Lady Business Botanical Oil Proves Below-The-Belt Skincare Is Beauty’s New Frontier

Lady Suite founder Therese Clark causes a stir with her first intimate skin care launch…

Leave it to a femme-powered brand to take one more step toward lifting the taboo on personal care — and this time, you can file the results with your favorite clean beauty essentials. “Like so many of us, I loved facial oils to help retain a healthy glow — I thought, why can’t I use these on intimate skin?” shares Therese Clark as we discuss the “ah hah moment” that set Lady Suite into motion, her Cali-based brand that just debuted Lady Business, a chicly packaged combination of natural and certified organic botanical oils designed to beautify your most overlooked complexion.

“I use it on my face as well and love the results.”

A former makeup artist and product developer, Clark has helped build natural brands like Vapour and Joanna Vargas as a partner in Crème Collective, a pioneer in the clean beauty space created by her BFF Leilah Mundt. With the full support of Mundt, she decided to develop a staple that was missing in the market. After a round of successful sessions of Brazilian bikini laser hair removal, Clark realized that being fully exposed was both “freeing… and not freeing,” as delicate skin can lose vibrancy in tone, become thinner, more irritable, and show hyperpigmentation with age. “I wanted to put the same love I do into the skin on my face into the skin on my lady parts,” she explains of her logic behind keeping the line tightly edited to one hero launch for the moment, since “at first ask, it’s a lot for women to do a few products down there.”

Lady Business’s refreshingly straight-forward ingredient list, which is free of harmful elements like parabens, phthalates, artificial colorants and fragrances, silicones, sulfates, and carcinogens, takes the guesswork out for a health-focused, label-scrutinizing generation. And with power players like organic jojoba seed oil to support elasticity and suppleness, antioxidant-rich meadow foam and carrot seed oils to help firm and tone thanks to vitamins C and E, and soothing tamanu oil for youthful cell regeneration, the pretty pink formula can be applied below and above the belt. “I use it on my face as well as and love the results,” Clark divulges — who notes that even boyfriends can benefit from the tincture. “My husband is a fan, too — he’s been testing it on his own face post-shave! He’s seen less redness in his skin, a softer feel, and fewer fine lines and wrinkles.”

Aside from its multipurpose manipulations, Lady Business’s scent, “a combination of cedarwood and orange oils that have tested safe for this area,” and hue, a punchy watermelon created naturally by the recipe’s flowers, roots, and herbs, are a hit amongst fans — as well as within its own founder’s new routine. “Just getting into an intimate skin care ritual, like I have for the last two years, has been amazing. I feel strong, and more attuned to my health — and my intimate skin is glowing,” Clark shares of her personal strides toward what a well-balanced beauty regimen might look like in the future.

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Ugh, I’d love to try out Lady Suite’s products. They sound so lush! ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Love this!

3 years ago

This product does sounds amazing! I’d love to try it as well!

Tahliah Fuller
3 years ago

I am so unimpressed. Special oil for the vagina? How about just keeping it clean and if needed waxed or shaved? Any other purported claims about empowering potions is bullshit.

3 years ago

This is ridiculous, this is why you don’t get laser hair removel there. The reason your skin is irritated and thinning is because hair protects the delicate skin. Things also change down there as you age, hair can cover all of those signs of aging.