Your Tea Simplifies The Gut-Friendly Healing Powers of Chinese Herbs

The tea for people who thought they didn’t care about tea…

“We had Americans paying $200 for shipping just to get a box,” Steph Wakefield remembers of launching Your Tea a few years ago and riding the viral social media wave of surprise, with their Chinese herb-infused blends selling out too many times to count. “It went viral. Oh so viral — suffice it to say it’s helped many a ‘supermodel’ get ‘bikini prepared,’” She shares as we chat about the Australia-born brand that she and Simon Hill built after finding her own path to gut health thanks to the power of Chinese Medicine.

“I thought ‘why not — herb me up.’”

Frustrated with the lack of Western solutions for her food intolerances, Steph looked to the East for expertise. “Friends of mine passed on the details of a Chinese doctor, so I thought ‘why not—herb me up’.” After drinking a blend (with nose pinched to avoid the bitterness) that cured what modern medicine couldn’t within a few weeks, she and Simon set out to create Your Tea with the intention of providing an accessible, tasty (“VERY important with Chinese herbs!”) and educational way to consume the time-honored medicine. “Simon and I really wanted to bring what was a bit of an underground concept at the time — Chinese Herbs — to everyone to try.”


Each blend includes eight balanced “Yin and Yang” herbs precisely matched with one another to perform their roles. “The beauty of Chinese Medicine is that there is not one ‘hero’ ingredient in a blend,” Steph shares of the careful recipes. And after years packaging the “herbs doing their magical thing,” a democratized rush of unsolicited social media support has kept their brand booming. “Phenomenal feedback from customers is what made the company in the first place,” Steph notes of daily reviews of digestive systems restored, energy returned, skin cleared and “of course, the side effect of drastically improving digestive health; weight loss.”

“Our blends are aimed at alleviating the ‘load’ of junk in various organs.”

To keep up with the requests of their loyal followers, the team has expanding the vegan and cruelty-free line into three new offerings, Happy Tea Hangover Tea and Sex Tea. Not only is the gut is the “pivot of health” in Chinese Medicine, but it’s also believed that emotions are stored and influence different organs in the body. “Our blends are aimed at alleviating the ‘load’ of junk in various organs,” Steph explains. “For example, let’s take Sex Tea: We focus a lot on the kidneys to support good hormone balance, and your hormones are responsible for sending off the signals from your senses in response to your surroundings. Therefore, many of the ingredients in Sex Tea work on the kidneys.”


The secret to unlocking the power of the teas is about maintenance — they’re not intended as a one-shot remedy, but rather to be taken on a daily basis, two to three times per day for two to four weeks (depending on the tea). Designed to strengthen and restore the body over time, the system should be treated as a new beauty routine, the same way that you respect your skin care regimen. “You can’t achieve aesthetic health if internally you’re not functioning correctly. A very good concept to memorize is; the health of your skin, comes from within,” says Steph of the importance of internal beauty treatments. “This also applies to emotions too. If you’re suppressing emotions every day and not letting them out, this creates many health ailments that show on the outside!” And according to the pair, the new routine has been “quite motivating” for customers who see such quick results to continue keeping pace with a good thing.

Below, Steph and Simon’s breakdown of the newest wave of blends to help kick off a new wellness ritual:

Happy Tea

Traditional Chinese Medicine ingredients like Barbary Wolfberry Fruit help awaken the body and the senses, leaving you feeling fabulous. This little package full of antioxidants helps to clean up the damage that stress leaves behind. 

Hangover Tea

A unique blend of herbs formulated to help nurse you back to feeling fabulous. This blend has been created to encapsulate the benefits of helping both the root cause of a hangover as well as its undesirable symptoms. 

Sex Tea

With weak kidney energy comes poor libido. Many of the ingredients in Sex Tea work on the kidneys to help you put the spring back in your step. Yi Zhi Jian does just this- it benefits the kidneys to help “zip” up any issues down there.

How to Use:  Each of the three teas — Happy, Hangover, and Sex, — are designed to be consumed consecutively over 20 days (2 x a day), though can also be consumed as needed. Brew for 5-7 minutes at a time and drinks 30 minutes before or after meals.

Hot Tip: Feel free to add a squeeze of lemon or dash of honey.

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Love these posts on TCM! It’s something my family has always believed in, growing up in Hong Kong. Nice to see it finally gaining influence elsewhere!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Great post! :)