Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of March 26–April 1

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March 21–April 19

When Venus and Uranus get together in Aries, an urge for independence or change can lead you to shake up a relationship or seek out new people to keep life interesting. Your desire to avoid stale routine is natural, but if you do something rash like tossing a keeper because of FOMO, you might regret it down the road. To liven things up, try doing new things with your s.o. if you’re in a happy relationship. And if you’re looking for love, thinking outside the box is your best bet. The sun in your sign is challenging Saturn in your ambition angle, which could make you feel restricted by rules, a system, a boss or your career. You just want to be yourself and not have to do everything by the book. It might seem like you’re not progressing professionally and someone or something is blocking your path. But what if that’s not the case? You can flip this negative energy around by honing it into some form of self-discipline. The full moon in your one-on-one zone can test a partnership, pushing it to the next level or bringing it to a close. Emotions are running high, and you should do your best to balance your needs with those of another person. Letting them have the spotlight can restore peace.



April 20–May 20

Your ruler has a rendezvous with Uranus this week, which could cause you to suddenly feel over someone at last. Or you might surprise yourself and do something selfless for a person you care about. This planetary placement also hints at a clandestine affair that you may not see it coming. Despite your love of stability, your subconscious desire for newness is calling the shots, so expect the unexpected! When the sun fights with Saturn, a feeling of being stuck between your past and your future could eat at you if you let it. Part of you wants to drift and see what life brings, while part of you is compelled to work, work, work, learning everything you need to know in order to achieve your goals. A crisis of faith tempts you to give up, and the challenge is to stay on message. Brief retreats from the world will prevent you from veering off-track. With Venus sailing into Taurus, you’ll benefit from a burst of social energy — and when you start feeling more on and attractive, people notice your warm, friendly vibe and want to be around you. A full moon may force you to deal with a work or health matter, and since its theme is making your life run more smoothly, this is your annual excuse to put an end to a bad habit.



May 21–June 20

With gregarious Venus cozying up to free-spirited Uranus in your network house this week, spontaneous fun with friends is in the cards. The same old same old doesn’t appeal to you now (does it ever?), so get out and meet new people or dream up adventures to share with your squad. It will be easy to make fresh professional contacts or strike up a friendship with someone who stimulates you, making it extra important for you to circulate. Say yes to any large gatherings that come up because you’re apt to enjoy yourself more in a crowd than hanging one-on-one. A sun-Saturn skirmish implies you may find intimacy stifling now or feel like someone isn’t coming through for you. Keeping things casual and spending time with your friends probably sounds infinitely easier than maintaining a serious relationship. But maybe there’s a middle ground between lighthearted and hardcore that will enable you to develop a certain side of yourself. The full moon in your joy sector could set off sparks in your love life, turning a crush into a real relationship or bringing an affair to an end. Or you might finish a creative project or do something else you enjoy and draw raves. Find ways to put your feelings and individuality out there—you need a little extra attention now.



June 21–July 22

A Venus-Uranus summit at the top of your chart could bring you unexpected notice, so be prepared to shine. You might cross paths with a potential mentor, if you attend an industry event or take advantage of another networking opportunity. A connection has the power to change your career or boost your reputation now, making it crucial for you to keep a high profile and mingle. With the sun in your ambition angle going at it with Saturn, it may feel like personal obligations or another individual is dulling your sparkle. You’re trying to make your mark in the world, but maybe you also feel like you owe someone your time and energy. Remember that others can teach you something, even if it feels like they’re just testing you. Venus’s arrival in your humanity house will liven up your social life and remind you that you get by with a little help from your friends — so reach out! When a full moon lights up your foundation zone, you might get extra moody (who, you?) and need time by yourself to indulge in the comforts of home. A development in your family or living situation could call for you to juggle your goals and your private life. Don’t ignore what’s going on inside you or in your home life. Do what you need to do to restore balance.



July 23–August 22

A sudden attraction to someone surprising could spice up your life this week, thanks to a close encounter between Venus and Uranus in your exploration corner. If you usually go for a certain type or have a list of criteria you want prospective partners to meet, it’s time to be more adventurous! You might also feel uplifted talking to a person who’s really different from you or experiencing another culture or way of life. You’re craving excitement, so be sure to expose yourself to people, places and ideas outside your everyday realm. When the sun in that corner quarrels with Saturn in your productivity house, you could feel fenced in by daily duties, job responsibilities or physical restrictions and have trouble finding a good compromise between pie-in-the-sky and pessimism. If you yearn to transcend your current reality and explore new possibilities, consider that putting in the necessary work now may be exactly what will get you there. It seems like your options are either escaping or resigning yourself to circumstances, but you have a chance to combine optimism and discipline. The full moon might trigger information overload or a noteworthy development among your siblings or in your neighborhood. You’re being pulled in several directions, so take a breath and process one thing at a time. It seems like you have to decide something pronto, but you probably don’t.



August 23–September 22

You might get close to someone all of a sudden or find you need more personal space in an intimate relationship when Venus and Uranus tango in your sharing sector this week. Sex can be unconventional with this combo, which can translate to hooking up with someone surprising or experimenting in bed. You’re craving change, so if you’re in a committed relationship, spicing things up can keep you from getting a wandering eye. You may also receive support (perhaps financial support) that you weren’t expecting. Since the sun is at odds with Saturn in your love-and-happiness house, you’re apt to feel inhibited about getting naked — literally or figuratively — with another person. You’re a work in progress, as we all are, and maybe you fear you won’t be accepted if you dare to be your authentic self. Self-respect will empower you not to give your heart to just anyone, but don’t take it to the extreme and build a wall around your heart. A full moon in your worth zone tempts you to splurge on things you may want but don’t really need, in order to fill an emotional void. Although retail therapy is common with this lunation, you could also get an influx of cash. Be careful not to infringe on another person’s rights in the process of putting your needs first.



September 23–October 22

A person could take you by surprise when your ruling planet links with zany Uranus in your relationship angle this week. Maybe you’ll run into somebody unexpectedly or enter into an unorthodox partnership. If an individual pulls away from you, give them plenty of breathing room and do your own thing. A disruption in one of your closest bonds is difficult to avoid under this influence, and you should view it as a sign to try something new. Whether it’s a new approach to an existing relationship or a new relationship altogether, you’re due for a shakeup. The sun is locking horns with Saturn, implying that emotional baggage, domestic obligations or private insecurities can prevent you from connecting with others, and you might feel dejected. It can seem like your responsibilities to people are the main issue, but it’s worth asking what you owe to yourself. This week’s full moon lands in your sign, bringing out all the feels and possibly making you feel extra needy. Even though you’re a people pleaser, don’t hesitate to put yourself first now. Ponder what — or whom — you might release from your life so you can grow. Are you maintaining a toxic friendship or a goal you’re no longer passionate about? Let it go! And speaking of release, look for a healthy way to get those over-the-top full-moon emotions out.


October 23–November 21

You might do an impromptu favor for someone you like this week when Venus and Uranus coalesce in your productivity corner. Or creative inspiration could strike, allowing you to do valuable, innovative work. You’re seeking stimulation from your everyday life and might get bored with people who are wedded to doing things a certain way. Be open to working with different individuals and trying various approaches to the tasks at hand. If you can manage to get a lot done without sticking to the same old routine, you’ll be satisfied. Because the sun in that corner is squabbling with Saturn in your cognition-and-communication house, you have the energy to work hard, but your mindset is likely a deterrent. It can be useful to plot how you’ll execute everything that needs to be done, but rigid thinking can keep you from even getting started. Make a plan, but be flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances. The full moon at the end of your chart can represent a spiritual awakening and bring messages in your inklings and dreams. So tune into your subconscious and heed your hunches. Be sure you’re getting enough sleep and alone time to unwind and reflect. Aim for holistic wellness, not only physical health. Your psyche and soul need tending to, just as your body does.



November 22–December 21

With Venus and Uranus canoodling in your fulfillment house this week, you could be in for a surprise in your love life. A romance may ignite out of the blue, or you (or the object of your affection) may feel the need to take a break or even call it quits. Spontaneous fun gets a green light, so say yes to new experiences that come your way. This planetary pairing can also signal a creative breakthrough — good news for Sag writers and artistes of all kinds. Since the sun is hassling Saturn, limited funds or confidence might prevent you from pursuing no-holds-barred pleasure. It’s hard to avoid that wet blanket feeling, but you can turn it to your advantage. Stop to consider how doing as you please in the moment will affect your bottom line. If you bare your soul to someone you hardly know and don’t receive a positive response, will you get down on yourself? Or if you decide on a whim rock climbing is your jam and splurge on a ton of equipment, maybe you’ll realize renting is the way to go until you’ve overcome your fear of heights. The full moon wants you to be around people and balance group interests with your own desires, so get out and circulate. And if a friendship seems untenable, this is the right time to let one go.



December 22–January 19

As Venus and Uranus join forces, a family member or housemate may catch you by surprise. If a relationship is becoming too cozy and familiar, you might find yourself doing something unplanned to liven it up or disrupt it. Indulging in the pleasures of home could bring unexpected joy, and this is an excellent transit for throwing a last-minute party — you’re in the mood for some excitement, but you’re also happy to stay in. With the sun hunkered down at the base of your chart and fighting with Saturn in Capricorn, part of you is content to rest and reflect, but your ambitious side won’t let you off the hook. Watch out for a tendency to be too hard on yourself during this transit. You’re in a sensitive, moody and possibly nostalgic frame of mind. Don’t criticize your emotions or judge your memories. But do let maturity offer its wisdom and put feelings and thoughts of the past in perspective. Do your best to balance your drive to work and your need for TLC. It’s possible to nurture yourself and motivate yourself! The full moon can bring a goal to fruition or spell a turning point in your career. But it might also stir up drama with an authority figure, so mind your Ps and Qs.



January 20–February 18

When Venus meets up with Uranus in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, you might bump into someone you like unexpectedly or enjoy an impromptu interaction with a neighbor or sibling. Creative ideas could strike like a bolt of lightning, and you may want to keep track of them since Uranus is speedy and erratic. Pleasant thoughts will flit through your head, putting you in an upbeat mood. Meeting new people stimulates you, and you’re likely to have super engaging conversations. You might also enjoy a quick trip or opt to explore a part of your neighborhood you’ve never spent time in. Since the sun and Saturn are at odds, the need to finish something could be weighing on your mind and keeping you from feeling present in the moment, and you’ll feel better if you tie up loose ends. Or doubt, melancholy, fear or regret could be lurking in your subconscious, casting a cloud over your speech and your encounters with others. Pausing and editing what you’re going to say will work in your favor, but don’t ruminate on what you’ve already said and judge yourself. A full moon in your expansion zone pushes you to release a personal belief that doesn’t serve your growth, and it can also generate an urge for adventure or a shift in perspective.



February 19–March 20

A Venus-Uranus meeting in your worth house could bring a quick upswing or dip in your bank balance, and you should be prepared to ride out this ripple. Your priorities might suddenly be reshuffled as you change your mind about what’s most important to you. You’re apt to feel an urge to splurge because Uranus has a very rebellious, impulsive nature, and Venus is the planet of desire. So you can imagine when these two get together in a part of your chart that rules material goods, a shopping spree is tough to resist! The sun is also hanging there, and he’s quibbling with Saturn in your network sector, which could pit your personal values against group interests or make you feel inferior to people. Don’t measure your own worth by the standards of others. But do solicit constructive feedback that can help you shore up your security. Your responsibilities in a team effort can seem onerous under this influence, and you might think an affiliation is costing you too much. This isn’t the most fun transit, but it can enable you to figure out what something’s worth to you. The full moon may intensify a close relationship, carrying it to the next level or to a breaking point. Intimacy is bound to be ultra emotional, so if you’re feeling vulnerable, stick to spending time with someone you trust.


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Thank you for the horoscopes, as always! ❤️

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