Wellness Encyclopedia: Benefits of Kiwifruit + DIY Kiwi Face Mask

Boasting insane amounts of vitamin C and other nutrients, kiwis are as much a beauty food as they are a colorful addition to your lunch.

I have a theory. There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who love kiwis… and those who are completely turned off by their puzzling, fuzzy exteriors.

(How can a fruit be so fluffy?!)

I’ve noticed that kiwis inspire reactions similar to that of cilantro. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em… or wish-you-could-love-them-but-what’s-up-with-the-fur?

Personally, I fall into the “I think they’re delicious” camp, though I haven’t quite gotten over the fact that you can eat the skin (weird). Thing is, these cute fruits (that – shocker – aren’t actually fruits at all) are way more than their looks. Boasting insane amounts of vitamin C and other nutrients, kiwis are as much a beauty food as they are a colorful addition to your lunch. Kiwis are a welcome sight this time of year, when seasonal fruits have run their course and our winter skin is the farthest thing from ‘dewy’ – kiwis can be a savior for body and spirit. Ready to become a kiwi person?

What the heck is a “kiwifruit”?

Here in the States we know them simply as “kiwis”, but to New Zealand and Australia, they’re kiwifruits (and to some, they’re known as Chinese gooseberries).

And forget the whole ‘fruit’ part — though they might be called ‘kiwifruit’, kiwis are actually a berry. Native to China, kiwi’s cultivation eventually spread to New Zealand and, eventually, Europe, Italy, France, Greece and Chile. Fun fact: kiwis have only been widely available in the states since the 60s, when they were imported from New Zealand. Though many kiwifruit species exist in a variety of colors and sizes, it’s the Actinidia deliciosa cultivar that’s most well-known (the fuzzy, brown variety with the lime green center you see in grocery stores).

Benefits of kiwi?

Though they’re small, kiwifruit packs a punch when it comes to nutrition and benefits. The next time you’re feeling under the weather, you might want to reach for a kiwi instead of citrus: Kiwis are an excellent source of vitamin C, containing more of the important antioxidant than oranges – 3x more. Vitamin C isn’t the only antioxidant present in the fruit, they also contain high levels of vitamin E (and it should be noted that vitamins C and E are both excellent for skin). Additionally, polysaccharides present in kiwifruit may double the production of collagen in the body, helping to fight the signs of aging and improve skin health and making kiwi a fantastic addition to your internal beauty routine.

So… how do I use them?

First and foremost, we all need to get over our fear of eating the skin (or maybe it’s just me…). Eating the skin of kiwifruit not only reduces needless food waste, but also nearly triples the amount of fibre present in the fruit (which is good for gut health and digestion). Just be sure to give ‘em a scrub before you eat them. Along with adding them to salads, healthy desserts, and eating them plain, kiwis can also be added to your beauty routine. Check out the mask below, then share your own favorite ways of using kiwifruit in the comments!


Moisturizing Kiwi Face Mask


½ kiwi, peeled

¼ avocado

1 tbsp plain yogurt


In a small bowl, mash kiwi and avocado together until smooth. Stir in yogurt. Apply to a clean, dry face and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. Follow with your favorite moisturizer.

Note: Those with sensitive skin should do a patch-test with the kiwi beforehand to ensure no reaction.


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I feel so accomplished reading this post, because I’m actually currently snacking on a kiwi! I love the fruit and the slight tartness of it. The next time I see them on discount in the grocery store I’ll be sure to try out the DIY mask recipe! ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

6 years ago

I love kiwi! Great post! x

Mandie Fae
5 years ago

How do you choke down the skin? I tried to eat it once and my mouth felt rubbed raw for a few days!

5 years ago

As u mentioned Kiwi replaces lemon, i mean citrus. I love to have kiwi instead of the lemon juice. Now i try applying it for face as per your suggestion. Thank you..:)

5 years ago

Thank you so much for providing me the information regarding KIWI fruit. Kiwi is one of my favorite fruit and I didn’t now that it was having health benefits too. I had no idea about the contents in it. Thank you so much. Since kiwi will be available during that season I will make face mask also.

5 years ago

Hi again Julie! Kiwi is one of my favorites and I am glad it’s not just an ordinary fruit. I’ve known that it has a lot of good benefits but I’ve never thought it could be used as a facial mask as well. Thanks for sharing this, I am sure a lot would want to try this mask so I shared it to my social page too. I hope you don’t mind.

5 years ago

I miss diy posts personally, they are one of my favorite parts of this blog and i have been checking in weekly sometimed daily for 6 years now. I get that your a store ultimately but over the lasy couple years the blog has increasingly become materialistic and less inspirational. Mostly now jusy promoting product. Again i totally get it but it seemed to have had a good balance in the past.

5 years ago

Wow! I love kiwi! Thanks for this valuable information.

Kiwi is the best fruit one can eat when suffering from viral. Nice post. Keep sharing.