#Moving Together: Dani Seitz Makes Hoop Dreams Come True

Through her Lady Ballerz program, Dani allows her community the chance to improve their b-ball skills while, most importantly, having a great time doing it. Get to know more about her…

Element you most relate to? Why?

Earth — I am a total spot-on Taurus! Ha ha!

When/where did your love of basketball begin?

My whole family is basically 6ft + above, so it was a given that we all played, even if it was just for fun. At family reunions, if there was a court nearby, you better believe a pick- up game would take place! I just loved how it brought us together and made for a good time!

Top 3 on-the-go beauty tips:

Hydration is #1. Never work out with makeup on. Get those zzz’s!

Any parallels between modeling/playing ball?

YES! We are all around 5’8″ – 6ft tall, so most models I know were kindly “forced” (haha) to play at least up to high school.

Best pep talk you were ever given?

So, this was actually from my soccer days, but I would always incorporate it into my b-ball games. We would lay on the ground while our coach guided us through a meditation, asking us to visualize what we wanted to achieve in our game. It was magic. You would see yourself shooting baskets, making the perfect pass, setting the perfect play. By the time you hit the field or court,  you are so recharged + pumped!

Song that best pumps you up:

Anything Spice Girls… duh.



In New York, you founded the “no-fuss” basketball club, Lady Ballerz. Tell us how this came to be.

I played a lot with Downtown Girls Basketball and loved what Aria McManus was doing for the b-ball community — it was such a light-hearted, relaxed approach to the game. Girls who had never played basketball before would show up. That’s why I wanted to start a practice night, so we could focus on fundamentals and incorporate them into our game. It’s SO much fun watching everyone improve.

What do you love most about Lady Ballerz?

How much joy it brings everyone! I want Lady Ballerz to be a way to restore your youth, just laughing and having a great time with friends.

You also host a YouTube account showcasing your ball-handling skills. What’s on the horizon here?

We are having so much fun with this project! Our next step is to add in a fashion + beauty component but keep them super silly and fun!                                                                                            

Your favorite way of #moving together:

Basketball is number one, but I really just love any recreational activity. Hiking, sports, biking… seriously, anything!


+ Look for Dani in our #Moving Together campaign here!


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So inspiring! Agreed on hydration being so important too! ❤️

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