwave, that’s all dead food. Ever looked at a raw foodist? They have the most perfect skin if they start young.

A lot of times, if you’ve got bad skin, it’s your diet. Our food and lifestyles nowadays are really messing up our digestive tracks — women can’t go to the bathroom anymore, they’re bloated. The gut flora is completely off, and there are more bad bacteria than good bacteria. It shows on the skin. People want “hope in a jar;” they put on this skin stuff, but nothing is going to heal your skin. It will temporarily fix it, it will ease it, but you’ve got to find out why it’s happening. When you’ve got pimples and rashes, it’s because food is fermenting in your body and putting your liver in a bad state. I wanted to address these issues. Most of us aren’t eating a raw food diet, and these supplements will help to bring the digestive process to a better state.

Why digestive enzymes? How do they work and what benefits can you expect to see?

Have you ever watched people eat? One, two bites, and they swallow. Nobody chews! Chewing is a natural form of putting enzymes in food, but when we aren’t chewing enough it goes straight [to our stomachs] without being predigested. In all honesty, digestive enzymes are the fountain of youth. They help digest your food, so there’s less wear and tear on your system. Our enzymes cater more towards women’s diets — things like carbs, sugar, and alcohol. When you take them, your body doesn’t have to work so hard and drain itself of other things it needs to do, and they break down food allowing for better nutrient absorption. You don’t have all that stuff putrefying and fermenting in your gut and wearing your body down. It’s anti-aging.

What about the probiotic + prebiotic blend? What differences will it in terms of how you feel?

Probiotics support gut health and function, inhibit bad bacteria growth, promote normal immune system function, fat metabolism, and urinary tract health. When you take a probiotic, you’re putting good flora in your body so it can function properly. The prebiotics are like fuel for the probiotics — they strengthen and help good bacteria grow.

Once you start taking probiotics, you’ll notice a difference in your hair, skin, and nails. Stomach bloat will go down, and you’ll have more bowel movements. You may even notice better breath. When people have chronic bad breath, it’s actually their gut because everything is fermented inside. You’ll notice more energy, you’ll feel a little lighter, and your mind will be clearer. Brain fog is just yeast and fungus in your gut — when that travels to the blood, you’re in big trouble.

Do you need to take both, or can you just take one?

You 100% need both. A probiotic is to put all the healthy bacteria into your gut and the digestive enzymes are for digesting and making it easier for food to flow through your intestinal tract. I take one digestive enzyme capsule with every meal. For the probiotics, take one in the morning and one at night. I like to take mine on an empty stomach because I don’t want it in there dealing with food.

Everybody wants a pill in America. And if you can take a pill that’s going to help, I want to give you the best pill that I possibly can come up with. It doesn’t give you an excuse to pound down really bad food, but it will help in settling the whole body and [make the digestion process] less aging.

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I’ve never heard of digestive enzymes before. Very interesting!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Jack smith
5 years ago

Good post.

The best buys on amazon available here https://dealz.space/

5 years ago

I’m a bit too frugal to invest in these ;) I really appreciated the knowledge share though, with the importance of chewing your food well and the benefits of raw food!

4 years ago

I know that probiotics are good for you and that everyone should take them, but unfortunately there is still a lack of information on how to take them. During meals or on an empty stomach? Some people say it’s safer to take probiotics during meals because food would protect them from digestive fluids, while others suggest to take them on an empty stomach, cause food could inhibit their properties.
And both the parts say that it makes a huge difference in terms of benefits…
Does anybody know what’s there right answer?

4 years ago

Amazing write-up! So much useful information to see.. Digestive symptoms are extremely common in women and men. Women tend to suffer with irritable bowel symptoms, such as constipation and diarrhea, while men tend to suffer with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Fill up the gut with pro-inflammatory foods is not a wise daily choice for people with gastrointestinal symptoms. Accordingly, an anti-inflammatory diet is a positive choice.
As we know Vitamins and minerals are considered as the essential nutrients to one’s health. So, people take nutritional supplements to make sure they get enough essential nutrients. For the digestive organs and tissues to be healthy, they require the same anti-inflammatory nutrients as the rest of the body. As deflmae.com says, Probiotic Supplements are also beneficial for the gut. In recent years, more and more research is demonstrating the gut health can be improved by supplementing with probiotics.