Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 18-24

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May 21–June 20

With Neptune backtracking across your ambition angle for the next five months, it may sink in that a goal you’ve been chasing after is a hollow fantasy or an image you’ve aspired to uphold doesn’t feel authentic to you. Try to accept that you can’t see the path ahead of you perfectly clearly and the more you remove your ego from the equation, the more receptive you’ll be to your true calling. You feel like you’re drifting, but you need to lose what’s false before you can find what’s real. Mercury’s harmony with Jupiter and Neptune enables you to think in terms of your financial needs and blend your willingness to work hard with your yearning to find your higher purpose. You might hit on a fresh source of income or figure out how to use your natural talents and acquired skills better. A Mercury-Pluto standoff is great for conducting research or probing your psyche, but watch out for emotional blackmail, invasion of privacy, obsession and mistrust. Focusing closely on something and seeing it through to the end will be worth your while. Venus’s faceoff with Mars can spark a flirtation or at least an enjoyable convo with someone who inspires you. The best way to liven up a relationship now is to stimulate your minds with travel, an unfamiliar experience or a spirited exchange of ideas.



June 21–July 22

Neptune shifts into reverse in your exploration zone this week and won’t resume forward motion until late November. So your take on what’s real and true is bound to be thrown off and you’d do well to look before you leap. Your spiritual beliefs, worldview, personal opinions and visions of the future are in flux, and you need to get comfortable in this place of uncertainty. You’re reframing your relationship to the universe and may be tempted to buy into concepts that make you feel more secure. Rather than focusing on your own vulnerability, tune into the oneness of all living beings and practice compassion. Mercury in Cancer is in sync with Jupiter and Neptune, encouraging you to express the many facets of your personality, say how you feel and connect with people who are suffering. You can learn from these transits, and you should try new things in order to do so. Merc’s standoff with Pluto could get you embroiled in a conflict with another individual, but you can also make a powerful contact or have an intense conversation that shifts a relationship dynamic. With the sun sailing into your sign, your birthday season gets underway and your energy surges. This is your time to focus on yourself and figure out what kind of progress you’d like to make in the coming year. Happy solar return!



July 23–August 22

Neptune’s U-turn marks the start of his five-month retrograde phase that may put a close relationship in limbo, stall an outside resource or leave you sorting through an emotional matter. If you’ve been confused over sharing and intimacy or have been recovering slowly from a loss, wound or crisis, don’t press for progress now. You don’t have enough clarity to make the best choices, but you can probe your psyche and sift through what you find hidden there. Venus in Leo has a skirmish with Saturn that might require you to juggle play and work with finesse. But it’s Venus’s opposition with Mars that’s likely to get your attention by sparking an altercation or an attraction — or both! One-on-one relations are charged with energy that can lead to creativity, sex and conflict. If you can strike the right balance, this transit will generate the good kind of tension that makes you feel excited and alive. Mercury’s meetings with Jupiter and Neptune coax you to reflect on your feelings and memories and confide in someone close to you. Your intuition is everything now, and with Mercury and Pluto facing off, you may not know whether to trust it or to be more methodical and logical. Do mentally challenging work on your own, especially if you’re not seeing eye-to-eye with coworkers. With the sun ducking into your release corner, your year is winding down and you’ll need more alone time to recharge your battery.



August 23–September 22

As Neptune goes into backspin mode in your one-on-one angle for the next five months, it may sink in that you’ve been putting someone on a pedestal and/or sacrificing too much in a relationship. Are you viewing a partner as a project rather than a person, trying to help them (and fix them) to the point where your needs get lost in the shuffle? Let the scales fall from your eyes so you can see the reality of another individual and the true nature of your connection with them. It won’t necessarily be better or worse than you imagined, just different. If you resume a relationship between now and late November, don’t allow yourself to harbor illusions. Your ruling planet’s chemistry with Jupiter and Neptune places communication firmly in the plus column this week. Reach out to friends, do some professional networking, give a presentation, make an effort to expand the circle of people in your life and share your feelings, views and ideas. Mercury is also going head to head with Pluto, so you may be subjected to peer pressure. Don’t get talked into something that’s not right for you, but do look for middle ground between groupthink and self-expression if you want to build a bridge. A Venus-Mars opposition can pull you away from peaceful relaxation when your to-do list is a mile long, so try to juggle work and rest as best you can.



September 23–October 22

When Neptune turns retrograde this week, the next five months call for you to contemplate the quality of your daily life. Are you eating a healthy diet that gives you the energy to be productive? Do you get enough exercise to feel strong and not stressed? Do you feel useful at your job? Does your everyday routine reflect what’s most important to you? Are you in denial about any health problems? Do you have a sense of your higher purpose that inspires you on a regular basis? Don’t push for perfection or overnight success; ease up and take everything one step at a time. With Mercury rolling across your ambition angle and meshing with Jupiter and Neptune, you’re able to articulate your goals and promote yourself and might have the courage to ask for a raise. If you’ve been doing creative or helpful work, advertise those accomplishments. A Mercury-Pluto standoff means you’ll have to keep your mood (and possibly a family or domestic sitch) under control so you don’t explode or implode. The sun is ascending to the peak of your chart, further prompting you to stand out from the crowd and show what you’re capable of. Venus’s standoff with Mars pits getting along with a group against doing as you please, and there’s a chance you’ll fall for a friend. Mix self-expression and camaraderie with a creative collaboration or a fun hookup, but hold off on major commitments.


October 23–November 21

As of this week, Neptune will be off the grid for the next five months, changing your lens on love, happiness and self-expression. Have you been yearning for the unattainable and suffering from divine discontent — a signature side effect of this idealist planet? Looking at your personal fulfillment and romantic experiences from a more realistic angle isn’t giving up on your dreams; it’s giving you a shot at attaining them. Be sure you’re not trying to save someone or waiting for someone to save you. If you’re secretly holding onto illusions about what or who feeds your soul, brings you joy and deserves your whole heart, now’s the time to let them go and make space for the real deal. Mercury is gelling with Jupiter and Neptune, lifting your spirits and inspiring you to broaden your mind. You’re able to take in the big picture and express your beliefs, feelings and imaginings. But you’ll also benefit from listening to others, especially people who are different from you, and travel would do you good. Note that Merc is facing off with your ruler, upping the odds of a disagreement. Try not to be single-minded; seeing both sides can lead to a powerful realization. A Venus-Mars opposition indicates that irritability, a family problem or having too much to do at home can cut into valuable facetime with your superiors and prevent your career from running smoothly. Work/life balance is essential, and shaking off an old behavior pattern will help you achieve it.



November 22–December 21

Since Neptune is beginning to backpedal across your foundation angle this week and won’t pivot forward until late November, you’ll find yourself looking at your family or home with fresh eyes and contemplating what makes you feel nurtured, comfortable and secure. Play around with different ways of decorating your space rather than pulling up stakes and moving. Incorporate water into your daily self-care practice; for instance, an aromatherapy bath, a pitcher of H2O infused with fruit and herbs or a wave sound machine by your bed might be just what the doctor ordered. It could be time to set better boundaries with your parents or to process emotional residue from childhood — possibly with the help of a healing professional. Mercury is in sync with Jupiter and Neptune, offering further incentive to probe your psyche in search of answers and catharsis. Introspection and intimate dialogue can help you understand and accept your past and yourself. Mercury is going toe to toe with Pluto, which could draw you into a dispute over money, possessions or values. Rather than getting into a power struggle, see if you can get to the bottom of a relationship or financial problem. With Venus and Mars also facing off, the pleasure of new experiences competes with the busyness of daily life. You might be drawn to someone different from you, and preaching your own views can affect your chances of learning from someone else. Try to enjoy the sparks this tension generates.



December 22–January 19

With Neptune going rogue in your thinking-and-talking corner for the next five months, your mindset will be shifting and you may feel like you’re on a different wavelength when trying to communicate with people. If you’ve been operating under false assumptions, that could dawn on you soon, prompting you to review your choices. It’s a good time to reread and rewrite and to revisit a place you’ve been missing. You might reconnect with a childhood friend or an old neighbor or go back over old ground with a sibling. If someone has misunderstood your words or intentions, those crossed wires could come to light and require untangling. Since Mercury is joining forces with Jupiter and Neptune, you’ll have opportunities to clarify matters with other individuals and reach an accord. So keep reaching out and trying to learn from others. Conveying your heartfelt feelings will go a long way, especially if you’d like to meet new people or smooth ruffled feathers. Merc and Pluto are locked in a standoff, though, putting you in danger of dominating your interactions whether you mean to or not. Resist the temptation to try to persuade someone or to become completely consumed by a thought. With Venus and Mars also facing off, you want closeness, but you might compulsively put your own needs first and get into a tiff over selfishness versus sharing. On the other hand, this transit can signal a sexual attraction that spurs you to go after what you want!



January 20–February 18

It’s time to look at the reality of your finances and possessions when Neptune goes retrograde in your worth zone this week and proceeds to backtrack for more than five months. If you’ve been deceiving yourself in any way, you can get your head out of the clouds and mull over how best to proceed. It’s important to accept what is and forgive yourself for mistakes that may have been driven by fear and insecurity. If you’re owed money, you might resubmit invoices and chase down checks. And you could also find a creative way to recoup your losses. This is a good period for looking at your personal values and your attachment to belongings from a spiritual standpoint and perhaps reshuffle your priorities. Mercury’s links with Jupiter and Neptune enable you to dissect your goals and needs with an effective blend of optimism, imagination and pragmatism. It would be worthwhile to plan step by step how you’ll achieve your aspirations and provide for yourself in the process. Merc’s opposition with Pluto suggests strong emotions could sabotage sound thinking, so try not to be your own worst enemy. Mars in Aquarius has his own faceoff with Venus, which could mobilize you to pursue the object of your affection. To get the most out of this pairing, you need to balance yin and yang energy and aim for mutual satisfaction.



February 19–March 20

Your ruling planet will be backpedaling until late November, and although you may feel like you’re making less headway with your aspirations, it’s the perfect time to take a step back and get some perspective. You may be so enmeshed with your cherished dreams that it’s difficult to judge if you’ve crossed over into fantasy. It’s possible to identify so strongly with what you yearn for that separating fact from fiction becomes a challenge. This retrograde phase will give you enough distance to see the big picture. You might think about the image you’re projecting, the direction you’re headed in and whether you’re giving up too much for something or someone that’s not all you’ve imagined. Work on maintaining healthy boundaries and making the impression you want to make. Mercury is dovetailing with Jupiter and Neptune, promoting creative, romantic, playful, courageous, heartfelt and sensitive self-expression. Give your mind free rein and connect with people who can open up your world. A Mercury-Pluto opposition hints that groupthink may dominate self-expression, but you might have a sincere talk with a friend to work through a problem. Don’t try to win anyone over to your side or let someone convince you to swallow a hard truth. Get to the bottom of things together. Venus and Mars are also facing off, so you could undermine yourself at work or do something unconscious that affects a relationship you’re trying to improve. Pay attention to your hidden motives!



March 21–April 19

As Neptune goes into reverse in your subliminal sector, the next five months beckon you to tune into private feelings you’ve probably been sweeping under the rug if they expose your vulnerability. Melancholy, regret, guilt, self-doubt, longing, confusion, disappointment, alienation, emptiness and spiritual questioning can all result from this disorienting planet’s trip through the last house of your chart. But it can also lead to healing, release, forgiveness, closure, psychic intuition, spiritual awakening, creativity, dreams, empathy, selflessness and a sense of oneness with all of life. You’re afraid of falling into the abyss, but trusting in the divine order of the universe is the net that will save you. Mercury’s links with Jupiter and Neptune double down on the theme of getting in touch with your innermost thoughts and emotions and reflecting on the past. Have the courage to face your fears and to learn more about what makes you tick. You may find it useful to talk to a partner, family member, therapist or someone who’s known you for ages. A Mercury-Pluto faceoff could put you in the middle of a parental disagreement or trigger all-or-nothing thinking about your goals. Don’t feel obligated to choose sides, and try to dial down any compulsiveness spinning around in your brain. Venus’s opposition with your ruling planet pits personal pleasure against teamwork, but it can also produce a crush or creative collab. Enjoy yourself while also respecting the fact that others may not share your exact agenda.



April 20–May 20

Neptune’s five-month retrograde cycle begins this week, calling for you to review your friendships and ties to groups and weed out unhealthy dynamics like codependency. Are you seeing what you want to see in someone? Did a particular circle of people once seem like a natural fit for you and now you’ve drifted apart? If you feel taken advantage of, misunderstood or out of sync with your crew, you might pull back now and suss out the problem. Ask yourself if the relationships in question are based on the actual people you’re dealing with or the version of them you were drawn to initially that may not be entirely real. If you’ve been helping others, make sure you haven’t fallen into a martyr/victim trap. Allow yourself to gravitate to people who genuinely share your ideals and support your growth. It would also be worthwhile to examine your use of technology to shore up any vulnerabilities. Do your social media profiles reflect the real you? Are you protecting yourself against hacking, identity theft, etc? Mercury’s harmony with Jupiter and Neptune nudges you to keep the lines of communication open and welcome opportunities to meet new people, while its discord with Pluto cautions you not to dig in your heels if you have a difference of opinion. Gather info and look for the deeper meaning. A Venus-Mars standoff implies you’ll need to compromise between relaxing at home and chasing after your goals, and you might find someone with status irresistible now.


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Thank you for the horoscope! I’m excited for the coming week, it seems like a good one to be travelling out of the country!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Thanks ;)

4 years ago

Well, I am gemini and you are absolutely rigth! I had to let go a dream of mine, what was really hard for me. But I think, that there is another path for me. My horoscope on tells me, that in october it will be a good time to seek new goals. I am very excited what chances will be there for me.