Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 4-10

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May 21–June 20

Go with the flow when the sun and Mercury have awkward encounters with Jupiter this week. If you have too many balls in the air, you’ll probably need to think on your feet to make the necessary adjustments. Fortunately, the sun-Mercury alliance in your sign will boost your brainpower, helping you make choices that are right for you. You’re able to express your point of view with vigor but might have trouble listening and thinking objectively. Those two planets are at odds with Neptune, so a lack of progress or uncertainty about the direction you’re headed in could take the wind out of your sails. Communication with authority figures is murky, and you may be setting your goals impossibly high. Wait until the fog clears if you’re trying to make plans. A Venus-Pluto standoff can intensify desire and lure you into a power struggle. You want what you want, but don’t let jealousy and manipulation harm a relationship. Aim for constructive compromise.



June 21–July 22

With the sun and Mercury coming together in the last house of your chart, your intuition is on point and you’re able to perceive what’s not being said. You may not be talking a lot now, but you’re picking up on everything. You can get glimpses into your own subconscious by interpreting your dreams or engaging in spontaneous creativity like free writing. Both Merc and the sun are at odds with Neptune in your exploration zone, making it difficult for you to stay in the moment. Part of you may be reflecting on the past, while part of you is straining to envision the future. If you feel a bit hopeless, speaking up for others who need your voice can rouse you. Venus in Cancer is going toe to toe with Pluto, which may produce a magnetic attraction or deepen feelings in an existing relationship. Try to be aware of the dynamic between you and another person, particularly if there’s a power imbalance that needs to change.



July 23–August 22

Your ruler coalesces with Mercury in your network sector this week, bringing lots of vitality to your self-expression in a group. You might exchange ideas with others, travel together or circulate at a big gathering and make useful contacts. If you’ve recently developed a new interest or set a new goal, this is a good time to connect with people who share it with you. Since Mercury and the sun are both skirmishing with Neptune in your depth-and-merging zone, you might be unsure of where you stand with someone and what the nature of your connection is. You know who you are when you’re with your squad, while one-on-one closeness may seem more bewildering — even though you yearn for it. With Venus and Pluto facing off, you also want some time to yourself and will probably need to juggle relaxation with work. You’re tempted to drift, but when duty calls, try not to resent your obligations or it will be harder to get along with people.



August 23–September 22

The sun and Mercury become a power couple at the top of your chart this week, helping you draw positive notice. You can get your point across to higher-ups like your boss and connect with potential mentors as well. This is a great transit for writing a business plan, showing off your communication skills, doing self-promotion and dazzling with your intellect. However, since both of these planets are disagreeing with foggy Neptune, it’s not the best time to negotiate or form a partnership. You probably won’t get precisely the response that you’re after, but don’t let that dim your light. It’s best not to take things too literally now. As Venus and Pluto lock into an opposition, you may find it more challenging to get along with friends if you want different things. Romantic sparks with a platonic pal are a possibility, and the attraction won’t be easy to resist. Seek middle ground between personal pleasure and group interests, but remember you can’t make everyone happy.



September 23–October 22

Your ruling planet is dancing across your ambition angle, and she faces off with Pluto at the base of your chart this week, so you’ll need to keep an eye on your mood. Turbulent emotions might make it more difficult to charm people in power or present a pleasant image in public. Deal with the rumblings in your subconscious so you don’t erupt at the wrong time. And if you happen to get caught in the middle of parental discord or other family drama, resist the temptation to play peacemaker! The sun and Mercury are gelling in your exploration zone, energizing you to travel and learn — so broaden your horizons and challenge your mind. You’re able to share your opinions with clarity and enthusiasm, but you can also gain a lot from exposing yourself to a range of ideas and beliefs. Neptune is throwing you off, though, so you’re apt to miss details. Your thinking is quite abstract at the moment; make a note to fine-tune it later.


October 23–November 21


Jupiter in Scorpio is out of sync with the sun and Mercury in your depth sector, calling for you to adjust your expectations in a close relationship or tweak your thinking if it’s too broad. The sun and Mercury are joining forces, so you’re able to focus intently on something or someone. This duo favors research, investigation, psychological inquiry and intimate dialogue. You’re probably contemplating weighty matters and might uncover a secret, solve a mystery or make an emotional breakthrough. Since both of these planets are feuding with Neptune, your ideals are likely to cloud your judgment. Try not to build up romance, creativity, fun and personal happiness to the point where they feel unattainable. And be careful with your heart if you’re less sure of who you are when you’re with someone. A Venus-Pluto faceoff suggests overthinking an unfamiliar pleasure can act as a killjoy. Don’t let a compulsion for control prevent you from exploring more of what the world has to offer.



November 22–December 21

When the sun and Mercury meet up in your on-on-one angle, your encounters with others are bound to be lively and stimulating. It’s a good time to clarify your position to someone, but you’ll also benefit from picking another person’s brain. So don’t keep your thoughts to yourself or ignore feedback. You want to be around individuals who interest you and have something to teach you and you can even learn things about yourself through your interactions with others. But since these two planets aren’t getting along well with Neptune, private insecurity or a wistful mood could cast a cloud over your interactions. You might feel vaguely uncomfortable with someone, or their words may trigger a brief bout of melancholy or confusion. An opposition between Venus and Pluto can also affect a relationship if concerns about getting what you need overshadow your craving for closeness. Don’t dig in your heels or try to gain the upper hand. See if potent desire can be turned into a strength.



December 22–January 19

As the sun and Mercury mingle in your productivity corner, you’ll have the energy and focus for detailed mental work. Zero in on what needs to be done and strive to tackle tasks with efficiency. You’ll be able to break everything down and critique it objectively. However, both planets run into trouble with Neptune in your cognition-and-communication house, which could put you in a fog temporarily. Watch out for misunderstandings with coworkers, neighbors and siblings, and try not to get thrown totally off course by trivia. It’s harder to sort out what’s important and what’s not when Neptune’s fog rolls in. Venus in your one-on-one angle is going head to head with Pluto in your sign, so you should make a point of keeping your interactions aboveboard. You’re inclined to maintain harmony right now, but not if it means ceding too much control. If you’re drawn to someone during this transit, you have the power to change each other — make sure it’s for the better!



January 20–February 18

This is a week for expressing your true self, thanks to the vibrant sun and animated Mercury holding a conference in your joy sector. Share your sense of humor and put your quirks on display. Spend time reading for pleasure or doing a bit of creative writing. Have the courage to tell someone how you feel about them. Those planets are fighting with Neptune in your worth zone, so your confidence is likely to waver and you may lose steam. You might also be chasing after fun and fail to consider the financial factor. Sharing who you are and what you feel won’t be so easy if fears about what you lack or what you stand to lose overwhelm you. With Venus and Pluto facing off, it’s important to pay attention to those troubling emotions you might be sweeping under the rug. Your relations with others and your ability to enjoy what you’re doing will suffer if you don’t deal with what’s bothering you.



February 19–March 20

A sun-Mercury summit at the base of your chart puts you in touch with your innermost thoughts and feelings and helps you express them if you choose to do so. This is a good time to reflect on the past and try to gain insight into your backstory. You might also be contemplating a family matter or your living situation and come to a better understanding. But both Merc and the sun are sparring with Neptune in Pisces, so you may feel rather deflated and unsure of yourself. It can be difficult to see yourself the way others see you, and it’s possible that someone who knows you well like a family member will confuse you. Everything’s so subjective now, and it’s hard for you to filter what’s real and what’s not. Plus Venus and Pluto are opposing each other, which could generate peer pressure that impacts your personal pleasure. Don’t give others too much power over you. Follow your heart!



March 21–April 19

With the sun and Mercury linking arms, all your synapses are firing and you’re eager to share your thoughts. Stay busy connecting with others, writing, doing a bit of traveling, taking care of paperwork and taking part in community activities. Feed your curiosity by asking questions, gathering info and reading. Neptune in your subliminal corner is throwing Merc and the sun for a loop, making it likely that your mind will wander and you’ll get lost in your imagination at times. Doubts that are lingering in the back of your head may lure you far off-track and cause your spirits to wane. Rather than taking everything in and staying cheerfully engaged, you could start wondering what it’s all about and fall into the existential void. Try to process bit by bit the things that stir your emotions and help you to feel like you’re part of something bigger. With Venus and Pluto facing off, you’ll need to balance relaxation and ambition. Allow yourself time to recharge your battery.




April 20–May 20

You should be able to set clear priorities when the sun meets with Mercury in your worth house this week. Contemplate what’s most valuable to you, what assets you have at your disposal, what you truly require and what you can bring in when you make use of all your talents. Craft a budget that fits your needs. Examine the connection between your self-esteem and your attitude toward money and possessions. Merc and the sun are entangled with Neptune, so it won’t be easy to focus on your own needs and also satisfy group interests. A misunderstanding with friends over money, belongings or values is possible, and you could feel deceived or disappointed. Protect your own interests and don’t try to come to an agreement. A Venus-Pluto opposition implies a dark outlook may overtake pleasant thoughts and create rumblings in your interactions. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Find a balance between simply enjoying the moment and ruminating over the deeper meaning of everything.

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Balance and relaxation for this week, got it! Thanks for the horoscopes!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Love this! x

4 years ago

So good! Thanks for the wonderful column, Tracy!