Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of July 2-8

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June 21–July 22

With the sun soaring through your sign, you’re full of vitality these days! When he shines his high beams on Jupiter this week, you’re invited to bet on yourself and reach for the love and happiness you deserve. The stars want you to be all you can be, so don’t hide your personality and passion. Find the courage to show people what’s inside you. The same link between the sun and Neptune can inspire you to lose yourself in a transcendent experience. You might take a trip, explore religion and spirituality or learn about people, places and ideals that are foreign to you. This transit can make you feel deeply connected to something greater than yourself. Mercury’s squabbles with three other planets may make it difficult for you to pin down and articulate your true needs. An argument is apt to involve money, possessions, values, priorities, jealousy, sharing, control, sex or some combination thereof. You could also gloss over the real cost of something you hope will give you lots of pleasure. Try to slow your brain and your mouth down to stay out of hot water. All that solar symbiosis should be enough to keep you riding high!



July 23–August 22

Mercury in Leo is struggling with Saturn, prompting you to adjust your thinking about how to get something done. Be ready to think on your feet and adapt to the circumstances at hand. Mercury’s faceoff with Mars cautions you to hold your tongue because you’re primed to provoke a fight. Try to stay on top of your feelings and the signals they may be sending out. Your best bet is to ask questions and solicit feedback, but you need to be okay with hearing people out. You might be tempted to jump into action, and yet, with Mercury squaring off with Jupiter, your first instinct is probably to keep something good going rather than forge ahead with change in mind. The sun is in cahoots with Jupiter, encouraging you to indulge in the comforts of home. You might be moved to do something generous for a family member or housemate, but you could also gain a lot from looking within and reflecting on the past. Since your ruler is also vibing with Neptune, you have a chance to forge a powerful connection with yourself or someone you’re close to, so carve out alone time or private time with a loved one.



August 23–September 22

Your ruling planet is hiding out in your subliminal sector and getting into skirmishes with three other planets this week, making it all the more important to think before you speak. Although your intentions may well be above reproach, you might get carried away and say too much, perhaps even divulging a secret. You could also deceive yourself with an exaggeration or think in vague abstractions. Your creative notions and personal insights may miss the mark ever so slightly and need tweaking. It won’t be easy to get on the same wavelength with coworkers about the right way of getting something done, and you should try to get out of an all-or-nothing, perfectionist mindset. The sun in your humanity house is syncing with Jupiter, so you should be able to integrate with others and learn from each other. Be open to new people and new ideas. Do some professional networking or take a trip with your friends. The sun’s harmony with Neptune in your one-on-one angle will help you gel with other individuals and see the best in them. You might also be moved to do something kind for someone you care about or team up on a charitable endeavor.



September 23–October 22

When Mercury and Mars face off this week, although you’re generally inclined to go along to get along, the side of you that wants to march to your own beat is liable to oppose groupthink. You could say one thing and do another in an effort to tell people what they want to hear. Or you may disagree with your squad about your love life or some other pursuit of pleasure. And since Mercury is also at odds with Jupiter in your worth house, there’s a chance your demands or overconfidence will cause a rift. Fortunately, the sun is poised at the peak of your chart and meshing with Jupiter, empowering you to showcase your talents and stand out from the crowd. You want to make a strong impression in a public or professional arena, and you have what it takes to shine — so don’t hide your light! A sun-Neptune connection suggests your creative work or skills that benefit others will further fuel your drive to make your mark. Draw on those abilities and let your need to be useful motivate you to keep striving toward your goals. The feeling of making progress will have a positive effect on your overall wellbeing.


October 23–November 21

Stay flexible when it comes to communication with higher-ups, career planning and thoughts related to your goals, because Mercury in your ambition angle is forming an awkward angle with Saturn in your thinking-and-talking corner this week. Merc’s opposition with Mars at the base of your chart indicates that your underlying frustrations can make your words rather sharp and you might slip into a counterproductive pattern of behavior that makes it harder to wrap your mind around achieving your objectives. Resist the temptation to argue with authority. Try to find out what’s at the root of your behavior. A Mercury-Jupiter tangle can inspire you to set your sights high, but be careful not to get too far ahead of yourself. The sun’s vibe with Jupiter multiplies the benefits of broadening your horizons, so seek out learning experiences that open your eyes to other aspects of the world and help you to grow. Take a trip, talk to strangers, study an unfamiliar subject, explore different beliefs. The sun is also in sync with Neptune, underscoring the idea that getting out of your comfort zone can put the romance, creative expression, personal fulfillment and spiritual joy you yearn for within reach.



November 22–December 21

You could get drawn into a debate when Mercury goes toe to toe with Mars this week. There’s a good chance you’ll feel like asserting your own point of view and trying to sell others on it, but you also have an opportunity to learn. Sagittarians are known for their strong opinions; this opposition reminds you that an informed opinion is the best kind of all. Merc is also squaring off with your ruler, alluding to an intellectual or spiritual quest that may prompt a leap of faith. You’re painting in broad strokes and will need to go back and fill in details later. The sun’s collaboration with Jupiter tells you that introspection and intimacy will teach you something about your true self and give you a sense of hope. This pairing makes it easier for you to accept who you are and give another person the benefit of the doubt as well. A sun-Neptune encounter further encourages you to prioritize private time on your own or with someone you care about, as it’s bound to soothe your soul. You may be able to heal a family wound by shining a light on what’s been hidden and finding forgiveness.



December 22–January 19

Mercury’s scuffle with Saturn in Capricorn compels you to be less rigid and listen to what someone you trust is telling you. Looking at something from an alternative angle will be beneficial, even if it feels like a stretch. Merc is also moving into an opposition with Mars, upping the odds of a conflict over sharing. Your drive to advocate for your own needs, values or priorities and to fight for what you feel is rightfully yours can lead to a dispute with someone close to you. You’re not likely to see eye to eye, but a compromise can be worked out if you avoid digging in your heels. With Mercury and Jupiter going at it as well, you’re in danger of spreading the word when something was meant to be kept private; maintain good boundaries and resist the urge to gossip. The sun is dovetailing with Jupiter, which should fuel socializing and networking. This is a great time for group activities and meeting new people, so don’t fly solo. A sun-Neptune confab allows you to put yourself in others’ shoes and express your kindness. One-on-one communication has a nice flow under this influence, and you’re capable of picking up on subtle signals.



January 20–February 18

With Mercury facing off against Mars in Aquarius, you’re easily provoked, and one wrong word could set you off. If you can recognize your own mood and try to come to grips with it, it will be easier to circumvent a conflict. Otherwise, it may seem like people are pushing you over the edge and you’re simply reacting. You might be able to have a dialogue about your frustrations and get useful advice on how to handle this tricky time. Merc is also squabbling with Jupiter, which might cause you to speak enthusiastically about your goals and perhaps overestimate what you can accomplish. Don’t bite off more than you can chew to be a people pleaser. You’re allowed to say no occasionally! Lucky for you, the sun in your productivity corner is joining forces with Jupiter, empowering you to back up promises with hard work. You have the energy to get tons done and if you channel it wisely, you can check off some major objectives now. Plus the sun and Neptune are aligned, allowing you to draw on your creative talents. Use your highest personal values and priorities as a guide, and they won’t steer you wrong.



February 19–March 20

Collaboration will be challenging this week, due to Mercury in your efficiency corner quibbling with three other planets. Although you’re thinking things through in a methodical manner, your analysis may not go over well with a group. You’re using logic but are likely to have trouble executing tasks precisely as you intend to and might end up working against yourself. Try to keep tabs on your subliminal impulses and counter them with common sense. You might need to operate solo if you can’t manage to coordinate your efforts with others. Merc is also sparring with Jupiter, so you’re bound to get distracted at times and need an escape. The sun’s harmony with Jupiter encourages you to get out and play, possibly taking a trip or having some other experience that excites you and even scares you a little bit. Since the sun is also vibing with Neptune in Pisces, you have a chance to be seen for who you really are. Let your individuality and desires shine through and share your creative gifts with the world. This pairing can clear up the smokescreen that Neptune surrounds you with and help you feel more genuinely connected to those you care for.



March 21–April 19

Mercury is zipping through your joy zone, stimulating quirky and personal self-expression, but since it’s feuding with other planets this week, you may not feel totally understood. Merc’s standoff with Mars can put you at odds with group efforts and activities, and you might need to look for a compromise between what sounds good to you and what others are opting to do. Your idea of fun and your sense of humor aren’t likely to jibe with the pursuit of goals, and you could feel pressured to change your mind. The communication planet is also goading Jupiter, which can lead you to divulge your heartfelt feelings to someone. If you have high hopes for a positive reaction, try to remain open to whatever response you get and appreciate the chance to share. The sun is in sync with Jupiter, hinting that relaxing with someone you feel comfortable with will foster closeness, while introspection can help you feel more at peace with where you are in your life. A sun-Neptune meeting further encourages you to unwind and let go of anything that’s weighing on your soul, so don’t feel compelled to stay busy. The stars are coaxing you to pause and just be.



April 20–May 20

Mercury and Mars face off across the base and peak of your chart this week, indicating a parental disagreement, tension between you and an authority figure or an inner conflict between playing it safe and chasing after a goal. Your thinking is very subjective, and you’re likely to take it personally if things aren’t going according to plan. You’re not in the mood to answer to anyone and probably need some alone time. Merc’s tussle with Jupiter can get you to open up to someone who has wisdom to offer you. Confiding in a person who has your best interests at heart can lift your spirits and bring you some needed perspective. Accept whatever feedback you get rather than idealizing the response you want. The sun in your thinking-and-talking corner is vibing with Jupiter, setting the stage for lively, positive communication. Expressing your real self can help you meet new people who are good for you and improve existing connections. And a sun-Neptune convo implies you’ll also gel with friends — new and old — by putting yourself out there and speaking your truth. If you feel moved to advocate for others, this is a great time to have your voice heard.



May 21–June 20

Your ruler is causing trouble with three other planets this week, throwing a wrench in your communication here and there. Do your best to understand what someone close to you is trying to say, and tailor your thoughts and words to get onboard with them if possible. Merc’s opposition with Mars can fire up a difference of opinion, and you’ll need to decide if you want to learn something from a spirited debate or hit people over the head with your opinions and beliefs. This faceoff — combined with Mars retrograde — can make it very hard to take the high road! But your Gemini curiosity will help you approach even a tense interaction like a true student of life. Mercury’s friction with Jupiter might lure you to take too much on, thinking you can do it all. Fortunately, a sun-Jupiter link can bail you out by enabling you to tap into the resources you need. Make good use of your talents, connections, possessions, self-confidence and other assets to accomplish as much as you can. The sun’s mashup with Neptune suggests that doing so will allow you to do creative and/or spiritually meaningful work, so don’t hold back what you have to offer the world.


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4 years ago

Love this! ;)

Thank you for this week’s horoscope! I’m glad to read that I should slow down – I have been on the go for way too long! ✨✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

I definitely need to just be!