Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of February 5–11

Find out what the universe has prepared for you this week…


January 20–February 18

There won’t be a dull moment when Venus in Aquarius vibes with your ruling planet in your communication corner, livening up your interactions and maybe even bringing someone new into your life. Jump on a chance to express a different side of yourself or enjoy an impromptu outing. You’re interested in people who stimulate your mind and get you to see things differently, and that may lead you to hang out with some colorful characters. Going with the flow and seeing where life takes you will be more exciting than sticking to routine plans. After Venus sails into your worth zone, financial opportunities could come your way, but your tastes might become a bit extravagant and send you on a spending spree. The sun in your sign is prodding Jupiter, motivating you to make a name for yourself. You have the drive to chase after huge goals and could achieve something significant if you’re careful not to fly too high. Heed the example of Icarus, and draw the fine line between confidence and hubris.



February 19–March 20

Your trademark compassion could inspire a spontaneous sacrifice when Venus in your spirit sector harmonizes with Uranus in your worth zone. Making clever use of your resources in order to help others can help you feel good about yourself in turn. Later in the week, Venus segues into Pisces, sending your magnetism through the roof. Not only will you be in a sociable mood, but people will gravitate to you like moths to a flame. You’re exuding warmth and charm during this transit and probably looking your best as well. The sun is still tucked away in your retreat corner, though, so part of you needs peace and quiet. And it’s sparring with Jupiter at the moment, pitting an inclination to rest and reflect against the impetus to broaden your horizons. Don’t judge your track record. Self-awareness should be a means for growing and learning, not a stick to beat yourself up with! Let your understanding of the past enhance your perspective and inform your vision of the future.



March 21–April 19

Venus in your network house syncs up with Uranus in Aries this week, coaxing you to be yourself around others. Fun with friends and other social group activities like a professional networking event are favored, and you’re very open to meeting new people now. Once Venus slips into your spirit-and-solitude corner, you’ll be more inclined to enjoy your own company or spend private time with someone close to you. You might take care of a loved one or put someone’s desires before your own during this transit, but try to resist the temptation to “save” someone if it should arise. Friction between the sun and Jupiter suggests you may want to play a bigger role in someone’s life, or you could be pushing to get more from a particular individual. Try to understand their point of view and accept that sharing is rarely exactly 50-50. Cooperative relationships are mutually beneficial under this transit, as long as you don’t goad anyone to deliver more than they’re willing and able to.



April 20–May 20

This week’s confab between your ruling planet and Uranus lures you to bring out a hidden side of yourself in order to come across well in public or in your profession. You can do your best creative work and impress people in positions of power if you tap into your unconventional streak. The part of you that secretly wants to shake things up can be an asset now! When Venus segues into your network sector, you’ll become much more interested in hanging out with your friends than dazzling higher-ups. Your friendly mood makes February a good month for all kinds of group activities, so get out and circulate. The sun’s run-in with Jupiter may funnel your ambition into a relationship and possibly cause you to push for progress. Any imbalance between you and another person is apt to become apparent. Make sure you’re not being domineering; it’s important to maintain mutual respect. And don’t get caught up in on how a relationship looks to the outside world! What matters is how it feels between you.



May 21–June 20

You might enjoy an impromptu adventure with your squad this week when Venus in your exploration corner gels with Uranus in your group house. Take advantage of any opportunity to spend time with people who are different from you because you could easily make new friends and might develop new interests through everyone you’re meeting. After Venus climbs to your ambition angle, you’ll be more focused on polishing your public image and making a good impression on authority figures like your boss. You might do more creative work in your career or be drawn to someone who can guide you on your path. The sun is at odds with Jupiter in your productivity sector, so you may overextend yourself by trying to pack in new experiences and broaden your horizons so quickly that you can’t keep up. Rein it in if you’re taking on more than you can handle and life is veering from exciting to overwhelming. Prioritize by choosing projects that either teach you something or benefit others.



June 21–July 22

Thanks to Venus’s harmony with Uranus in your achievement angle, a creative collaboration might make a difference in your career. Or you may feel supported by another person and somehow change the image you present to the world. If you’re in a serious relationship, your bond could take a leap forward and make you feel closer. Once Venus dances into your expansion sector, the appeal of difference grows and you’ll probably prefer interactions with a range of new people rather than intense one-on-one time with someone you already know. The sun’s scuffle with Jupiter could build up your enthusiasm for a love affair to the point where you’re hoping for more than you’re getting. Or you might feel torn between committing to one person and keeping your options open. Be truthful about your feelings, give a relationship time to grow — and give people the freedom to grow. All of this may play out internally, in which case you’ll be motivated to courageously show your whole personality and share what’s inside you.



July 23–August 22

You’re enjoying the company of other individuals while Venus tours your one-on-one angle, and her hookup with Uranus invites you to liven things up further by sharing an unplanned trip or another exciting exploit. This pairing also favors meeting someone new and different, possibly while traveling. Even if you’re hanging with someone you already know, they may enlighten you in some way. A few days later, Venus sashays into your depth-and-sharing zone, increasing your craving for closeness. A romantic relationship could get more intense, and other important relationships can deepen as well. Your ruler is mixing it up with Jupiter, luring you to want a more secure connection with someone. You might talk about meeting each other’s families or moving in together, or a particular relationship may go against longstanding beliefs or family expectations. You’re interested in putting down new roots, and whether you’re single or coupled, you could be turning to another person to help you do that. There’s also a good chance someone is inspiring your generosity and confidence and helping you grow emotionally.



August 23–September 22

Venus’s meetup with Uranus this week encourages you to make work more fun by pairing up with another person and maybe even trying things their way. If you’re aiming to improve a certain relationship, you might have a bit of a breakthrough now, especially if you realize something about yourself. After Venus crosses your one-on-one angle, you’ll be in an extra agreeable mood and won’t have any trouble compromising and showing affection. The sun’s tension with Jupiter could affect your productivity, as it’s possible you’re biting off more than you can chew. You’re motivated to accomplish a lot, but your positive attitude can cause you to get ahead of yourself. Don’t overcommit if you’re worried you can’t deliver. Be willing to learn on the job, prioritizing tasks that can teach you something. Keep an open mind about the “right” way of getting things done. You might travel for work, make new professional contacts or just have a very busy day juggling responsibilities and social interactions.



September 23–October 22

Your ruler’s rendezvous with Uranus ups the potential for fun, romance and creative collaboration this week. An attraction to someone completely unexpected could spark, or you may enjoy hanging out with someone who strikes you as quirky and different. Later in the week, Venus enters your efficiency corner, helping you get along well with coworkers, enjoy your everyday interactions and maybe do some creative work. It’s a good month to beautify your workspace if it could use a makeover. The sun in your joy sector is crossing swords with Jupiter in your worth zone, suggesting that your desire to enjoy life to the fullest could lead you to splurge on something. Or you might get a confidence boost from a creative endeavor, a romantic relationship or sharing your true self with others and feeling loved. It’s also possible that children, creativity or a heartfelt pursuit will motivate you to bring in more money or will lead to an increase in your income. This transit is likely to make you want more and more of what makes you happy.


October 23–November 21

You might take time off from work to enjoy the pleasures of home when Venus and Uranus click in your domesticity and productivity houses this week. Or you could redecorate your space in an innovative way that helps you be more efficient. A few days later, Venus waltzes into your joy sector, and you’ll start to feel like getting out and having fun. Romance might be in the air this month, or you might set aside more time for hobbies and creative pursuits. With the sun is hiding out at the bottom of your chart and challenging Jupiter in Scorpio, you may feel torn between staying in your comfort zone and taking risks — or between spending quiet time alone and being more gregarious. Your attention could be split between the past and the future, making it difficult for you to be present in the moment. You’re in touch with your emotions but need to resist wallowing in them. Use your mood as motivation for growth. Don’t dwell on your backstory; learn lessons from it and move on with confidence.



November 22–December 21

A positive Venus-Uranus encounter could generate the same for you this week. Your interactions will be pleasant and warm, and you might be attracted to someone new. Spontaneous fun with a companion is highly favored, and neighbors or siblings could be involved. A few days later, Venus dips down to the base of your chart, putting you in the mood for nesting. You may decide to do a lot of cooking or baking, throw a party, spend time with your family or roomies or redecorate as the month unfolds. Friction between the sun and your ruling planet can lead you to say more than you meant to. A lack of boundaries may be an issue, but you’ll learn a lot from your conversations, and your spirituality and self-awareness in particular may be enhanced. Someone you talk to could inspire a generous sacrifice or remind you that we’re all connected. This is a useful transit for studying metaphysics, but you’re very impressionable now, so make a point of filtering info.



December 22–January 19

A spontaneous purchase for your home should work out well this week, due to Venus in your worth house meshing with Uranus in your domestic angle. Your tastes might suddenly change under this influence, but you can rely on your instincts. Once Venus moves into your thinking-and-talking corner, you’ll be less interested in what you have and need and more interested in who and what you know. You’re likely to enjoy spending time out and about in your neighborhood and appreciating bits of beauty in your environment. Your encounters with people will generally be pleasant and rather lighthearted. In the meantime, the sun is sparring with Jupiter in your network sector, which could pit your finances, possessions and values against what’s best for others. If you’re identifying too strongly with what you own or what’s most important to you, this transit can be difficult. But if you confidently assess what you have to offer and take pride in your contribution, you can be quite benevolent and generous with people now.

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I hope I am truly going to meet new people this week. My horoscope sounds great! ✨

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