Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of March 19–25

Heads up! Mercury will be retrograde from March 22 to April 15. Prepare yourself for the week ahead…


March 21–April 19

The sun soars into Aries this week, giving you a timely shot of adrenaline and officially launching your birthday season. With nearly half the planets travelling through your sign, you’re chomping at the bit. This can be a really enjoyable and productive period, but you should know that Mercury will be retrograde from March 22 to April 15, clouding your judgment and making it harder to express yourself clearly. Hold off on big decisions, and roll with the punches if you’re misunderstood. Venus’s discord with Pluto in your ambition angle could mean your social life is competing with your career for your attention. Or perhaps an authority figure or the slow shift in your life direction will mess with your good mood. The sun is also at odds with Mars in your ambition angle, so you’re driven to achieve your goals — maybe a little too driven. Convince yourself to slow down and navigate more methodically through established channels, or you might get into an unwarranted dispute. And try not to take anything personally. Your energy is great, but the world may not meet you halfway this week. Focus on yourself and what you want from the year ahead. Happy solar return!



April 20–May 20

Mercury’s meet-up with Venus in your subliminal corner enlivens your imagination, so find time and space for a burst of creativity. With the sun sneaking into that part of your chart, you’re ready to retreat from the world and reflect on the past year in preparation for your birthday season. You’re probably not feeling very energetic or social and shouldn’t feel guilty about saying no to socializing and yes to your bed. After Mercury goes off the grid (March 22–April 15), you may feel like you’re in a fog. Don’t force anything. Why not give social media a rest and turn your attention to memories, buried emotions, dreams, spirituality and the like? Since this is such an internal period, you’re not functioning at your best in the outside world. Venus and the sun are squabbling with planets in your exploration zone, so part of you might be dwelling on the past while part of you is looking to the future. Subconscious energy could also provoke you to state your beliefs quite strongly or perhaps do the wrong thing for the right reasons. Tuning into what’s going on deep inside can keep you from getting yourself into hot water.



May 21–June 20

Your ruling planet aligns with Venus this week and then goes into backspin mode a few days later. So you may be in a social groove one minute and feeling out of sync with people the next. The sun’s arrival in your humanity zone brings even more energy to your social life, inspiring you to see friends, collaborate with your peers and maybe do some professional networking. Although Mercury retrograde is a notorious nuisance (and FYI, this one lasts from March 22 to April 15), you can use this time to reconnect with old friends, acquaintances and contacts. Steer clear of gossip, back up all your devices and postpone buying any kind of technology. Give some thought to the circle of people in your life. Are you bringing out the best in each other? With Venus and the sun going up against Pluto and Mars in your depth-and-sharing house, friendship and sex don’t mix well, and the issue of casual versus committed could come up again. Resist the urge to coerce or manipulate; attempting to get the upper hand can make matters worse. The atmosphere is already heated, and you want to avoid throwing gasoline on the fire.



June 21–July 22

As the sun ascends to the peak of your chart — joining several planets there — your ambition is stoked even higher. You’re already focused on achieving goals and making a good impression, and now you’ll have the life force to shine brightly. Since Mercury is retrograde from March 22 until April 15, you won’t be able to articulate your objectives as coherently as you’d like or craft foolproof plans for accomplishing them, and communication with higher-ups like your boss can be a minefield. This is an opportune time to reevaluate your career path and revise your aspirations so they’re relevant to the person you are today. Are you aiming for something you’ve lost your passion for? If so, now’s your chance to look at different options. Planets in your ambition angle continue to spar with planets in your relationship house, so your significant other may not appear to be cheering for your success or you might be locked in battle with a nemesis. Competition can be invigorating, but if you feel like someone’s working against you — or they’re hoping you’ll pay less attention to work and more to them — conflict could erupt. Disengage for a day if you have to.



July 23–August 22

The key for Lions continues to be exploring everything new and different, as your ruling planet sails into your expansion house — where Mercury, Venus and Uranus are already hanging. The sky’s the limit, and staying out of your comfort zone will keep your hopes high. Your optimism propels you to take risks, but Mercury’s U-turn warns you to look before you leap. The thinking-and-talking planet is backtracking from March 22 to April 15, and differences of opinion are to be expected. You could get into debates where neither side understands the other’s POV and end up overstating your case. Make an effort to filter your thoughts and edit your words during this tricky period. Your expansion house happens to rule travel, and delays and detours are par for the course during Mercury retrograde, so practice patience. Since Venus and the sun are clashing with planets in your productivity corner, practical concerns and pressure to get stuff done could curtail your enjoyment of new experiences. Plus, your strong opinions can generate friction on the job or your enthusiasm may cause you to get ahead of yourself. Take your ego out of the equation and consider a variety of approaches.



August 23–September 22

Soon after Mercury and Venus hook up in your depth-and-sharing zone, the sun arrives, bringing even more focus to your emotional wellbeing, a close relationship and joint resources. You’re tuning into private feelings, and a powerful connection with someone could compel you to delve into the complexities of merging your life with that of another person. Shining a light on hidden corners of your psyche will enable you to understand yourself — a prerequisite for positive change. With your ruler going off the grid March 22–April 15, you’ll be highly introspective. But don’t try to explain yourself during this period; stick with plumbing your depths for nuggets of truth. If you start obsessing over an ex, know that rekindling the flame won’t be without complications, especially since Venus and the sun are at war with Pluto and Mars in your romance house. Jealousy, mistrust, control and possessiveness could become issues, and maybe not for the first time. Whether you’re attracted to someone new or familiar, the spark is likely to be intense — and potentially explosive. It’s a good opportunity to ponder your relationship patterns and the role that chemistry plays in them. Are you drawn to a particular type? Drill down for the deeper reasons.



September 23–October 22

A Mercury-Venus rendezvous makes it easy to talk about relationship issues and might inspire you to put your feelings for someone into words. And after the sun crosses your one-on-one angle, most of your attention will be on your connections with other individuals. As much as you’re inclined to devote your energy to the VIPs in your life, Mercury’s retrograde phase from March 22 to April 15 can gum up the works. This period is best suited to reviewing your relationships and the agreements you have with other people — both spoken and unspoken. It may be time to renegotiate terms or revisit a problem. If you find yourself rehashing an old argument and talking at cross-purposes, table the discussion until clearer heads prevail in late April. Jumping to conclusions and overreacting is tempting, but give people the benefit of the doubt because Merc retro is famous for causing misunderstandings. With Venus and the sun squaring off with Pluto and Mars, your turbulent mood, family or home life can disrupt a key relationship. You value niceness, but ignoring a not-so-nice emotion or situation won’t make it disappear; it will only enable it to do damage. Face what feels ugly or intense, and you’ll thank yourself later.


October 23–November 21

After the sun shows up in your daily-grind corner, you’ll have even more energy to take care of business. Forget about instant gratification for the time being. Tackle your to-do list with gusto and be proud of what you’re able to accomplish. Strive to make your everyday life run like a well-oiled machine, and make your health and fitness higher priorities. With Mercury shifting into reverse gear starting on March 22, you may get stressed out over details and miss the salient points for a few weeks. Crossed wires on the job can cause headaches, so read the fine print and edit anything you send out. You can turn this into a fruitful period by revising your work, doing research, relearning a skill and getting back in touch with an old colleague. It’s also possible that reapplying for a job now will pay off after Mercury resumes forward motion on April 15. Since Venus and the sun are at war with Pluto and Mars (your co-ruling planets) in your communication sector, you need to be especially careful with your words. These planetary battles might tempt you to make decisions that are difficult to walk back, so it’s probably best to talk yourself down for now.



November 22–December 21

With the sun marching into your fulfillment sector, that makes a grand total of four planets giving you the go-ahead to enjoy life. They want you to be yourself, put your creativity on display, share your joie de vivre, get out and have some fun and embrace romance. Even though you’re meant to take more chances for the sake of love and happiness, since Mercury will be retrograde between March 22 and April 15, there’s no such thing as a sure bet. You might hook up with an ex and regret it later or get your wires crossed with a current crush. Luckily, this is a good time for rereading something for pleasure or revising a piece of creative writing. And if you take a lighthearted approach to reconnecting with an ex, you might end up pleasantly surprised. Keeping your expectations low and your sense of humor at the ready is a good approach to Mercury’s backspin. Venus and the sun are battling planets in your worth house, so your impetus to do as you please may not align neatly with your finances, values, resources or priorities, and the resulting friction could throw you off your game. Resist the impulse to force the issue, and wait for a better time.



December 22–January 19

When the sun ducks into your foundation angle this week, that’s your cue to dial down your ambition and turn your full attention to home, family and feelings. Does your living situation provide sufficient comfort? Are you at peace where you live? Do you nurture yourself as much as you should? Do you feel safe and secure in your home? Who feels like family to you? Do you carve out time for reflection and self-care? Are you in touch with your underlying emotions and tuned into your private thoughts? Now’s the time to address such questions. With Mercury going off the grid from March 22 until April 15, you could become quite nostalgic and might have to ride out miscommunication with a parent or housemate. A childhood issue could reemerge, and resolving it in therapy may be the way to go. Tempted to redecorate? Postpone major decisions and purchases until mid April. Venus and the sun are needling planets in Capricorn, so you may feel provoked by a relative or roomie but should avoid taking the bait or it will be like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. A challenging workout or passion project will help you blow off steam.



January 20–February 18

Thanks to a throng of planets gathering in your thinking-and-talking corner, you’re feeling chatty, full of ideas and extra social. The sun’s arrival there revs up the pace of your thoughts and everyday interactions even further and encourages you to put a lot of yourself into your conversations. But you should also make a point of being a good listener because you stand to learn plenty in the coming weeks. However, with Mercury going retrograde in this part of your chart, even careful listening may not be enough to avert miscommunication. Proofread everything before you hit send. Be mindful of how you speak to siblings, neighbors and people you cross paths with in your daily routine. Spend time rereading and rewriting. Relearn something you’ve gotten rusty on. Ask questions to verify info. And be patient if getting around town becomes an ordeal. Venus and the sun are out of sync with Pluto and Mars in your subliminal zone, so charged-up emotions you’re not dealing with can influence your encounters and might make you seem like you have a chip on your shoulder. Carve out more alone time if you need to decompress, and face the less-than-pleasant stuff churning inside you.



February 19–March 20

Your mind is on what you want, and you’re able to communicate your desires to others, with Mercury and Venus coalescing early in the week. The sun’s arrival in your resources house pulls even more of your attention to what you have and what you need. This planetary position invites you to examine your relationship with your possessions and to get your priorities more in line with what’s truly most valuable to you. Get down to brass tacks and figure out how to make the most of everything you have going for you. Once Mercury begins its three-week backspin in that house (March 22–April 15), your financial judgment won’t be entirely sound, so unless you’re rolling in dough, you should probably stifle the urge to splurge. It’s a good time to review your budget and make tweaks or sort through your belongings and declutter. Postpone financial negotiations until the second half of April, and be prepared for money mixups like a late direct deposit. Since Venus and the sun are sparring with planets in your network sector, you may still have trouble aligning your priorities with group interests. Like last week, try not to let the immediacy of your needs propel you to push your agenda on others.

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Looks like I’m going to need to slow down – suits me just fine! Thanks for this week’s horoscpes!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Wow, I feel I really missed so much thing, amazing post!

4 years ago

Hi my dear,
thank you so much for this great post! I just visited to read my daily horoscope. And your weekly horoscope really helped me to understand some connections and incidents!
I can’t wait for next weeks post!
Have a great weekend.
Yours, Jenny