Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of April 16–22

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March 21–April 19

Your desire to have what you feel you need is quite acute now, thanks to Venus in your resources house encountering Jupiter in your sharing sector and Pluto in your ambition angle. Your hard work is apt to pay off financially, but if you’re pinning your hopes on getting what you want from an outside source or a partner, this might be the time to dial down your expectations and concentrate on your own ability to take care of yourself. The sun and Uranus are holding their annual summit in your sign, shining a spotlight on your independence. You might have an urge to shoot off in a different direction or show a different side of your personality. Getting out of your routine is the minimum recommended daily allowance that will feed your appetite for rebellion, but more meaningful liberation can provide longer-term sustenance. So try to identify what kind of freedom you’re craving and seek it out. Once the sun leaves Aries, more of your attention will turn to shoring up your security and gaining a greater sense of control over what’s most important to you. As Saturn and Pluto shift into reverse for the next five months, the pressure of adulting will ease, but you won’t feel like you’re making a lot of headway. Practice patience while assessing your goals and career path. Make sure you’re not leaving out some key steps in your plans. Rethink any objectives that aren’t completely relevant to the person you are today. Ultimately, these retrogrades are meant to strengthen your resolve to contribute something to the world, and they can prepare you to achieve big things and take on more responsibility. Slow and steady wins the race!



April 20–May 20

Your ruling planet faces off with Jupiter this week, heightening your desire for relationship or causing you to want a lot from a particular person. You might crave closeness with a partner, while he or she needs more space. Or maybe you’ve built someone up too much and need to find out if they can give you what you want. If there’s friction, open, honest dialogue will put things right. Venus’s link with Pluto in your expansion zone highlights a theme of attraction to difference. You might fall hard for someone from far away or far outside your comfort zone. Anything that’s a stretch for you represents a powerful growth opportunity, so don’t play it too safe. However, with Saturn and Pluto turning retrograde, your risks will tend to be extra calculated for a while. Your learning process may become more internalized as you search for answers to life’s big questions, and you might experience a crisis of faith in the next five months. Your belief system has been undergoing a major metamorphosis, and in this next phase, you’ll probably have more success putting the pieces of the puzzle together in your head than you will trying to broaden your horizons in leaps and bounds. You could surprise even yourself with a selfless gesture that benefits others in need when the sun and Uranus meet up in your spirit corner. Other possibilities: A flash of cutting-edge imagination will elicit a burst of creative energy or you’ll free yourself from a trap. Soon after, the sun surges into Taurus, infusing you with vitality and marking the beginning of your birthday season. Time to claim your place in the spotlight, Bulls! Happy solar return!



May 21–June 20

An opposition between Venus in your spirit corner and Jupiter in your productivity zone suggests you have plenty of work to do, but you’d love to ignore your to-do list and indulge in a pleasant escape like a Netflix binge or a yoga retreat. Try to maintain a positive attitude about doing what needs to be done and see if you can juggle duties and downtime to your satisfaction. You might feel moved to do something compassionate that serves a higher purpose than personal pleasure. Venus’s vibe with Pluto alludes to private passion, so you’ll find a way to sneak off and enjoy a sexual encounter or rigorous focus on a project you’re fired up about. With Saturn and Pluto both going off the grid for the next five months in your depth-and-sharing sector, the intensity of a close relationship, passion project, joint venture, financial arrangement, obsession or power struggle is apt to cool off. You can use this time to face the facts of the situation and come to grips with what needs to change. If you’re struggling with strong emotions, don’t avoid them. Big stuff like jealousy, fear, sexuality, trust and control may need to be dealt with so you can transform your psychological wellbeing. As the sun and Uranus align in your network house, you might get the urge to separate yourself from the pack, perhaps to the point of revolting against groupthink. Keep those impulses in check on social media, since a hasty post could be a source of regret later. After the sun segues into your spirit corner, your energy is likely to wane a bit. You’re due to rest and reflect as your solar year draws to a close.



June 21–July 22

This week, Venus and Jupiter go head to head, which could spell over-the-top fun with your squad — although you might need to reconcile a discrepancy between going along with the group and doing as you please. Romantic sparks with a friend are worth pursuing, as a love affair could take off now. Go ahead and play to your heart’s content, but keep in mind there could be a price to pay for over-imbibing! Venus is also in cahoots with Pluto, hinting at a powerful bonding experience. You might feel incredibly fond of a pal, and sexual attraction may factor into these feelings. Couples will enjoy spending time with each other’s crew or being around a lot of people. With Saturn and Pluto beginning to backtrack in your one-on-one angle, the difficult — and sometimes painful — lessons you’re learning about relationships will probably entail fewer external developments and more internal processing. You might pump the brakes if you’ve been heading toward a commitment or finally decide to part ways with someone. Or you could be slowly working through a longstanding problem with a collaborator or settling unfinished business with an ex. Over the spring and summer, singles may mull over what they need and want from a prospective partner and sort out what worked and didn’t work in past relationships. When the sun and Uranus coalesce at the peak of your chart, you could suddenly shine in a professional or public setting by showing off something unique. Answering to an authority figure will feel oppressive under this influence, as it generates an acute desire for autonomous ambition. Once the sun moves on to your network zone, you’ll have an easier time integrating your identity with a group.



July 23–August 22

Your underlying confidence helps you turn on the charm with higher-ups when Venus in your ambition angle locks into an opposition with Jupiter in your foundation house. Be careful not to overplay your hand, as there’s some risk of appearing arrogant. Putting your creative talents on display can feed your self-assuredness, so don’t swing too far in the other direction, withholding what you have to offer the world. Venus is cooperating with Pluto in your productivity corner, so if you’ve been working hard to establish yourself, your efforts are bound to boost your appeal now. You could meet a potential mentor or other professional contact who has the power to change your career — making it essential for you to keep a high profile this week. Since Saturn and Pluto will be backspinning in your productivity corner for five months, it might feel like the pieces you’ve been putting in place to build a different life for yourself won’t gel as quickly as you’d like. But this is your chance to recalculate what it will take to transform your health, change jobs, improve your quality of life or create a new everyday routine. You’re in an apprenticeship phase and may need to ease up if you’ve been taking on too much in an effort to get to the next level. Check in with your body and consider how stress might be affecting your health. Are you running yourself ragged trying to do everything perfectly? Look at the systems that keep your daily life going and tinker with anything that’s not empowering you to function well. A sun-Uranus confab can awaken your consciousness and produce a lightning bolt of ingenuity. Not long after, your ruler ascends to the peak of your chart, increasing your drive to achieve.



August 23–September 22

When Venus forms a connection with Jupiter this week, your enthusiasm for enjoying new experiences is apt to surge. An interaction with someone from a different world can open your mind, and conversely, keeping an open mind will allow you to relate to people from various walks of life. You can meet a lot of interesting individuals if you’re traveling or pursuing unfamiliar pleasures. Even exploring your neighborhood, checking out a new restaurant or going to hear music you’re not acquainted with will broaden your horizons for the better. And given Venus’s harmony with Pluto in your fulfillment house, love or joy outside your comfort zone has the power to deliver immense satisfaction. You could be inextricably drawn to a stranger or have an amazing adventure that changes you on a deep level. Bear in mind that Saturn and Pluto are going retrograde until September, luring you to review the progress of a creative venture or love affair or channel your passion in a slightly different direction. You’ll be less inclined to go after what you think you want and more interested in putting your heart’s desires under the microscope for further examination. What makes you deeply happy? What are you looking for in a romantic relationship? How do you want to express your individuality? What unique offering do you have to contribute? With the sun and Uranus tangoing in your sharing sector, your quirks could make an appearance in your sex life or you may suddenly need a change, such as a smidge more personal space. And be on the lookout for flashes of psychological insight! Once the sun bursts into your exploration corner, your wanderlust grows and you’ll begin to distribute your energy more widely, driven by a wish to learn.



September 23–October 22

With Venus and Jupiter engaging in a face-to-face convo this week, feelings of closeness can cause your self-confidence to soar, and on the flipside, feeling good about yourself can free you to get closer to someone. Since Jupiter tends to inflate whatever it comes in contact with, you might become rather needy — but it’s quite possible that you’ll want a lot from someone and get it. Your ruling planet is also harmonizing with Pluto in your foundation angle, bringing strong emotions into the mix. You could get substantial support from family or a partner, or an outside resource such as a loan may facilitate a change in your living situation. Intimacy is bound to be intense, and you should be willing to delve deeper in order to reap the benefits. Saturn and Pluto are both making U-turns at the base of your chart, where they’ll be backtracking for the next five months. You may need more alone time for introspection, since you’re processing a lot of heavy stuff, and you might opt to see a psychotherapist who can help you sort through your feelings and resolve issues from your past. With such heavyweight planets in the part of your chart that rules emotions, memories, childhood, comfort, security, family and home, you’re probably experiencing some growing pains. Meanwhile, the sun and Uranus are linking arms in your partnership house, which could bring an unusual, progressive or surprising person into your life. You might have an a-ha! moment about a relationship, behave in an unexpected way with your S.O. or suddenly need a break from someone. Once the sun dives into your depth-and-sharing sector, you’ll zero in on a passion project, close relationship or psychological matter.


October 23–November 21

Jupiter in Scorpio has a rendezvous with Venus this week, which could bring someone positive into your life or spark a romantic attraction. Another person is apt to inspire and encourage you, but there’s also a chance you’ll be the one cheering someone on. You’re liable to see the best in people under this influence, so it’s a good thing Venus is also forming a connection with profound Pluto in your cognition-and-communication zone, giving your thoughts plenty of heft and psychological insight. Whether you like it or not, you have the power to see what lies beneath the surface! If you’re due for a Big Talk in a relationship, this may be the time to dive in and hash things out. Pluto is making you hyperaware that change is a part of life, while Venus is helping you maintain harmony in your relationships. As of this week, Saturn and Pluto will both be backpedaling until September, which could have you second-guessing yourself even more than you already are. It’s important to examine your habitual way of thinking and the premises you’ve taken for granted, but you haven’t been wrong about everything. Try to be more aware of your mindset and how it shapes your reality—and the effect your self-expression has on your interactions. Weigh your decisions carefully during this period; there’s no need to rush forward when the planets are in reverse. A sun-Uranus meetup could make you want more freedom in your job or bring a quick change of circumstances in your everyday life you need to adapt to. After the sun crosses your interpersonal angle, you’ll be less interested in getting tons done and more inclined to socialize. Reach out to people you can be yourself with and enjoy one-on-one time



November 22–December 21

This week’s Venus-Jupiter opposition spans your productivity and spirit corners, and as a result, you might produce an inspired burst of creative work, so welcome the muse with open arms! The faceoff might tempt you to ditch the daily grind and go off the grid for a bit, although you could also wind up traveling for work. Or you may be moved to make a generous sacrifice for someone you care about and enjoy being of service. Since Venus and Pluto are sharing their own connection, your imaginative efforts are capable of giving you a financial bump. Dig deep into your trove of talents to do your best work, and approach colleagues with your trademark positive attitude. Enjoying what you’re doing will make you feel good about yourself. If you happen to be applying your energy to improving a relationship, that’s also bound to boost your sense of security. With Saturn and Pluto going retrograde for the next five months, it’s time to keep a closer eye on your spending and possibly restructure your budget. You may need to learn more about finances in order to feel more in control of yours. Resources are somewhat limited now, so don’t be too liberal with yours. Savvy use of what you already have will help make up for anything you’re lacking. And it’s worth looking at the way you think of money and possessions — because your mindset affects what you draw into your life. Impromptu fun, quirky self-expression and out-of-the-blue romance are all favored by a sun-Uranus summit, and once the sun enters your productivity corner, more of your attention will shift from play to work. Luckily, the sun gives you the energy to tackle your to-do list with gusto!



December 22–January 19

When Venus and Jupiter go toe to toe in your fulfillment and network houses, it could pit your pleasure against group interests, making you feel conflicted. Your love life, creative expression and personal happiness is on one end of the seesaw, while friendship, team spirit and your ideals are on the other. But you can balance all this by enjoying life to the fullest with a big group of people or making a creative contribution to a group effort. You might be hoping your squad will support something you’re passionate about, and chances are they will. Venus is also collaborating with Pluto in Capricorn, suggesting what fills you with joy has the power to change you. You could have a very intense, pleasurable experience, so follow your heart! If you fall for someone new under this influence, they’re likely to see the person you’re becoming deep inside, not the mask you wear in public. Saturn and Pluto are both turning retrograde in your sign until September, so your internal process of growth and transformation that’s consuming you will burrow even further underground. It will probably seem like you’re making less progress in the world, but you can make great strides in your psyche during this period. And if you need further preparation in order to achieve what you want to achieve, now’s the time to double back and fill in those gaps. Due diligence will pay off in the long run. A sun-Uranus summit could spell a surprise on the home front or a sudden change in your living situation, while the sun’s subsequent arrival in your joy sector pushes you to get out more and play. Express your personality and feelings more freely and see what happens!



January 20–February 18

As Venus and Jupiter face off across the top and bottom of your chart, you could be wavering between enjoying the pleasures of home and chasing after your goals. You might combine domestic decadence and lofty ambitions by throwing a big party or have a rewarding interaction with one of your superiors like a boss or parent. Aim for a balance between relaxation and aspiration to make the most of this opposition. Venus is clicking with Pluto in your subliminal corner as well, intensifying the transformative effect of self-care and solitude. You may gain psychological insight while spending quality time with family or someone who’s known you forever, and although your feelings are apt to be powerful, this transit can ultimately make you feel more at ease with yourself. Making peace with some of the darker stuff in the recesses of your soul will help you be more comfortable in your skin. Saturn and Pluto begin their five-month-long retrograde periods this week, and coming to terms with the past and processing the contents of your subconscious will become an even more personal journey. Engaging in this quest for self-knowledge and emotional growth wholeheartedly can keep the forces in your psyche from manifesting as regressive behavior, projection onto others and self-sabotage. You’re likely to feel vulnerable and should be selective in whom you allow into your inner circle. The sun’s meetup with your ruling planet enlivens your mind, your speech and your everyday environment. To provide stimulation and channel nervous energy, check out new places, meet different people and find a novel way to get your ideas across. After the sun dips down to your foundation angle, you won’t want to be out and about so much; home sweet home will be calling your name.



February 19–March 20

A Venus-Jupiter confrontation could instigate a spirited, good-humored debate this week, or you might take off to an exciting destination. Even if you stay put, you’re likely to interact with interesting people who open up your world and inspire you, so don’t keep to yourself. You have the capacity to soak in the love and beauty all around you during this transit, so it’s vital to get out and see people and places. Learning, travel and standing up for your ideals will all be satisfying. And since Venus is meshing with Pluto, it’s a fantastic time to do some professional networking or creative brainstorming with a group. You might have strong feelings for a friend, and communication can help shift the tide in your relationship. Under this influence, all of your interactions with your squad can shed light on how your friendships work. With Saturn and Pluto going retrograde until September, some connections to pals and peers won’t progress as you’d assumed they would. Evaluate your group affiliations, friendships, career contacts and roles in the various circles you associate with. How are they changing? What needs to be different for them to thrive? Should you sever certain ties for your own good? Team efforts, professional networking and social media ventures may be in limbo for a while, so step back and learn what you need to know in order to succeed in these areas. The sun and Uranus are putting their heads together in your worth zone, hinting you might unexpectedly acquire something you need or ride a wave of confidence and release something you don’t need. Once the sun enters your thinking-and-talking corner, you’ll feel more chatty and social and could gain momentum on a writing project or neighborhood endeavor.


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Thank you for this week’s horoscope! Always so interesting to read!! ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

6 years ago

Great post! :)

6 years ago

Week after week Tracy’s readings are so accurate and really capture all the different emotions and inner workings. Love it.