Is Vaping the New Way to Take Your Vitamins?

Now you can literally inhale your vitamin B12…

If you’re vegan, you already know it can be tough to get all your nutrients from foods and cooking alone. Sure, modern grocers now offer an ever-expanding pantry of quick-fix essentials (from coconut mayo to soy protein jerky), but that’s not always enough to cover your vitamin and mineral needs. In this case, certain key supplements can help — such as vitamin B12, “which keeps blood cells healthy and helps make DNA,” says Lisa Young, Ph.D, R.D., an adjunct profession of nutrition at New York University and author of The Portion Teller. “It’s found in all animal products, including dairy,” she says, and that’s often why vegans can fall short in getting the recommended daily amount (2.4 micrograms).

But if you’d rather not pop a pill? Well, there’s a vape for that. Meet the Vitamin Vape, a vaporizer that lets you inhale 28 servings of 500 micrograms of vitamin B12. It’s free of nicotine, caffeine and sugar, and might increase energy levels. (Still, experts say that vaping in general needs more research, which is something to keep in mind). Here, we connect with founder George Michalopoulos to get his personal take on the new generation of vaping.  

What inspired you to create Vitamin Vape?

“I was vegan at the time and someone had given me a vape to try. I really enjoyed the clouds and flavors, but didn’t want to consume nicotine or any other drugs. Looking into it further, I discovered that B12 inhalation research dating back to the 1950s and 1960s showed that inhaling vitamin B12 can be hundreds of times more effectively absorbed than pills, so that solved two of things at once — getting more B12 to supplement my vegan diet, and enjoying vaping without the drugs.” 

Why focus on vitamin B12 specifically?

“Because [it] is one of a very few number of vitamins you can plausibly inhale in an effective way. It takes small amounts of B12 to have several thousand percent of your daily B12, which means you can get a lot of B12 in just a few breaths. Also it isn’t sensitive to heat and there was existing research into its efficacy.” 

You use Vitamin Vape yourself. How did you ensure it’s safe and effective?

“Existing research indicated that there was B12 wasn’t toxic or harmful to inhale. We further worked with labs and tested the efficacy early on with our own product, and continue to refine and research its effects today. To date, the biggest complaint we get is of people not being able to sleep when they take it due to the energy they get from B12.” 


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Woah, I can actually see one of my coworkers liking this. It’s a quirky product for sure!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Great post!

5 years ago

This is cool but I wish this was reusable.

5 years ago

Got one of these awhile back and was not sure it really worked and then it ran out very quickly! Would rather be taking vitamins that do work and using less wasteful products but the concept was cool!

Nethan Paul
4 years ago

Really liked your article. I am vegan and I travel to much for my business purpose. I am looking for some easy to take the food enriched with vitamins. I am glad that I have found your article. I have also heard about b12 vitamin vape from one of my client, but not discussed. Well I am too much inspired with the benefits of vaping vitamin. I will try this.