#MovingTogether: Your Long-Weekend Workout with Dara Hart

The DogPound  founding trainer and all-around amazing creature is back to HIIT you with some new routines to pepper into your weekend.

Full-body knockout! Dara’s high intensity interval workout targets the whole body, focusing on explosive power, mobility, balance and core. Repeat each routine 1 – 3 times for maximum satisfaction. 

Bound Burpees 

10 x each way. Alternate direction of turnaround.

Stand hip-width distance apart, bend knees, swing arms and explosively bound as far forward as possible. Land with soft knees and immediately reach for the ground to find a plank into a burpee. As you stand, jack squat to turn around.

Alt Squat Lunge Tuck 

10 x tucks and lunges each way. Option to step back instead of jump.

Jump from a squat to a right reverse lunge, squat to a left reverse lunge, squat to prepare a plyometric tuck jump, pulling knees as high towards the chest as possible. To modify, step into each squat-lunge, and march alternate knees to the chest. Drive through the heels and keep the chest lifted.


Side Hop Roundhouse

10 x each way. Slow and controlled kick to challenge balance.

Side hop to extend the leg along side you, reach the opposite hand to touch the ground, allowing a bend in the supporting leg. Alternate 3 times through. On the third side hop, glide the extended leg into a fan kick/roundhouse. Move with control, and engage the core.

Jack Plank Walk

10 x each way. Alternate leading arm and keep feet wide for hip stability .

Beginning in a plank, hands under the shoulders, jack the feet out and in. Leading with the right arm, walk the arms down into a forearm plank and perform 1 jack with the legs. Replacing the elbows with the hands, climb the arms back up into plank, jack the legs. Repeat with the left arm leading the movement. Make sure to tighten the legs, stay high on the toes and squeeze the glutes to protect the lower back.


MMA Crunch

20 crunches total, 10 x alternating elbow slice.

Lay on your back, and extend the legs straight out, a few inches of the ground. Sit up and crunch legs bent at 90 degrees, shins parallel to the ground. Hold this position and elbow strike towards the right side, twisting through the obliques, keeping the legs tight and hips stable. Lower back towards the ground and extend the legs to hover. Alternate the elbow strike to the left and right between each rep.


Cobra Press Push Up 

10 reps each (10 cobras, 10 tricep push ups). Option to modify on the knees.

Begin in a plank position, hands under the shoulders legs glued together, high on the tip toes, perform a triceps push up. Walk hands out as far forward as possible, slowly, with control, keeping the elbows in, lower the forearms to the ground. Press back into the palms, firing through the triceps to straighten the arms. Walk the hands back to starting position, perform a triceps push up. Make sure to keep the glutes tight and slightly pull the tailbone down and under to protect the lower back. This is a challenging exercise! Modify by keeping the knees on the ground.
+ Follow all weekend long on @fpmovement for bonus workouts! 
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I wish I had a long weekend too! Either way, can’t wait to try out this workout!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Love this! x

5 years ago

This was an intense and awesome workout! Loved it!

Samantha Lewis
5 years ago

Getting a toned, flat stomach and a strong core doesn’t have to mean spending an hour sweating through a long list of ab exercises. Also I’m student and not have much time to do my assigment. Cause my body is important to me and exercises is very important too. Forget fancy lotions and expensive potions, exercise is one of the best ways to nourish and revitalize tired skin cells. Before you invest in another treatment mask, try taking a brisk walk or jog.