Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 11-17

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May 21–June 20

Listen to your gut regarding an issue connected with finances, possessions, values, priorities or self-esteem because a fresh insight can appear when Mercury gels with Uranus in your subliminal sector. Your ruler opposes Saturn later in the week, so you’re concerned with getting your needs met, but outside support isn’t forthcoming. Try to come to terms with what’s down to you and what you can realistically expect from someone else. The Gemini new moon symbolizes your personal New Year and invites you to reinvent yourself. Tempted to create sky-high aspirations? Set yourself up for success by tweaking your goals to fit the amount of work you know you can put in and the resources you have at your disposal. Where do you envision yourself a year from now? Break the journey down into doable steps. With Venus changing signs, you can look forward to positive thoughts and pleasant interactions in the coming month. Express your affection and soak up the warmth and beauty around you. Venus-Uranus discord suggests unplanned words might throw a curveball into a convo, while a secret urge for freedom may lead you to flirt. Be careful if you’re in a committed relationship! Look for harmless excitement to keep boredom at bay.



June 21–July 22

With Mercury zipping through Cancer, you’re eager to chime in, and the messenger planet’s meeting with Uranus in your network sector should give you a chance. Speak up in a group and also seek out interesting ideas. You’ll be able to connect with others easily and have a new experience that engages your mind. Mercury and Saturn are facing off a couple days later, though, implying that a particular person could challenge your views. Don’t doubt yourself, become more rigid or shut down; use constructive criticism to strengthen your thinking and polish plans. Talking to someone with authority whom you respect will be helpful now. A new moon at the end of your chart encourages you to retreat from the world to recharge your battery; seek peace of mind; resolve to let go of something or someone you’ve held onto for the wrong reasons; and begin a new spiritual practice. As Venus segues into your worth house, your tastes could become more lavish, and you may also attract more money. Her battle with Uranus signals that you might become impatient, wanting others to gratify your desires. Try being more flexible in your demands, giving people a chance to surprise you.



July 23–August 22

Going off by yourself to study, do research, meditate, reflect on the past or wander around in your imagination could help you make headway with a goal and gain insight into the direction you’d like to go next. But a Mercury-Saturn standoff a couple of days later may cause you to doubt your instincts in the face of logic or quash inspired thoughts if they’re met with criticism. See if you can use this duality to refine your thinking — noting holes and correcting them. A faultfinding colleague may turn out to be a help. This week’s new moon coaxes you to join an organization, make a new friend, do more professional networking and pursue recent interests and goals by reaching out to others who share them. Cast your net wider! With Venus dancing into Leo for a month-long stay, you’ll be in a warm, friendly, flirty mood and will effortlessly draw people into your orbit. Dress to please yourself, get out and enjoy life and turn on the charm with the object of your affection. Venus’s current skirmish with Uranus might produce an unexpected result, especially if you’re projecting a different image than you assume. If your boss suddenly needs you, try to juggle work and play.



August 23–September 22

Your ruling planet is in sync with Uranus in your exploration corner, implying you’ll have an opportunity to share a learning experience with your squad or another group. Brainstorming and networking can open up fresh possibilities. You’re likely to meet people who are different from you and can make your life more interesting. However, when Mercury faces off with Saturn, you might feel too inhibited to connect with others and share what you have to offer. Don’t isolate yourself or judge diverse opinions. These transits are about learning together. The new moon at the peak of your chart calls for you to set a new goal or embark on a new chapter in your career. It could be time to start doing more self-promotion, especially if you’re not satisfied with your public image or professional status. You might take on a leadership role or find yourself in the spotlight, so prepare to put your best foot forward. After Venus slips into your release zone, you’ll crave more alone time and private time with someone close to you, so don’t overbook. Venus’s run-in with Uranus suggests a desire to help someone might be misguided and you’ll be compelled to see them in another light.



September 23–October 22

This week’s Mercury-Uranus encounter could give you a chance to make interesting plans with a partner; meet someone who has something novel to offer; make a discovery about yourself that allows you to set a new goal; or figure out the key to communicating with a higher-up. When Mercury and Saturn go toe to toe a couple of days later, you may feel like a parent isn’t supporting your objectives or baggage from the past is keeping you from thinking ambitiously. If you’re preoccupied with a family or domestic problem or not in the best mood, you’ll take your eyes off the ball. Quiet your inner critic and use lessons from the past to formulate goals for the future. A new moon inspires you to get out of your routine, launch an entrepreneurial venture, take a trip, begin a course of study and be more adventurous. And with Venus showing up in your network zone, you’ll thrive on group activities like GNOs in the weeks to come. A Venus-Uranus spat hints someone could surprise you, and it’s possible you’ll hook up with a platonic pal. Enjoy the moment without reading too much into it. If someone’s acting distant or fickle, give them space.


October 23–November 21


Mercury’s meeting with Uranus in your one-on-one angle encourages you to get out and meet new people so you can broaden your mind. Expect the unexpected with this transit. Take a chance on someone who’s quite different from you and you’ll learn so much more than you would by sticking to the tried and true. A spontaneous conversation with a stranger can expose you to a world beyond your own. Merc’s opposition with Saturn alludes to the possibility that you’ll narrow the range of possibilities by prejudging. Negative thinking can deflate your enthusiasm, but it’s helpful to examine pie-in-the-sky visions through a pragmatic filter and ground abstract ideas in reality. A new moon nudges you to invest even more in a close relationship, a passion project or a transformation process and hints that obsession, idealism and a compulsion to control can hinder your progress — so let go! With Venus climbing to the peak of your chart, you can charm higher-ups and earn accolades for creative work in the weeks to come. It’s relatively easy to get along with colleagues and maintain a positive image during this period. But Venus’s dustup with Uranus means you might not make the impression you intended, so don’t hang your hat on a specific response.



November 22–December 21

When Mercury vibes with Uranus this week, focusing intently on one thing can help you hit on a novel approach or discover a different solution. Dialogue can also prove fruitful, as you might connect with a potential work partner or find a way to repair a relationship. Mercury faces Saturn a couple of days later, which could cause a negotiation to hit a standstill if your requirements are too rigid. Whether finances, possessions, intimacy or another issue involving sharing is at stake, your concern with what you lack or stand to lose will affect communication. Do your best to see both sides. The new moon in your one-on-one angle implies a new partnership may be in the pipeline or you could be poised to take an existing relationship to the next level, making a bigger commitment. However, after Venus lands in your exploration house, the appeal of difference is sure to grow. In the next month, you’ll want to mingle with a wider range of people and enjoy more of what the world has to offer. Venus’s tussle with Uranus calls for you to stay flexible since everyday circumstances such as your workload or your health could temporarily curtail the pleasures of broadening your horizons.



December 22–January 19

One-on-one convos can take a humorous, creative, romantic or playful turn this week, thanks to Mercury’s link with Uranus, and you could meet someone new or be pleasantly surprised by someone you already know. Your interactions will have an element of unpredictable joy, so make a point of connecting with other individuals. A couple of days later, Merc moves into an opposition with Saturn in Capricorn, and you could shut people out without meaning to. Try to be aware of the signals you’re sending; you may seem aloof or critical to others. Keep the lines of communication open, weighing in but not imposing your views. The new moon invites you to organize your workspace; launch a job search; start a different diet or exercise regimen; implement a new schedule; adopt a positive habit; and learn a skill. After Venus segues into your depth-and-merging sector, you’ll start to crave closeness and will want to experience acceptance of your whole self. If you’re alone, this can be a good time to focus on loving yourself from the inside out. Venus’s brush with Uranus hints at shockwaves in your personal life such as a sudden flirtation or sexual encounter. Allow for plenty of freedom and don’t assume too much too soon.



January 20–February 18

Due to a Mercury-Uranus meeting, you may shed light on an emotion or memory or a development in your family or living situation by thinking about it in an objective, logical manner. Such scrutiny might point to what needs to change, so pay close attention. A couple of days later, Merc has a standoff with Saturn in your subliminal corner, which suggests guilt, regret or self-judgment could prevent you from seeing the situation as clearly and taking a productive approach to it. It’s fine to look at past mistakes in order to learn from them, but don’t dwell on the negative and give up trying to find the best way of moving forward. A new moon lures you to find fresh sources of love, happiness and fun in the coming months. You might embark on a romance, get interested in a hobby, start a creative project or discover a new passion. With Venus crossing your one-on-one angle, you’ll be in the mood to spend time with individuals you care about and should have an easy time maintaining smooth relations. But Venus’s discord with Uranus means a mood swing or domestic incident may pull you away from a date or other social plans, so be ready to change things up.



February 19–March 20

Mercury’s harmony with Uranus gives you the go-ahead to speak off the cuff and express your individuality. Humor, creativity, reading and writing for pleasure are all favored, and you might reveal your feelings or share your excitement over your latest ideas. This transit can inspire highly innovative thoughts, speech and writing, so don’t let your brain play it too safe. Mercury’s opposition with Saturn later in the week implies feedback from your squad or another group won’t be overwhelmingly positive, but don’t let that stop you. Constructive criticism can help you polish the notions you’re playing around with and give them a greater chance of success. Try not to feel judged. You have a chance to blend your creativity with the wisdom of others in the process of formulating future goals. A new moon points to an imminent change in your family or living situation and coaxes you to incorporate a new self-care ritual into your routine. After Venus enters your productivity corner, you might use your artistic skills more, enjoy being of service to others or opt to improve a relationship. Her spat with Uranus could lead you to change your mind, and relations on the job might hit a bump. Thinking on your feet will help!



March 21–April 19

A chance encounter between Mercury and Uranus could give you insight into the past or your emotional state, especially as it relates to your self-esteem, so carve out alone time for reflection. You might realize your personal values and priorities are changing and your inner needs are dictating a shift in your outer needs. As you grow, what’s most important to you will naturally fluctuate. Mercury’s faceoff with Saturn can cause you to judge your emotions or make you feel judged by an authority figure. But you can combine a focus on private feelings with a knowledge of the work you must do to make your life a success — and then conceive plans that suit your whole self. The new moon encourages you to become more active in your community; take short trips; tackle paperwork and your email inbox; begin a writing project; and learn something new. With Venus sashaying into your joy sector for a four-week visit, you’ll start to feel more sociable. It’s a favorable period for fun, creativity, romance and leisurely pursuits like hobbies. Venus’s disagreement with Uranus indicates it won’t be as simple as you’d like to have a good time, but you’re capable of riding out up-and-down finances or confidence and enjoying life regardless.



April 20–May 20

When Mercury syncs with Uranus in Taurus this week, you may note a buzz of excitement as new people come into your life, new ideas fill your brain and new plans are hatched. It feels like change is afoot! Circulating and engaging with others is the best way to feed that feeling, and your interactions will be anything but dull. However, a Mercury-Saturn opposition could lead someone who knows more about a subject than you to challenge your views. Or you might assume you understand more than you do and stunt your curiosity. Try to blend your openness to learning with your ability to piece together meaning and acquire wisdom. A new moon points to the need for a new stream of income, a new financial strategy, stronger self-esteem or a new set of priorities based on what’s important to you now. After Venus dips down to your foundation angle, the pleasures of home and family become more apparent and you might go on a decorating spree or play hostess. But her battle with Uranus will make you too restless to stay in and relax. If you need a break from family or roommates, get out and do your own thing so you don’t grow impatient.


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A good week for me, finally! Thanks for the horoscopes this week!

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Love this! Thanks ;)

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