Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of March 12–18

See how the stars are aligning this week and what it means for you…


February 19–March 20

Peer pressure could make you insecure this week when Venus in your worth zone has trouble with Saturn in your network sector. Your personal values, desires or finances are at odds with group interests, and if you focus on getting what you want from others — even if it’s just their stamp of approval — you may come up short. Don’t succumb to fears of not having enough and not being enough. If you want something really badly, make getting it for yourself a priority. Thanks to the Pisces sun canoodling with Jupiter, you can bounce right back. Do something you thought you couldn’t do, study a subject you’re interested in, visit a place that stimulates your mind. The key is to get up the courage to explore new possibilities and learn what you’re capable of in the process. In this same vein, the new moon in Pisces represents your annual invitation to reinvent yourself. What fresh start are you itching to make? Will it enable you to manifest your intentions for the coming year? In which areas of life can you challenge yourself to grow? With Mars charging into your humanity house hours later, “Teamwork makes the dream work” should be your motto for the next two months. Be proactive about putting the word out if you’re chasing a new goal. Get bolder in your approach to professional networking. Seek out people who share your ideals or aspirations and collaborate on worthwhile endeavors. It takes a village!



March 21–April 19

With Venus in Aries going up against Saturn in your achievement angle, it can seem like you’re being forced to choose between enjoying life and being responsible. The weight of what you know you should do is smothering what you want to do, and an authority figure might play bad cop, eliciting your dissatisfaction. Whether someone puts the kibosh on your fun or you talk yourself out of it, the buzzkill isn’t the point. You’re meant to stop and consider consequences. Luckily, the sun in your subliminal corner is hooking up with Jupiter, nudging you to keep things low-key. Time alone pondering life can bring an a-ha! moment that helps you understand the way you tick. And if you opt to cozy up to someone special, authenticity and acceptance will allow your bond to flourish. The new moon coaxes you to incorporate a new practice into your daily life that nourishes your spirit. And it can also generate a resolution to move forward in your life and leave something or someone behind you. Mars is reaching the peak of your chart, where he’ll be firing up your ambition for the next two months. Choose projects you’re passionate about, and be your own boss if possible. You might throw yourself into pursuing an existing goal or take on a bigger role at your job with gusto. It’s a fruitful period, but your zeal to get ahead can cause you to step on toes, so be conscious of your effect on others.



April 20–May 20

If you’re giving someone the benefit of the doubt or going one step further and seeing them through rose-colored glasses, Venus’s skirmish with Saturn can force you to take a long, hard look at reality. What you wish were true about this person may not match up with his or her track record. You could also have a strong desire to unwind by yourself, but your education, travel plans or religious beliefs obligate you to be elsewhere. Or maybe you want to indulge in an escapist pleasure, and part of you knows better. Fortunately, a sun-Jupiter confab offers you excellent incentive to get out and see people, because you’re likely to enjoy a particular individual’s company or meet a valuable contact. With this planetary map, being totally yourself in a group setting can help you connect with a potential friend or mate who will enrich your life. Plus this week’s new moon falls in your network sector, giving you a nudge to expand your circle, join an organization, make a new friend or launch a collaborative effort that benefits others, such as a GoFundMe campaign. After Mars blazes into your exploration sector, you’ll be motivated to go out on a limb to have exciting learning experiences. You might fight for a cause, take off on a trip, sign up for a workshop or embark on an entrepreneurial venture. Whatever you do, remember you’re not meant to play it safe in the next couple of months.



May 21–June 20

When Venus in your network sector gets into a scuffle with Saturn, you may be torn between playing the field and committing to one person. Or your duty to an individual (particularly a significant other) could cut into your social life now. If you’re having a good time with a group, you might want to blame one person for dragging you down. But it’s more productive to look at your own fear, mistrust or control issues. You could be tapping the brakes for subconscious reasons. Since the sun is playing nice with Jupiter in your efficiency corner, a positive work ethic will reflect very well on you. You’re able to find meaning in what you’re doing and you’re open to seizing the opportunities that come your way. Both of these assets will help you catch the attention of your superiors. Take pride in a job well done — and you’ll end up looking even better than if you’d focused solely on self-promotion. A new moon in your ambition angle encourages you to set new goals, embark on a fresh chapter in your career or set off in a different direction in life. Once Mars enters your depth-and-sharing house for a two-month tour, you could plunge into an investigation of sorts, a joint venture or a passion project. Anything you do is likely to have your full attention, so choose wisely. Your libido can also heat up during this period, and you won’t hesitate to make the first move!



June 21–July 22

Your ideal five-year plan and that of your partner may not mesh when Venus in your ambition angle clashes with Saturn in your one-on-one zone, and a discussion could cool things off between you. If that’s the case, it’s better to find out now that you don’t share the same relationship goals. You might be focused on your aspirations and polishing your public image or winning your boss’s favor, but a commitment to someone threatens to cramp your style. Regardless of your situation, avoid trying to wield authority to get what you want. The sun in your expansion corner is in cahoots with Jupiter in your joy sector, pushing you to rise above humdrum concerns, get out into the world and try new things. Put yourself in unfamiliar settings to shift your perspective. Express your creativity in a bold, new way. Taking a trip now can bring great personal pleasure and also enhance your love life, so get out of town if you can! This transit invites you to learn about yourself, become more conscious of the world around you and grow as a person — all in one fell swoop. The new moon underscores the need to bring out your adventurous streak (even cautious Crabs have one!) and take a leap of faith. If it helps, adopt a mantra that makes you feel courageous. With Mars crossing your partnership angle for a two-month stay, it’s time to recruit a partner to do things with, be proactive about airing grievances and make a point of fighting fair.



July 23–August 22

The appeal of experiencing a bigger slice of the world through a range of people, cultural experiences and travel is undeniable, thanks to Venus’s presence in your exploration sector. But her struggle with Saturn suggests your workload will curtail such pleasures early in the week. You can still have fun if you manage your day well. Saturn wants you to take care of business first, but you’re allowed time off for good behavior! The sun is in sync with Jupiter at the base of your chart, so something as simple as cocooning with your s.o. or dedicating a few hours to self-care will replenish your energy reserves and put you in a great mood. Getting close to someone or getting in touch with your innermost feelings will be intense in a good way. As a new moon hits your sharing-and-depth zone, look for a relationship to heat up in the next six months or a fresh outside resource such as a loan or grant to manifest. You might also turn an emotional corner and move on from a recent loss or crisis, because this lunation can have a transformative effect on your psyche. The arrival of Mars in your efficiency corner indicates you’re in for two months of serious productivity, so tackle your to-do list and your inbox, log some overtime at the office and take the bull by the horns when it comes to improving your health. You should also squeeze in challenging workouts on the regular to offload the stress of this nose-to-the-grindstone period.



August 23–September 22

Sex and romance won’t blend smoothly when Venus in your intimacy zone spars with Saturn in your love-and-happiness house. If you’re in a relationship, one of you could be taking it more seriously than the other. Or you may crave closeness but fear opening your heart. Although this planetary pattern might bring the cold shoulder, it’s more about respecting yourself enough to evaluate whether you’re truly in sync with this person and getting what you want from the relationship. Single? You could have intense feelings and keep yourself from expressing them. Step back from the dating game and ask yourself what you want out of a relationship. With the sun and Jupiter joining forces, communication is everything. You have a great shot at getting on the same page with someone and being seen for who you really are, but you need to open your mind and your mouth. You’ll draw energy from other individuals, and connecting with them will inspire and inform you. The new moon alludes to a partnership coming down the pike in the next six months, or you could take an existing one to the next level. This lunation can also signify relating to people in a different way and shifting your dynamic so you play a different role. After Mars changes signs at week’s end, you’ll be motivated to go after what you want and actively contribute your unique talents to the world. Show off your creativity, ask out your crush or make time for fun with your squad in the next two months.



September 23–October 22

Your ruler’s dustup with Saturn implies private fears, domestic obligations, emotional baggage or a family issue can impair a romantic connection or your rapport with others early in the week. So if you run into relationship trouble, search within yourself or close to home for the root cause. Your bonds are ultra important to you, but don’t sweep your feelings under the rug and pretend everything’s fine. Process what’s going on inside you, and hold off on trying to explain where you’re coming from. Since the sun is gelling with Jupiter in your worth house, your hard work is due to pay off! Staying humble enough to do whatever is needed can earn you more notice (and money) than tooting your own horn. Plus directing your energy toward accomplishing tasks will make you feel good about yourself. Tap into your full array of talents to get the job done. The new moon in your productivity corner lures you to initiate a positive habit, learn a new skill, start a different diet or exercise regimen, launch a job search, streamline your schedule or try a fresh approach to a problem. As Mars descends to the base of your chart, working from home or working on your home will make a lot of sense in the next couple of months. You might feel irritable and get into silly quarrels without understanding why, particularly at home or with your mother. But if you stop to figure out what’s eating at you and fix it, you can sidestep unnecessary strife.


October 23–November 21

When Venus and Saturn go at it this week, you may find you’re helping someone a little too much and it’s time to set limits. Or maybe you’re being critical and think you’re doing it out of love — but feelings are apt to get hurt. If you’re dealing with practical matters as a couple or working on the relationship itself, your cool head will be useful, but avoid veering into pessimism. Thanks to a joyous encounter between the sun and Jupiter, expressing your individuality and your feelings will inject you with a freeing sense of life’s possibilities. Get out and have fun, be yourself around people, show off your creative side, go on a date, spend time with loved ones doing what makes you happy. Personal fulfillment can snowball into a new lease on life, so make pleasure a priority! The new moon in your love-and-happiness house reiterates that theme and beckons you to pick up a different hobby, be ready for a love affair to bloom in the next six months, sink your teeth into a new creative project or explore a fresh avenue of self-expression. With your co-ruler, Mars, showing up in your thinking-and-talking corner for a two-month visit, you won’t have much trouble speaking your mind and selling your ideas. Your brain and everyday interactions will benefit from an extra jolt of energy, and you’ll be motivated to reach out to people and learn. But you could take on an impudent tone, so be careful not to browbeat anyone.



November 22–December 21

Friction between Venus and Saturn could squelch romance if insecurity rears its ugly head early in the week. Or you might have a particular pleasure in mind and have to temper your desires due to budget constraints. A crush could become a lot less fun if you question whether it’s really worth it in the long run. Consider this a yellow light that compels you to slow your roll rather than going for it. Luckily, the sun is in sync with your ruling planet, upping the appeal of chilling at home and relishing peace and quiet. You might turn your bathroom into a spa and indulge in soothing treatments; commune with your couch and peruse your Netflix queue; or unwind in your meditation corner and test drive an app like 10% Happier. And you could also make use of a tool like psychotherapy or a dream journal to get in touch with your emotions and understand yourself better. The new moon in your foundation angle nudges you to actively increase your comfort level and improve your living situation—and anything from a different mattress to a different roomie could be the ticket to domestic bliss. In the six months that follow, you might redecorate, move or renovate. After Mars cruises into your worth zone, impulse spending could become a problem, so keep your itchy trigger finger away from the Buy Now button if you’re on a tight budget. Instead, channel that energy into hustling for new sources of income and dealing with your possessions.



December 22–January 19

When Venus in your foundation angle feuds with Saturn in Capricorn, you might put a damper on your own good mood or keep people at arm’s length and end up feeling isolated. If you get grumpy, relax your standards a smidge and remind yourself everyone’s only human. You’re caught between a rock and a hard place, feeling super sensitive yet reluctant to open up and share. Rest assured you’re not the only one who’s struggling! Thankfully, the sun is in cahoots with Jupiter in your network sector, coaxing you to connect with a group. You’ll benefit from feeling like you’re part of something beyond yourself, and that experience will go a long way toward restoring your perspective. Reach out to others who share your ideals, aspirations or interests, and aim to learn everything you can from them. This is a useful transit for widening your circle and making fortuitous contacts. With a new moon rising in your thinking-and-talking corner, it’s time to follow your curiosity where it leads. Initiate conversations, gather info, connect with neighbors and siblings, promote your ideas and become more active in your community. Once Mars sets up camp in your sign at week’s end for a two-month stay, you’ll have a full head of steam for going hard on goals. Focus on executing your personal agenda and don’t worry about getting anyone else on board because inadvertent overkill could alienate them. You’re driven to advance your own interests and maybe prove something in the process — and with Mars on your side, it’s gonna happen!



January 20–February 18

A Venus-Saturn squabble could cast a dark cloud over you (and pretty much everyone else!) early in the week, but don’t let it linger. You want to be nice and think the best of people, but something negative is brewing in the back of your head. Or maybe negative feelings like guilt, self-doubt or regret are preventing you from exuding kindness and soaking up the warmth in your interactions. Don’t paste a smile on your face if you’re not feeling it. If a person or situation is bringing you down, recognize it’s probably not all bad, even though you may be perfectly justified in seeing what’s wrong. Since the sun is convening with Jupiter, you’ll have a chance to use what you have going for you to reach an aspiration. Put your talents on display, work your contacts, dial up your confidence and use all the assets at your disposal to make progress. The new moon wants you to create a budget, open up a new stream of income and get your possessions and priorities in order. After Mars ducks into the last house of your chart, where he’ll be hibernating for the next two months, your best bet is to quietly work behind the scenes without holding for applause. Wrap up old business, putting on the finishing touches. Watch for an old self-sabotaging behavior pattern to pop up and nip it in the bud. You may need to process some repressed anger so you can hit the ground running with a clear head in a couple of months.

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Thank you for this week’s horoscope! Looks like I have to keep this low key!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Love this!