Serene Saturday: Forgiveness + Compassion

We become masters at pretending we are “OK.” This only feeds the toxic energy until it grows into a fiery ball of anger and resentment. So how do we free ourselves?

This post is the second in a mindfulness series by Nina Endrst.

We’ve all experienced that feeling of heaviness in our heart – that extra weight on our shoulders. We’ve all been hurt, sometimes by those closest to us, others by a perfect stranger. Either way, the energetic impression is made and stored somewhere deep in our cells. Some deal by becoming aggressive off the bat. Telling that person where they can go without hesitation, but most of us are not quick to engage in emotional confrontation. So, more times than not, we suppress, avoid, ignore. We become masters at pretending we are “OK.” This only feeds toxic energy until it grows into a fiery ball of anger and resentment. So how do we free ourselves?

We forgive.

But first, let’s try and wrap our mind around the fact that even though we’re hurt – it isn’t personal. How can that be? That person did something TO us! We quickly assume the victim role, we feel wronged and we want to be seen and heard! The thing is, hurt people often hurt people. It really isn’t about us at all. The person on the other side is likely in pain and projecting that on us.

Next time you feel wronged, I encourage you to take a moment, breathe deeply, close your eyes and visualize that person as a child who is distraught. We are here to help each other, so take this opportunity to lead with compassion – send love and forgiveness their way. Notice the energetic shift inside.

This is a moving meditation – an opportunity for us to operate at a higher frequency.


Mountain Pose – Open Your Heart

Stand at the top of your mat and ground yourself through your roots, your feet, your foundation. Engage the leg muscles, soften your belly, shoulders, neck and close your eyes. Feel the center of your body and elongate your spine from the base of your tailbone all the way up to the crown of your head. Take a deep exhale. Next inhale lift your arms, bend the elbows as you lift and expand the front ribs. Open your heart. Repeat 10x.


Extended Side Angle > Humble Warrior

Step the left foot back and bend the left knee deeply. Make sure all four corners of the back foot are rooted down into the earth. Engage the inner things and wrap the outer right hip under you. Bring your right forearm to middle of the thigh – root them into each other (exhale.) Inhale lift your left arm over right ear and breathe space into your side body. Hold here for 5 breath cycles. Exhale reach for opposite elbows behind the back draw your heart and gaze forward and hover on the inside of left knee, reaching your seat back. (Hold 5 breaths) Repeat on left side.


Lunge Eagle Arms > Twist

Start in high lunge left foot back, eagle wrap your arms left under right, palms to touch. Breathe in and widen across your collarbone, bringing shoulder blades together and down the back as your reach elbows away from you. Pause here and hold for 5-8 breath cycles. Press the left foot back in space as you spread right toes wide and bend deeply into that knee. On your next inhale lift up and twist bringing arms to the outside of right knee. Twist. Inhale/Exhale – for 10. (Repeat on left side)


Bridge > Apasana

Come to lie on your back bring the souls of your feet to the earth about a handprint away from your butt. Inhale lift your hips and bring your arms underneath you, interlace your fingers and press into the ground as you lift hips a bit higher and find space in your heart. Careful of the neck here. Try and release all tension there. Engage your legs and glutes. Stay for 5- 10 breaths. Rest on your back. Bend knees and bring to your chest, wrap your arms around shins and come into a ball as you move side to side. Breathe into your lower back. Repeat 3x.


Legs Up

Extend your legs up in the air as if there was a wall supporting you (option to move to the wall here). Stay in this restorative inversion for as long as you like.


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Photo and GIFs by Matthew Johnson.


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Thank you for the helpful GIFs! ❤️

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Love this!

6 years ago

Love this!! We want me of these please :)