Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of January 15–21

Your weekly insight and inspiration for the week ahead, courtesy of Tracy Allen…


December 22–January 19

Pluto in your sign gets major support from Jupiter in your network zone this week, underscoring how vital it is for you to foster your ties to the various circles of people in your life. Your relationships with friends, professional contacts and others who share your interests, ideals and objectives are mutually beneficial. Don’t confine your thinking to consolidating your personal power. You’re meant to extend your influence and contribute to the greater good. Whatever you do to make the world a better place for humanity will also change you for the better. Aim to serve collective interests, and you’ll end up transforming your own life in a way that you couldn’t if you were solely focused on self-serving goals. The new moon in Capricorn symbolizes your annual fresh start, inviting you to reinvent yourself in a big way. Do you want to change your physical appearance, the way you come across to others or how you approach the world around you? In your dealings with people, are you sending the message you’d like to send? Are they seeing the real you? This is a great chance to transform your PR and your look. After that, both Venus and the sun leave Cap and head into your resources house, telling you to shift your focus from who you are to what you have and what you desire. Money and possessions move up on your priority list for the next few weeks, as you clarify what’s most valuable to you.



January 20–February 18

The power that lies within you can propel you forward on your path to success, thanks to Jupiter in your ambition angle making music with Pluto in your subconscious angle. Your confidence in what you can accomplish is mixing with deep forces in your psyche. We often bury parts of ourselves that we consider ugly, but reintegrating those bits makes us stronger. In the words of Bob Marley, “The stone that the builder refuse will always be the head cornerstone.” Striving to make your mark in the world will be emotionally cathartic, and conversely, healing what ails your soul will empower you to take your rightful place at the table. This week’s new moon encourages you to begin a new spiritual practice, seek closure (possibly with a relationship) and commit to recharging your battery periodically so you can keep pursuing your goals. You may need to adjust your thought process or modus operandi, as they’re out of sync now. Flashes of insight can help you tweak your actions. With Venus and the sun sailing into Aquarius, your charisma and vitality are on an upswing for the next several weeks. You’re normally oriented towards groups, friends and humanity, but this is your time to stand out as an individual. Focus on who you are and what you want to draw into your life. The law of attraction is on your side, so someone new may fall for you—or your partner may be reminded why you’re so irresistible. Enjoy your birthday season to the fullest, and happy solar return!



February 19–March 20

Jupiter’s harmony with Pluto in your hopes-and-humanity sector is testimony to the fact that faith can move mountains. Your belief in a cause and dedication to truth and justice can make a difference in the lives of others. You don’t need to fight the good fight alone; there is tremendous power in people banding together. Join forces with those who share a similar vision and are determined to create change in the world. You’re on a mission to become a more enlightened being, and as you grow, your connections with friends, peers and colleagues will shift and deepen. This transit encourages you to share what you’re learning, so that the transformation you’re engendering will extend beyond yourself. This week’s new moon also falls in your hopes-and-humanity sector, coaxing you to join an organization; make a new friend (or renew a friendship); embrace new experiences with people you care about; set your sights on a new item on your bucket list; and launch a philanthropic endeavor. Mercury’s vibe with Neptune in Pisces makes for smooth communication with groups. Compassion and imagination are emphasized, and you may feel like you’re able to read people’s minds. As Venus and the sun sneak into your subliminal corner, your appetite for socializing is bound to wane in the month that follows. Your year is winding down, and it’s time to rest and reflect. Don’t feel guilty about saying no to large gatherings in favor of hibernating or spending quality time with someone special.



March 21–April 19

The support you get from outside resources (think loans, grants, tax refunds, inheritance, your mate’s assets) can help sustain you as you struggle to build or shift your career path. Partnerships will fuel your success, so don’t assume you have to take on the world all by yourself just because you love your independence. Jupiter’s presence in your depth-and-sharing zone highlights the benefits of having someone to lean on and learn from, but it also encourages you to try to understand your own complexities so you can tap into your full potential and operate at your best. Your own psychological growth will empower you to translate your passion into a vocation. This week’s new moon lands in your ambition angle, indicating that it’s time to set new goals, embark on a fresh chapter in your career, launch a PR effort or seek out a different public or professional role for yourself. The moon is clashing with Uranus in Aries, tempting you to rebel against taking this next logical step. And your ruler, Mars, is also at odds with Uranus, so you could balk at collaboration momentarily and dart off in your own direction. If you need some autonomy or breathing room, say so without pulling a disappearing act. Once Venus and the sun show up in your network house, you’ll start to become more interested in circulating and spending time with friends instead of focusing so much on getting ahead. You’ll thrive on being around people and working together, so again, make a point of connecting with others and teaming up.



April 20–May 20

One-on-one relationships are your bread and butter while Jupiter soars through your interpersonal angle for most of 2018. And with the planet of largesse linking arms with Pluto in your expansion corner this week, sharing your experiences with other individuals will make them immeasurably more powerful. You can learn more about yourself, another person and the world around you when you pair up and explore together. You might travel or take a class with someone wonderful — or meet a potential mate while doing so. Or a significant relationship might be the exciting new ground you’re breaking; for instance, you could take a leap of faith and commit to a partner. It’s the perfect time to join forces in order to change something in the world, so whether you attend a march with your best friend or launch a charitable effort with your significant other, two will be stronger than one. Simply getting out of your routine in tandem will boost a close connection, making trips and other adventures as part of a dynamic duo high priority. Plus the new moon is rising in your expansion corner, prompting you to broaden your horizons and your mind. This lunation doesn’t want you to stick to the tried and true. It wants you to break out of your safe cocoon and spread your wings. After Venus and the sun climb to the pinnacle of your chart, a chunk of your attention will turn to proving what you’re capable of achieving; making a good impression in your profession or in public; and getting along well with higher-ups.



May 21–June 20

If you’re putting loads of work into a close relationship, an intensive passion project or an effort to heal and change, it’s bound to pay off, due to a Jupiter-Pluto confab this week. Those of you who are scattering your energy would benefit from channeling it into one of the above or focusing on a particular challenge you feel strongly about. A good work ethic, combined with determination and concentration will yield impressive results. Don’t try to gain power over others; work with a higher purpose in mind. The new moon hints that a new intimate relationship might be on the horizon, or you might grow closer to someone with whom you’re already involved. You could also tap a fresh outside resource such as a grant or loan or commit to healing an emotional wound. It may be time for you to recover from a loss or crisis and move on with your life, and this lunation favors deep psychological transformation. Your ruling planet is also in that house and gelling with Neptune now, giving you the go-ahead to talk to your significant other about where things are headed or ask someone for the support you need to achieve your dreams. And with Venus and the sun heading out of that house and into your expansion corner, a tonal shift is about to happen. Your mood will lighten, and you’ll be more interested in branching out than zeroing in. Instead of focusing on one person or project, everyone and everything that feels new and different will be appealing and give you life.



June 21–July 22

Since Jupiter in your joy sector is joining forces with Pluto in your one-on-one angle this week, being your authentic self and being open about how you feel can make a big difference in a relationship. It takes courage to express who you are without apology. Believe in what you have to offer, and share your uniqueness with others. You might form a creative or romantic partnership or snag a powerful contact, catching their eye with your confidence. Love with an open heart, and don’t hide your true desires. Your pursuit of personal fulfillment and happiness can lead you to form new connections and deepen existing ones. The new moon echoes this theme, alluding to a new partnership or new level of commitment in a current one unfolding over the course of the next several months. With unpredictable Uranus hassling the moon and Mars, you might be a bit anxious over where things are headed, so don’t fixate on a particular outcome. Faith plays a big role this week! Venus and the sun are transitioning from your one-on-one angle to your depth-and-sharing zone, whetting your appetite for closeness and getting you to focus your passion more intently on individuals and endeavors you care a lot about. Some of your attention may turn inward toward psychological matters, and you’ll feel more in touch with the hidden side of life. Anything superficial or obvious won’t be enough for you; you’ll want to delve into relationships and issues that have substance and layers.



July 23–August 22

You can accomplish an enormous amount around the house this week, due to a collaboration between Jupiter in your domestic angle and Pluto in your efficiency corner, so you might want to ask your boss if you can work from home. Or you could opt to tackle a big home-improvement project such as a renovation. The part of your chart that Jupiter is in also rules your security and emotions, meaning it’s quite possible that underlying confidence will fuel you to be very productive in the outside world. And if you’re feeling supported by your family and in your home life, you’ll have extra wind in your sails to go out and take care of business. This planetary pairing can link emotional and physical wellness, too, encouraging you to take equally good care of your psyche and your body. A new moon in your efficiency corner invites you to begin an exercise regimen, launch a job search, learn a skill, switch up your schedule, organize your workspace, take on a different duty or improve your diet. With erratic Uranus battling the moon, you’ll probably get off-track at some point, but don’t worry about slip-ups. Jump right back on the wagon! After Venus and the sun cross your one-on-one angle, you’ll be less focused on plowing through your to-do list and more interested in connecting with other individuals. You’ll feed off their energy and should have an easy time seeing eye-to-eye. If you’ve had a conflict with someone, look for opportunities to make peace in the next few weeks.



August 23–September 22

Keep an open mind when it comes to love and happiness because Jupiter in your thoughts house is gelling with Pluto in your fulfillment zone this week. A positive attitude and interest in mingling with a wide range of people may result in a powerful bond. And rising above old thought patterns and preconceived notions can generate an experience that changes you. Be willing to give foreign ideas a chance, as you might learn something that enriches your creativity or resonates deeply with you. An honest dialogue can bring about meaningful change in a romantic relationship, so speak your truth. Community improvement, travel, learning and siblings could act as a conduit to personal satisfaction or a love connection. The new moon reinforces the premise that new love, fresh creativity or a different source of happiness is in the pipeline. It’s time to take a gamble so you can start getting more out of life. If you fall for someone now, chances are you won’t be able to gauge the depth and staying power of the relationship, thanks to Uranus fighting with the moon. So don’t put too much emphasis on what you want another person to offer. For now, enjoy feeling your feelings! Venus and the sun are gliding into your efficiency corner, where they’ll be hanging out for the next few weeks. This phase brings more work and less play, persuading you to put your nose to the grindstone and get tons done. Don’t worry: You’ll have the energy to do your work and the ability to get along smoothly with colleagues.



September 23–October 22

This week’s big Jupiter-Pluto summit can help you maximize your resources and improve your security. You might hit on an idea for a new source of income that allows you to work from home. Or you might be working on your home and acquire a lot of what you need to transform your space. It’s also possible that you’ll spend a sizeable amount of money to change your living situation for the better, perhaps even becoming a first-time homeowner. Your financial security and emotional security are linked by this planetary pairing, and you might notice how feeling more confident and self-reliant is helping you to cut the cord that binds you to childhood and step into your power. With the new moon also activating the base of your chart, the suggestion of a change in your living situation is repeated. Consider what you can do to make yourself feel safer and more secure, more comfortable in your space — and in your own skin. Making personal changes can shake up your relationships a bit, as people have to adjust to a new you. But that’s not a bad thing! After your ruling planet and the sun cruise into your joy sector, you’ll be less tempted to stay in and more motivated to go out and have a good time. Dating, creativity and fun are all favored, as this is a period for showing off your individuality, expressing what’s inside you, living life to the fullest and experiencing love and happiness.


October 23–November 21

Jupiter in Scorpio syncs with Pluto this week, enabling you to broaden your horizons and deepen your understanding. Profound perceptions can lead to personal growth, and you may be inspired to share what you’re learning. Or you might be inspired to better your community and lead by example. You’ll feel more self-assured about confronting problems and having weighty conversations. The exciting personal growth process you’re undergoing this year is dovetailing with the slow evolution of your mindset. Travel will offer a change of perspective, but if you can’t manage to get away, you can still expand your awareness by taking more chances and having new experiences. By testing the limits of your identity and finding out who you can be in the world, you can gain rich insights and transform your old thought patterns. Continue to seek knowledge and meaning, but recognize that no one has all the answers. Always leave room for mystery! This week’s new moon coaxes you to embrace your role as a student of life and let curiosity lead you down fresh paths. New info may come to light, or a development involving your neighborhood or sibling may be imminent. Be prepared to think on your feet, since the moon is quibbling with disruptive Uranus. Mars in Scorpio is also battling Uranus, calling for you to tweak your actions in response to a change in scheduling, your health or other everyday circumstances. When Venus and the sun dip down to your foundation angle, the pleasures of home and family begin to take precedence, and you may need more time alone and more self-care.



November 22–December 21

Your ruling planet is in cahoots with Pluto this week, alluding to the idea that your honesty, empathy and tolerance will shape your values and priorities. Your spiritual beliefs and personal ethics can subtly guide you to rethink what’s most important to you; use your resources differently; change the way you earn money; and transform your attitude about material possessions and requirements. You might make a generous sacrifice, donate money to charity and do something for the good of others that also ends up making you feel good about yourself. You’ll have an easier time accepting a loss or ending now and will feel ready to let go and move on. Surrendering to the fact that you can’t control everything offers a certain sense of freedom. If you can make peace with the chaotic, ever-changing nature of life, you’ll worry less about holding onto what you think you need. This week’s new moon in your worth house implies that a new source of income could be around the corner, or you might opt to create a budget, reorganize belongings and dream up different routes to self-sufficiency. With Venus and the sun moving into your thinking-and-talking zone, you’ll be in the mood to get in touch with people, express your affection, share your ideas, stay busy in your community (and perhaps beautify it) and enjoy pleasant, lively interactions. You might take a short trip in the coming month or make a point of exploring your local area and appreciating what it has to offer.

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Good horoscope for me this week! I guess it’s the perfect time I try something new. ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Love it! Thanks :)