Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of May 7-13

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April 20–May 20

You might feel unsure of your worth in your squad or another group when Venus in your resources zone tangles with Neptune in your network house. It’s possible you’re overrating someone and selling yourself short. With the sun in Taurus opposing Jupiter in your one-on-one angle the next day, it may help to moderate your expectations of another individual if you’re hoping for a lot. But do allow people to teach and inspire you and build your confidence and courage. The sun’s chemistry with Pluto gives you a chance at a powerful experience that changes you, so use that courage to venture beyond your comfort zone — that’s the only way you’ll grow! A Mercury-Mars spat could get you into a heated debate that you haven’t thought through properly. Be sure you’re fighting for principles, not because you’re irritable. You’re probably torn between going off by yourself and thinking or grabbing onto an idea and running with it. A meeting between Mercury and Uranus can bring intuitive flashes of insight, but you might make leaps in your imagination that don’t hold up. After Mercury shows up in your sign a couple of hours later, you’ll be more objective. Plus you’ll be able to express yourself with authenticity and liveliness, and your talkative mood will help you connect with people.



May 21–June 20

Venus in Gemini wanders into Neptune’s fog this week, making you unsure of how people see you. You may think you’re putting out clear signals, but people aren’t responding as you’d hope. Authority figures are particularly tricky to read, and it might seem like your charms are temporarily lost on them. Feeling aimless? Try doing something creative just for the pleasure of it. A sun-Jupiter faceoff indicates your energy is low, but you have a lot to do and you want the freedom to escape responsibilities. Don’t take on more than you have the strength for, but don’t throw in the towel either. Aim for a balance between fulfilling work and replenishing rest. The sun is vibing with Pluto, so intensive reflection can create movement in your psyche, healing a wound or transforming an emotion. And private time with someone special can generate powerful intimacy. But Mercury’s battle with Mars could spell a disagreement with friends or a lover that involves jealousy, control, sharing or sex. You may be able to spawn change, but defensiveness can get in the way. Your ruler’s meet-up with Uranus could produce interesting encounters with a variety of people and speed up group communication, but once Merc sneaks into your retreat corner, you’ll feel less chatty and more inclined to keep your own counsel.



June 21–July 22

Resist the temptation to sacrifice too much for the wrong reason — or the wrong person — when Venus scuffles with Neptune. Maybe you’re trying to help someone and you’re assuming you’re on the same wavelength, but it turns out you’ve misjudged them. Your ideals may be clouding your perspective, and the fantasy of being able to save people is another smokescreen. A sun-Jupiter faceoff the day after alludes to memorable fun with friends that lifts your spirits. Enjoy the freeing feeling of letting loose with people you can be yourself with. When the sun clicks with Pluto in your relationship angle, you could encounter someone who has a formidable influence over you. Don’t shy away from a powerful experience; a bond with a friend could become stronger now, or you could click with an individual who will impact your life. Mercury and Mars are at odds, so you may speak with an authoritative tone that provokes people. On the flipside, if you choose your words carefully, you can plan a shared activity and motivate someone to partner with you. Mercury’s mashup with Uranus can produce inventive ideas that promote career progress or allow you to connect with an unexpected mentor. Merc zooms into your humanity house next, encouraging you to keep networking in the weeks to come.



July 23–August 22

Venus’s dustup with Neptune cautions against ambiguous hookups because it’s difficult to read another person’s signals. Even if you think you can handle a no-strings fling, you might be harboring a fantasy that reality can’t live up to. The next day, your ruler locks into an opposition with Jupiter, firing up your ambition and increasing your self-assurance. You’re meant to shine, but you should draw the line between confident and conceited around authority figures. The sun’s vibe with Pluto later in the week suggests your hard work over the long run is what empowers you to stand out from the crowd. Keep your nose to the grindstone, and you’ll earn the recognition you want. Mercury is quibbling with Mars, so you may be conceptualizing in broad strokes but proceeding in a more methodical manner, so your thinking and doing aren’t dovetailing neatly. You could have strong opinions about the right way of doing things, and preaching won’t go over well with co-workers. Fortunately, you can use your optimism and vision to mobilize yourself and your colleagues. And since Mercury and Uranus are aligned, bold ideas come to you quickly and you can easily view the world from different angles. After Merc climbs to your chart’s peak, you’ll be more focused on formulating goals and making career plans.



August 23–September 22

With charismatic Venus dancing through your achievement angle, you’ll have an easy time winning over power players who can help you climb the ladder, and if you’re the creative type, your flair can steal the spotlight during this transit. Venus and Neptune cross wires this week, though, which will make it harder to gauge people’s reactions. Try not to get hung up on what anyone thinks of you. A sun-Jupiter faceoff may pull you into a lively debate or an exciting experience that teaches you something valuable. If you can manage to leave town, this is a good time for a trip. Plus a few days later, the sun gels with Pluto in your fulfillment zone, inspiring you to get out of your daily routine and seek out new adventures, ideas and people. You stand to get intense pleasure from broadening your horizons, so don’t stick to the tried and true. Your ruling planet’s quarrel with Mars can generate conflict in a close relationship, and one of you might become defiant or suspicious. Mercury’s meet-up with Uranus may reveal a secret, spark a meaningful dialogue or bring psychological revelations. If you’ve had tunnel vision, Mercury’s arrival in your expansion house will help you see the big picture, and you’ll be hungry for knowledge and travel.



September 23–October 22

Venus is upping the appeal of difference, but her mix-up with Neptune implies you’re not sure if the pleasure that tempts you is good for you. Plus your craving for adventure could be undercut by a lack of physical energy; the spirit is inspired, but the body is tired! Find a compromise if you can. When the sun and Jupiter go toe to toe, your balancing skills come in handy, as you’re challenged to find the right blend of give and take. A close relationship feels the effects of control, independence, self-indulgence, confidence and generosity, and although you can get what you desire, you should bring something to the table too. Sun-Pluto harmony induces you to dive into deep — and possibly troubling — emotions and memories, promising transformation if you do the hard work of processing what’s buried in your psyche. Talking to a therapist or family member can enhance personal reflection. With Mercury battling Mars, an argument could be looming. Try to get a handle on your subconscious anger because even if you’re taking a conciliatory tone at first, you’re probably also feeling prickly. A Mercury-Uranus link offers stimulating convos and interactions, while Merc’s subsequent move into your profundity sector nudges you to zero in on a project, relationship or personal matter and give it your full attention.



October 23–November 21

You’ll need to stay grounded when Venus becomes ensnared by Neptune this week, luring you to look at someone through rose-colored glasses and perhaps misread the nature of your relationship. You’re craving closeness, and it’s easy to put someone on a pedestal when these two planets are linked. Soon after, the sun faces off with Jupiter in Scorpio, and luckily, their encounter should keep your spirits up and might even fuel a courageous act. But be careful not to overextend yourself or become self-righteous or arrogant. Jupiter’s inflationary influence could lead you to cross a line with another person. When the sun meshes with your ruler, an important talk may finally happen. Positive change is possible, so chime in. And be a good listener as well—someone can have a major impact on your mind now. A Mercury-Mars conflict suggests you might pick apart your own ideas before you can sell others on them, or outside criticism might provoke you to lash out. Do think before you speak, but don’t silence yourself or someone else for identifying a problem. Merc’s meet-up with Uranus can help you to reason both quickly and carefully, so mental work should go well now, as long as you don’t jump ahead. Once Mercury crosses your one-on-one angle, dialogue will take on even more importance.



November 22–December 21

You may not feel totally secure in a relationship when Venus in your one-on-one angle falls under Neptune’s spell. This pairing can also make you disappointed in another person because your underlying hopes are likely to be somewhat unrealistic. Self-care should be a priority now, so carve out some alone time in your schedule. The sun’s encounter with your ruler, Jupiter, reiterates the theme of quiet retreat, and you might take turns working and relaxing. Low-key, behind-the-scenes work will be the most productive kind. And if the spirit moves you, you may do something selfless and kindhearted to benefit others. The sun is also syncing with Pluto in your resources zone, indicating all your hard work is bound to make you feel good about yourself and it can also fortify your finances. Keep toiling away to get this double payoff! With Mercury and Mars going at it, though, momentary thoughts about what will make you happy could trigger hasty moves that won’t do you any financial favors. Keep the urge to splurge in check if you’re worried about money. Mercury’s meet-up with Uranus could prompt a funny or heartfelt outburst, and creativity will flow fast and tend towards originality. Next, Merc’s entrance into your efficiency corner turns your attention to work and gets you to think in practical terms.



December 22–January 19

You could gloss over details this week when Neptune throws Venus for a loop. You want to be helpful and useful but may not understand exactly what’s required. Miscommunication with people in your everyday life, such as coworkers, is common under this transit, even though you’re inclined to play nice. With the sun and Jupiter going head to head, your friends will be a source of support, not to mention fun! So connect with your crew once you clock out of work. The sun is also harmonizing with Pluto, meaning simply being yourself and enjoying life to the fullest can have a profound effect on you. You’re going through so much — compliments of Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn — and it’s time to lighten up and reach out to people. Any relationship you form under this influence will involve the real you and not just surface stuff. Mercury’s argument with Mars will tempt you to overreact to someone’s words, and your interactions with roomies and relatives will be especially loaded. But Merc’s alignment with Uranus can trigger emotional insights, making it a good idea to opt for introspection over confrontation. After the messenger planet skips into your joy sector, your creativity and sense of humor will get a nice jolt for a few weeks.



January 20–February 18

This week’s Venus-Neptune commotion lures you out on a limb for the sake of love or happiness without a clear sense of what it will cost you. Avoid giving up too much for what you think you want. And whom you want — an attraction might cause you to doubt yourself, which is a high price to pay! A sun-Jupiter faceoff blends aspirations and confidence, and you might be inspired to pursue a big goal. Watch how you conduct yourself around higher-ups, though; your self-assurance might seem like self-importance. Torn between resting on your laurels and setting your sights higher? Use your pride in what you’ve accomplished as fuel for further striving. When the sun gels with Pluto, rooting around in your psyche and your past in search of meaning and self-understanding will empower you to make significant emotional progress. Process what’s hidden inside you, no matter how unpleasant. The resulting growth will be worth it. Mercury’s run-ins with Mars and Uranus can provoke hasty decisions and words. Avoid jumping to conclusions and pause to edit what you say. Make a record of brilliant ideas; they’re bound to flit in and out of your head quickly. Soon after, Merc puts you in touch with your innermost feelings, and you might want to withdraw from the world in order to reflect.



February 19–March 20

When Venus and Neptune get their signals mixed, you’ll be tempted to overindulge in escapist pleasures. Eating and drinking are extra enticing, and if you have a sweet tooth, chances are you’ll give in to it. This transit also affects your interactions with housemates and family, and you may feel let down by those people. Try to see them as they really are and come to terms with that reality. A sun-Jupiter opposition builds your enthusiasm for conversation, learning and travel. You might come off as a know-it-all, so aim for knowledge and understanding and recognize that no one has all the answers. The sun’s conference with Pluto favors networking and socializing and proves the axiom that there’s strength in numbers. You may meet an important contact or share a memorable experience with your squad, so make a point of connecting with people. Mercury’s tension with Mars can lead to a conflict with a group over values, priorities, money or belongings, and you definitely shouldn’t dig in your heels. If you’re clear on what’s most important, you may be able to rally the troops instead of fighting them. Merc’s meet-up with Uranus can trigger a snap decision that hits you in the wallet, making it advisable to note your mental flashes rather than acting on them.



March 21–April 19

With Venus and Neptune at odds, you may get lost in your imagination or view another person through the lens of a fantasy. You’re in a cheery mood but could become melancholy for a brief spell. The sun and Jupiter face off the next day, challenging you to find a balance between sharing and self-sufficiency. If you’re expecting a lot from an outside resource or someone close to you, your hopes can make it harder to find a happy medium. When the sun gels with Pluto, putting your own resources to good use will fuel your ambition. Only by tapping into your full array of talents can you reach your goals. When you make headway in your career or overall life path, the ensuing feeling of empowerment will feed your confidence. Since Mercury in Aries is quarreling with Mars in your ambition angle, however, you do need to be careful not to speak out of turn. Plus Merc’s encounter with Uranus can spark hasty decisions, so resist the temptation to jump into action. Instead, channel your zeal into planning next steps and try to keep track of your ingenious thoughts before they get away from you. Mercury’s arrival in your worth house prompts you to turn your attention to your finances, possessions and personal values for the next few weeks.


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Seems like next week will be a rocky week for me! ✨

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