5 Ways to Be Your Own Valentine

Valentine’s Day serves as a reminder to love more. That is a holiday I can get behind. The focus seems to be primarily on romance but, for me, V Day is all about taking care of ourselves first and then opening our arms and hearts to our people.

This post comes from dear friend Nina Endrst.

Some of us love it – live for it, even — and others dislike it with a fiery passion. Honestly, my feelings lie somewhere in between. Years ago, I would have gone on about the gross commercialism of Valentine’s Day and insisted that love should be the focus every day. While I stand firm in my belief that that true love doesn’t come to us in the form of chocolate and roses, I’ve decided to reframe my thinking and now, Valentine’s Day serves as a reminder to love more. That is a holiday I can get behind. The focus seems to be primarily on romance but, for me, V-Day is all about taking care of ourselves first, and then opening our arms and hearts to our people. Practicing self care and respect is an act of love that benefits not only your mind, body, and soul, but the hearts of everyone in your immediate circle and beyond. That is the ultimate gift.

Here are a few ways to show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day;

Travel! Take a solo weekend getaway or enlist some of your best friends.

Traveling is a great way to care for yourself and gain some perspective at the same time. I find that a break in my routine is often exactly what I need to ground and refresh. Take a solo trip somewhere, a quick drive to a sweet inn with little to no cell service, a weekend yoga retreat out in nature. If you have the time and resources, plan a longer getaway with some of your friends to a health conscious destination – one where you can unwind and reconnect with each other.

Circle up with your girls and talk it out.

My friends and I love a good wine night, but in the name of self care – think about circling up in a more conscious way. Invite your peeps over for a semi private yoga class followed by a nourishing meal and chat. I used to co-host a yoga breakfast on Sundays — it was not only relaxing but full of love and great conversation. If you are looking to expand your horizons and meet new people, ask your friends to bring someone you don’t know and make your circle even bigger!

Start a home practice.

I encourage all my clients/friends to start a home practice. Having a safe and sacred space to drop in regularly can provide a lot of peace in our daily lives. Find a quiet nook, put your mat down and just move your body. My go-to poses when I need to calm and soothe my nervous system and rest my bones: bridge pose, supported fish and legs up the wall. If yoga isn’t your thing, try sitting quietly and meditating or turning up the music and dancing your heart out. All good for your heart and soul.

Bodywork – move the energy around, up and out.

I love acupuncture and attribute a lot of my healing to this practice. I also make a point to get massages regularly. Bodywork may seem luxurious but, in fact, it is vital for our overall health and well being, a great way to move energy that is stagnant. If you can splurge once in a while – do it! Or try making your coffee at home for a few weeks and save your cash. “I really regret getting that massage,” said no one ever.

Write – what do you wish for? Say it out loud – use your voice!

Journaling is so cathartic, it’s also, in my experience a very powerful way to call in and attract what you want in life. I use my journal to work through my feelings and take some of the weight off my shoulders. I also write and then read aloud affirmations, intentions and goals here. Try to clear some of the clutter in your mind and ask for what really fills your heart up. For example; if you are ready for a relationship – write a list of what you want that partnership to look like. Keep it grounded, for example; honest, loving, respectful, strong foundation built on trust. The same goes for career, friendships, spiritual goals. You are not a bystander in your life, you have the power to co- create with the universe. Give yourself permission to step into that and attract abundance.

Lead image by Jasmine Fitzwilliam.

Visit Nina’s website here.


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It’s so important to show yourself love on Valentine’s Day (well, any day, for that matter) no matter whether you’re attached or not. These are great ideas to celebrate the day of lurrrrve! ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

I think we often forget to show ourselves love on the day when it’s all about that. Love these tips and I hope more women get behind the movement of redefining what V-Day is about.

Kayla | Charcoal + Silk

5 years ago

Such a great post, love it!



5 years ago

Love this!