Let’s Move with Eve Lynn Kessner & 5 of Her Best Yoga Poses

Lead instructor during our Denver Let’s Move event on 1/18, Eve Kessner shares with us all things moving — namely, her passion and motivation.

Tell us how your relationship with SoulCycle began.

My sister dragged me to SoulCycle 6 years ago. I was not a fan of cardio At All! But, in the interest of supporting, I tagged along. Within the first few minutes I knew I was hooked. The music, the energy, the dark, the loud — it cocooned me in a weird way. And, for the first time in a long time, I felt like myself, and not just a mom. From that first time I became a regular and about a year later I auditioned. I’m currently a Senior Instructor, 4 years into it and loving each and every class. Last summer I studied with Laughing Lotus in NYC and received my 200-hr training in yoga. Now I teach a class called Fundamental Flows at the new SoulAnnex and am feeling so alive in all of the new.

What food could you never live without?

Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups AND my two amazing baby girls (who are no longer babiesssssssssssss — not talking about it). ;)

Go-to beauty tip?

Never leave the house without my Bare35 face oil (#dewy) and a coat of waterproof mascara. Ever.

Song that would make the best soundtrack to your life:

“Moment for Life” by Nicki Minaj (aka my spirit animal).

Bare35. We’ll soon be carrying your line on freepeople.com. Can you share some insight on what this collection looks like?

Bare35 was born out of the need for a pure and simple product post work out. It’s organic and the teeniest bit shimmery and the perfect thing for after a sweat sesh. With so many of my friends breaking out due to their routines being interrupted by boutique workouts through the day, I mixed something up that healed me. So I shared it. And they loved it. So they bullied me into selling it. It’s equal parts floral, and spicy, and citrusy. Easy to pack in your bag. And good for morning, post-workout, or night use.

What does the act of “moving together” mean to you?

This is SO on brand for me. In class I often say: TOGETHER STRONG. There is a power in moving with the room. An energetic flow that connects us spiritually, not competitively. I love teaching groups for this exact reason. When we sync up, we thrive! When we lift each other we rise.

What can our Let’s Move guests expect to learn during your Denver event?

How to move together. How to breathe together. How to deflate together. When the person next to you turns it up a notch, so do you. When they breathe slower, so do you. Another thing I often say in class is: Don’t look for inspiration, be inspirational. There is a power in knowing that you have the capacity to motivate others and in turn they move you.

What did you last dream?

I only dream when I’m pregnant. Grateful to not be dreaming right now. ;)

If you could have one wish granted, what would it be and why?

An extra 5 hours in the day. I thrive functioning at my highest, vibing with big energy, but often I go to sleep feeling that there was more to be done despite how fast I move. Extra hours would allow for more of that amazingness that is this vibrant life.

Can’t make it to a Let’s Move event, or simply want to work out with Eve at home? Try this 5 step at-home series and keep #MovingTogether… 


Down dog plank roll out. Starting in a dog, roll forward to a plank. Hold for 1. Pull back to a dog. Roll back to a plank then hold for 2. Pull back to a dog. Keep going til 10. Then move from 10 to 20 to 30 to 40 to 50 to 60. 

Chair crunches. Sitting talk in a chair with a high back or against a wall, pull your spine flush to the back of the chair. Glue your belly button to your spine; then, from your tightest point, squeeze deeper to crunch. Repeat x100. 


Navasana roll out. From a boat pose with bent knees, stretch long then back to navasana. 10 reps x3.

Baby, puppy, melon squats. Grab your baby, puppy, kitten, or like a melon, Buddha, anything with weight and start squatting! Long spine. Straight up and down with the weight/babe/buddy held between your legs. Engage your core to stay stable. x15 then x10 then x5.


Pigeon, Netflix & chill. Netflix, your fave! Set yourself up in a pigeon pose. And chillllllllll. 

Animations by Tori Press.


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I love the illustrations. And I gotta agree with Eve – Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are the absolute best. ❤️❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Love it!

4 years ago

These illustrations are sooooo adorable!

4 years ago

I too love the illustrations! I love the pigeon and chill idea. I used to do that, or similar stay-in poses in front of the TV all of the timee! I need to get back into that.

3 years ago

No 2 and 3 are the best in my opinion.