Your Well-Being Begins with Earth: Vapour’s Ode to Sustainability

Vapour co-founder Krysia Boisis shares why sustainability in their assortment might mean more now than ever…

“At Vapour, we recognize that being a green business is an evolving process. Just as many individuals are switching to natural beauty one product at a time (by finishing a conventional product before choosing a healthier alternative), we, too, are excited to take the next step in our evolution towards being a more sustainable brand.

“Vapour is relaunching all of our bottled products in glass bottles. I am especially excited about our transition to glass because the frosted finish on the bottles reflect the soft focus and satin finish that the products have on skin.

“My passion for living in harmony with the natural environment is something that first drew me to Taos. I was fascinated with Taos’ culture of ‘experimental sustainability’ where ‘off-the-grid’ communities live in close relationship with the elements. It began with the 4,000 year old Taos Pueblo, where thick adobe walls harnesses thermal mass to maintain a consistent room temperature, to ‘earth ships’ that capture sun light with southern exposure and respect the high desert water table with rain water catchment.

“This appreciation for sustainability influences Vapour and is one of the core values of our company. We embrace the challenge of reaching beyond convention to find solutions that work at every level and for all involved. We’ve been focused on creating healthy, natural products using responsible manufacturing since our start.

“Eco-friendly efforts begin with sourcing Organic ingredients of the highest quality. We set our own standards for purity that are higher than many natural cosmetic certifying agencies and maintain our own USDA Organic facility. We use passive solar and wind power in our lab, offices and warehouse. Our stick packaging is aluminum, the most recyclable material on Earth. Product boxes are made from post-consumer recycled paper printed with veggie ink. And now all of our bottled products are in glass.

Our commitment to planetary and personal health is intrinsic to everything that we do at Vapour and we’re excited to level up by saying no to plastic bottles.”


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I want to try out Vapour’s products so much now! Thank you for always highlighting awesome brands! ❤️

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