How BEAR Turned Organics, Science, and Single-Serving Supplements Into The Chicest New Health Accessory

Sammy Leetham and Saasha Burns have designed a choose-your-own-adventure series of stylish nutritional boosters…

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As the universal obsession with wellness continues to soar, a new wave of health powders and capsules leaves many wondering where to even start. “The supplement category has always been very confusing for people,” shares Sammy Leetham of he and Saasha Burns’s reasoning for launching BEAR’s Australian-made line of straightforward supplements. Just approaching its first birthday, the cruelty-free, gluten-free, certified organic brand has already garnered a following of notable fans like Alana Hadid, designer Natasha Oakley, and creative director Amanda Shadforth.

The Future of Luxury

For the chic pair, health is the greatest luxury worth your investment. “As a society, we are committed to external beauty and we understand the importance of quality skincare, yet we often undervalue nourishing our bones, muscles and vital organs,” Leetham notes. “Our goal is to build a positive foundation of health through one small, yet significant act of taking a supplement each day.” The brand’s four gender-neutral Daily Vitamins (Protect for immunity, Perform for clarity, Restore for energy and Explore for balance) aim to simplify the process with a mix of tippy-top caliber ingredients and no-nonsense modern science.

It Takes Just One

What’s really different? The term “high quality” is thrown around pretty freely in the wellness space, which inspired BEAR to reach another level of extreme curation for their coveted blends. “We source our special strand of Echinacea Purpurea from a globally certified organic farm in Tibet that harvests at an altitude of 16,000 feet and is surrounded by such pure air that it has been classified as the ‘Third Pole,’” shares Leetham. On top of that, the brand supports WildArk, which protects and preserves natural habitats (and the animals that depend on them), as well as packages products in recycled materials for sustainable production. And aside from doing the planet right, possibly the most notable bonus for each bottle is the ultra-edited serving size. “All of BEAR’s products contain highly therapeutic ingredients to ensure our customers only need to take one tablet each day,” the founders divulge of the superpowered tablets.

Choose Your Own Adventure

With four unique blends meant to support specific lifestyle needs, the BEAR team breaks down the benefits of each tablet:


Designed for people who work in a corporate office environment, students facing high intellectual and cognitive demands, this ingredient mix agrees with those experiencing consistent stress. Vitamin B12 helps support the activity of a healthy nervous system and assists in the production of energy, thanks in part to an extra dose of vitamin C. In traditional Ayurvedic Herbal medicine, Bacopa assists with the symptoms of stress and mild anxiety and has been known to enhance mental performance. A surprising side effect? A number of clients have reported better sleep patterns after committing to this booster.



“Saasha and I have been taking Explore each day… it’s an amazing all-round product and we both haven’t been sick in over a year, even with endless travel,” reveals Leetham of the jet-setting superhero. The ingredient mix contains antioxidant vitamin C to help promote improved immune function and energy production while vitamin E acts as a free radical scavenger. In Western Herbal medicine, rhodiola is used to enhance physical performance and improve stress adaptation.



Meant to alleviate musculoskeletal stress for those with extreme physical demands, are constantly on their feet, or depend on an exceptionally high energy level to perform their day-to-day requirements. Vitamin K2 has been seen to help with development and maintenance of bone health, while Vitamin D supports muscle development and assists with the absorption of calcium. Traditionally used in Chinese Herbal Medicine, Ginkgo’s antioxidant properties are touted for improved circulation and blood flow.



Intended as a preventative measure for anyone suffering from a low immune system, this blend can also act as a reactive measure to assist recovery for those already experiencing cold and flu symptoms. Vitamin A, Echinacea, and a B-vitamin complex help support a healthy immune system (and possible nutritional deficiencies), while Vitamin C can assist in the healing of wounds and contains antioxidant properties that may minimize the risk of cell damage attributed to free radicals in the long run. 


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Love the packaging of the products – very sophisticated looking! ✨

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Nice post! I glad to read your post very informative! Thanks for sharing this post.