Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of January 22–28

Your weekly insight and inspiration for the week ahead, courtesy of Tracy Allen…


January 20–February 18

Listen to your intuition this week; it won’t steer you wrong, thanks to a Mercury-Pluto meetup in your subliminal corner. Your inklings and dreams are likely to contain potent messages, so follow the trail of crumbs. But it might be best to keep your thoughts to yourself for now, probing your psyche rather than engaging with people. Merc’s link with Jupiter signals that you should also follow your on-point instincts when dealing with higher-ups. You might not say much, but you can choose your words wisely. Plus this is the perfect transit for quiet contemplation of your goals. When Mercury and Uranus clash later in the week, you’re less apt to say the right thing, so don’t let nervous energy get the best of you. You don’t want to blurt out half-baked ideas or make hasty agreements. Take note of mental flashes rather than verbalizing them. After Mars enters your network zone, teamwork will be the name of the game for the next couple of months. You can still pursue your own goals, but you’ll be most successful when collaborating with others who are headed in the same direction. Look for common ground between your personal agenda and group interests, and find people you can work well with.



February 19–March 20

When Mercury and Pluto come together in your network zone this week, you might meet a powerful contact or make a group presentation that leaves a strong impression. It’s also a good time for a deep convo with a friend, but be careful if you’re talking about people because your words could touch a nerve. You or someone in your circle may speak with a lot of force, and feelings might be hurt. Then Merc’s skirmish with Uranus later in the week hints at a possible disagreement or indecision over money, belongings or values. Don’t go there! Mercury’s connection with Jupiter favors taking the high road, maintaining mutual respect and being honest. You can learn from people during this planetary pairing, and you also might travel with a group. As Mars climbs to your ambition angle, you’re gearing up for seven weeks of working hard to achieve your goals. Operate independently if at all possible, since Mars likes to be its own boss and isn’t a big fan of teamwork. Throw yourself into projects that matter to you and do your best to play by the rules.



March 21–April 19

A Mercury-Pluto summit in your achievement angle could help you get through to an authority figure this week, so weigh your words and then speak with conviction. If you meet with resistance, don’t get into a power struggle. It’s best to state your case and leave the ball in their court. Mercury’s battle with Uranus in Aries may tempt you to break the rules and go against conventional thinking, but you don’t want to annoy the wrong person. Your impatience is natural; your mind is moving at warp speed, and light bulbs may be going off left and right. Don’t rush into any decisions. Keep track of your brilliant ideas. You can always act on them later. Mercury and Jupiter are in cahoots, which should help you talk over goals with someone close to you or investigate something career-related so you can figure out how to proceed. Your ruler’s arrival in your expansion house sets you up for seven weeks of broadening your horizons. You might travel more than usual or make a concerted effort to break out of your daily routine and have adventurous experiences. This is a period for proactive learning and growth, so don’t stick to the same old same old!



April 20–May 20

With Mercury and Pluto aligned in your exploration house this week, you won’t have much trouble putting the pieces of the puzzle together and discovering layers of meaning. You’re not satisfied with easy answers now. On the contrary, you may find yourself contemplating life’s biggest questions and formulating profound personal philosophies. If you need to sell others on your ideas, your powers of persuasion are formidable. Just watch out for Merc’s tussle with Uranus later in the week, which could trigger a subconscious impulse to say something out of left field that provokes people. Edit yourself, and keep an eye on your hidden rebellious streak. Mercury is cooperating with Jupiter, making one-on-one communication super educational and inspiring. Look for a chance to talk to someone outside your world who can open the door to their own. This is the perfect transit for an uplifting exchange of views and beliefs. Mars is setting up camp in your depth-and-sharing zone for a seven-week stay, during which time an avid libido and intense encounters will be par for the course. In addition to pursuing intimacy, you could dive into psychological self-examination, a passion project or an investigation with laser focus.



May 21–June 20

Your ruling planet’s link with Pluto could produce psychological insights or enable you to get to the root of an issue this week. Your mind isn’t skipping from one thing to the next; it’s penetrating into deep (and possibly dark) truths. You might uncover a secret, lie or betrayal. Be careful what you divulge and to whom. An intense dialogue with someone close to you can prove transformative, so connect with a person you can trust. Focus intently on something or someone worthwhile, but avoid obsessive thinking. A Mercury-Uranus spat ups the risk of sharing confidentialities with people who can’t be relied on to keep them in the vault. Or you might feel like you’re casting pearls to swine, sharing something deeply personal with someone who doesn’t respond the way you expected. Take a cue from Merc’s alliance with Jupiter and make sure you’re speaking with a clear purpose in mind and sincerely aiming to make things better, not just stir the pot. After Mars crosses your one-on-one angle, partnership becomes your best strategy, so don’t insist on going it alone in the next couple of months. It’s an opportune period for airing grievances and working out differences. A caveat: Sidestep unnecessary conflicts and choose your battles!



June 21–July 22

An intense dialogue could be on the agenda this week, with Mercury and Pluto tangoing in your interpersonal angle. This pairing allows you to penetrate to the heart of a matter, but it can also be associated with painfully strong words. You have a lot of influence over someone close to you; however, they can also have a powerful effect on you. Don’t let your sensitivity veer into defensiveness if a conversation is straddling the line between productive and destructive. Nudge it toward productive by listening for the core truth that someone is trying to convey. Merc’s discord with Uranus later in the week will make it difficult to agree on goals, so don’t assume you can end up on the same page. The outcome is TBD at this point. Avoid overreacting to unpredictability, and apply creative thinking instead. Mercury is in sync with Jupiter in your joy sector, reminding you to keep your sense of humor and look for the silver lining. Find opportunities to inject conversations with fun, affection and honest emotion. Once Mars charges into your efficiency corner, you’ll segue from playing hard to working hard and will be able to accomplish a ton in the next several weeks!



July 23–August 22

Direct your considerable mental energy toward a useful and challenging project when Mercury lines up with Pluto in your productivity corner this week. Your thoroughness, attention to detail and problem-solving skills will be unparalleled. But you could cross the line into perfectionism and hurtful criticism if you’re not careful, so reel it in if you’re obsessing! Remember that perfect is the enemy of good. A Mercury-Uranus dustup implies your mind is bound to wander at some point, and you could have an urge to get away. Or maybe someone will throw a wrench in the works, creating a little chaos and getting you to think on your feet. Pause before you speak, since this transit can also trigger provocative, opinionated outbursts. Merc is operating in tandem with Jupiter, so you might apply your analytical abilities to improving your emotional security, living situation or a family issue. With Mars showing up in your joy sector for a seven-week stay, the pursuit of love and happiness becomes all-important. You want what you want and are willing to go out on a limb to get it now. Revel in being yourself, expressing your creativity and your feelings and playing to your heart’s content.



August 23–September 22

You might feel inextricably drawn to someone you’re talking to when Mercury aligns with Pluto this week. Lighthearted flirting won’t be enough; you want deep, maybe even ultra-personal, dialogue with someone who can handle it. Whether you’re in a serious relationship, dating or hanging with friends, superficial banter isn’t going to cut it. You could also dip into your well of creativity and dream up something big. A heart-to-heart gets the green light, so bare your soul to a trustworthy confidant if the spirit moves you. A Mercury-Uranus run-in suggests what you’re getting back from another individual is uncertain. Your feelings might run deeper than someone else’s, and jealousy could flare up. The unpredictability of a person or relationship might make you nervous, but don’t try to gain the upper hand. Feeding your need for control isn’t the answer. Honesty, directness and non-judgment will serve you well. Keep the lines of communication (and your mind!) open. With Mars entering your foundation angle, you may work from home or work on your home in the next several weeks. Compulsive behavior or pointless arguments could become a problem if you’re irritable and don’t recognize it. Pay attention to your moods, and take action to make yourself feel more settled and secure.



September 23–October 22

This week’s Mercury-Pluto rendezvous takes place at the base of your chart, nudging you to delve into your innermost thoughts and feelings. If you carve out time and space for reflection, you might get to the bottom of something that’s bothering you; share secrets with someone close to you; solve a mystery in your past; or process emotions and memories, gaining profound self-knowledge. Digging into private — and possibly painful — feelings may not be easy, but it will be cathartic. When Mercury clashes with Uranus in your one-on-one angle, however, a loose cannon could upset your equilibrium, and if you get into a bad mood, rash words may follow. Hold your tongue if you can, even if you’re right. Merc’s harmony with Jupiter encourages you to focus on improving your self-worth and financial security, so redirect your attention to building up your belief in yourself and becoming more self-reliant. When you don’t need others as much, it takes some pressure off relationships. The concept of “You complete me” is intrinsically problematic, especially for other-oriented Libras! The arrival of Mars in your thinking-and-talking zone prompts you to be more assertive and direct in your communication and advocate for your ideas over the next couple of months.


October 23–November 21

When Mercury joins forces with your ruler this week, your words will carry a lot of weight. You might have a heavy conversation with a neighbor or sibling or give an issue concerning them serious thought. Avoid gossiping and using loaded language. Just because nothing gets past you doesn’t mean you need to use the ammunition! Fall back on your trademark loyalty and privacy, and don’t say anything that will wound or manipulate. Use your powers for good by grappling with deep matters and resolving troubling questions. A Mercury-Uranus scuffle calls for you to remain flexible because people may change their minds, circumstances can turn on a dime and nothing seems completely certain suddenly. Be ready to go to Plan B — or just wait a day and mull your options. Luckily, Merc is vibing with Jupiter in Scorpio, enabling you to take the long view and remain optimistic. You can think about next steps rather than obsessing over temporary challenges. Plus it’s a great transit for learning and negotiating. Once Mars rolls into your worth house, you’ll spend the next several weeks actively dealing with finances and possessions. Resist impulse splurges, and do what you can to shore up your bottom line.



November 22–December 21

A Mercury-Pluto summit in your resources zone empowers you to drill down to the core of a money matter, come up with a substantive financial strategy and grasp the deeper meaning of your attitude toward income, assets, material possessions and budgeting. Security is on your mind, and you could be a master negotiator under this influence, particularly if you’re careful not to divulge too much. Mercury’s disagreement with Uranus hints at an impulse to have risky fun, splurge on something that promises pleasure or stray from your values. Don’t let someone make you question what’s best for you. Set your own priorities, but leave a bit of wiggle room for spontaneous play. Merc is completely in agreement with your ruling planet, coaxing you to trust your instincts and be true to your highest ethics and values. Once Mars enters Sagittarius for a seven-week tour, you’ll be a force to reckon with! You’re your own best advocate during this transit and can go after what you want no holds barred. Dial it down if you realize you’re coming on strong, and try to find ways of operating independently. Focus on your own agenda without trying to get anyone else onboard.



December 22–January 19

A Mercury-Pluto meetup in Sagittarius this week gives you the superpower of reading between the lines, seeing through people and putting clues together to solve any mystery you come across. Your knack for espionage will be impressive, but you can also move others around like chess pieces if you let yourself get carried away with Pluto’s penchant for manipulation. Opt to use your influence for an honorable reason. Channel intense mental vigor into making a weighty decision, resolving an important question or plotting a transformation. When Merc clashes with Uranus, your family or home life can bring a sudden disruption. Avoid taking the bait. Your underlying mood could be the problem, in which case you might just need a break to clear your head. Mercury-Jupiter harmony suggests feedback from friends or peers will be encouraging, and turning your attention to a new goal will keep your spirits up. After Mars dives into the low-key last house of your chart for a seven-week retreat, content yourself with working behind the scenes and wrapping up old business without expecting a round of applause. You might get irritated with this humbling phase and fall into a regressive behavior pattern. Keep an eye on subconscious motives and confront any buried anger.

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Lead image by Lauren Engel.


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Thank you for the horoscopes! ❤️ I held back on my decisions today, just like my horoscopes said I should!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Trudee Lunden
4 years ago

Tracy has the wrong week because Mercury & Pluto don’t meet until Feb. 28!

Trudee Lunden
4 years ago

p.s. my apologies Tracy – I’m reading this for an old week! Duh!