Why You Should Consider Athena Club Natural Tampons

We dutifully drink green breakfast smoothies and eat quinoa bowls for lunch and exercise and carefully read skincare labels and get enough sleep and track how much water we’re drinking and yet, once a month, many of us put something inside our bodies that goes against a lot of what we demand in every other aspect of our self-care journey: tampons.

Most tampons out there — particularly the ones that are easiest to find at your local drugstore — are made of rayon, a synthetic (aka chemical-based) material that’s bleached, and housed inside plastic applicators that aren’t BPA-free. If the average woman menstruates from age 13 to 51 with a period that lasts three to seven days, she’ll experience 456 total periods over 38 years, which equals about 2,280 days with her period and roughly 17,000 tampons. In other words, the average woman spends 6.25 years of her life putting something with toxic ingredients in an incredibly absorbent area of her body. Makes your jaw drop thinking about it that way, no?

Also shocking? That something as necessary and common as tampons doesn’t get even close to the same treatment or attention as other way-less-common and way-less-necessary self-care items in terms of cleaning up ingredients and manufacturing practices. There’s so little regulation around self-care products that tampon manufacturers aren’t even required to let their consumers know what ingredients — like non-organic cotton (which soaks up pesticides), rayon, dioxin (a chemical result of chlorine bleaching), fragrance (a blanket term for who-knows-what chemicals), chlorine and BPA (a known hormone-disruptor) — go into these products. It’s enough to turn women off tampons for good.

And while some women have tossed their tampons in favor of alternative products like menstrual cups and “period underwear,” there are some of us who just can’t quit the things. Lucky for us tampon loyalists, there are companies out there who recognize there’s a problem and are making it their mission to provide safe, clean, effective feminine care products as more than just an afterthought.

Athena Club is one of those companies. They make one product and they do it exceptionally well and exceptionally good for you. Their organic tampons are made of — you guessed it — only 100% organic cotton; no fragrance, bleach, dyes or chlorine to be found. Their plastic applicators are BPA-free. The manufacturer is FDA approved and meets ISO quality standards. And the whole thing is biodegradable.

What’s more is how affordable Athena Club’s tampons are. Conventional feminine care products are prohibitively expensive with those 17,000 tampons I mentioned earlier costing cost well into the four figures over the course of your lifetime, a sum that not only seems crazy but is actually, legitimately unaffordable for the majority of the world’s women who menstruate every month. With Athena Club, you’ll spend $5 on a month’s worth of customizable (size and assortment) organic tampons, and you can even donate a month’s supply to a woman who can’t afford feminine care products on her own. Doing good for the world while doing good for your body? That’s a no-brainer.

When it comes to our periods, there’s a lot we have to deal with on a monthly basis. So do yourself a favor and channel Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom, courage and strength, at least once a month with your feminine care choices.


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4 years ago

This company is by far the WORST tampon company out there. I swear to god the founder herself pays people to write good reviews. Not only did the tampons make my woman parts hurt like crazy (the plastic cut my skin) but the tampon quality was awful. My period would leak after 15 minutes. DO NOT BUY THESE TAMPONS.