Monday Beauty Map: Festival Routine

Everything you need to stay glowy, hydrated and gorgeous in between sets.

Festival season is all about fun in the sun — quite literally. To ensure you maximize all the good times, and don’t end up stuck inside nursing a sunburn or feeling totally worn out from the night before, you need to pack well. With that mind, we rounded up our key festival travel essentials that will keep your hair, skin, body and makeup going strong (and won’t spill or weigh you down).

Multitask your Shampoo:

This solid cleansing bar, crafted from organic shea butter, goat’s milk and coconut oil doubles as shampoo and body wash. Just lather it up and apply the foam all over. It comes in two botanical versions— Morning Glory is fresh and citrus-y (great for waking you up), and Moon Flower is calming and soothing with notes of rose and herbs.

Keep Lips Hydrated:

Dry, hot weather can totally dehydrate your skin, lips included. This ultra-hydrating lanolin ointment is rich in coconut and vitamin E, so it absorbs deeply and leave your lips looking dewy and soft. Plus, you can dab it on to polish up eyebrows, soothe an insect bite, hydrate your cuticles—basically it’s like an entire beauty first-aid-kit in one tube.

Revive Hungover Skin:

Don’t regret the late nights. Just speed recovery the next morning with these amazing cucumber masks. Peel off and pat on an individual “slice” to de-puff your eyes, deliver hydration and bring down redness and swelling anywhere.

Stay Protected:

Now is when you really need a long-lasting, water-resistant SPF 50 that can stand up to sweat and any kind of UV rays. Just remember to reapply every two hours (and take some breaks in the shade).  

Shine On:

Here’s a cute, fun makeup idea that will stay put no matter: apply these star sparkles around your eyes, on your cheeks or anywhere else you want a little (or a lot) of shimmer.



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Ah, I always forget about hydrating and protecting my lips from the sun as well! Thanks for the reminder and product recommendations! ❤️❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

I try to keep my lips hydrated

4 years ago

Love it! :)

4 years ago

Absolutely fantastic! thank you for this blog, definitely need to keep hydrating my skin

Dana Levin| EsthethicsHub

4 years ago

SPF 50 Sunscreen Look nice protector. Love this list.

4 years ago

Nice post! The content is really very informative. All kinds of skincare problems can be resolved only if you keep a proper skincare regime.I would like to add my favorite product too one should include in their kit is revitol skin brightener. Its the most effective cream and will invariably brighten your skin tone and give a radiant glow. Its a must try.

4 years ago

Green tea sleeping pack containing organic fresh green tea to keep skin moisturized and clear while sleeping! Green Tea Sleeping Pack available here

4 years ago

You have an exciting festival routine.