Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of July 23-29

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July 23–August 22

You know what you want but are on shaky ground trying to get it from a particular individual. The more realistically you view others, the easier it will be to get through this week’s Venus-Neptune faceoff without any misunderstandings or disappointment. Lending and borrowing are a no-go under this transit. Since the sun in Leo is quarreling with Uranus and Mars, you’ll probably feel challenged by others and may wind up in a confrontation. It seems like forces are working against you, but do your best to take your ego out of the equation (often easier said than done for regal Leos!) Is there a creative way to align your interests and join forces? You might need to jump through a few hoops and will be tempted to rebel against authority. Think on your feet if a curveball comes your way, and seek alone time at home if you’re ready to explode. With Mercury turning retrograde in your sign, getting your point across will start to feel like an uphill battle, and your judgment may not be on point. Use the next few weeks to consider what messages you’re sending; your communication style and social media presence might benefit from a few tweaks. Or you could rethink a personal decision and come to a different conclusion. The lunar eclipse will hit your one-on-one angle and quite possibly shake up a relationship to the point where you jump to the next level of commitment or opt to call it quits. Try to keep a cool head because the atmosphere will be charged with emotion and several planets are in backspin mode, making it difficult to act judiciously. A Venus-Pluto summit hours later assures you that determination and hard work will empower you to get what you want, so don’t hold onto someone for security. You really can take care of yourself!



August 23–September 22

With Venus in Virgo facing off against Neptune in your interpersonal angle this week, rose-colored glasses won’t do you any favors, so keep people off pedestals and enjoy connecting on an authentic spiritual, creative or romantic level. It will feel good to show you care, but resist the temptation to save someone who needs you. The trick now is to stay on equal footing in relationships. The sun is arguing with Uranus and Mars, so as much as you may want to take breaks from being around people and recharge your battery, an urge to get away, an unexpected opportunity, pressing responsibilities or general busyness is bound to push you back out into the world. If you’re feeling anxious and stressed, try journaling, talking to a sibling or going for a walk or a bike ride to decompress. Mercury, your ruling planet, will be backtracking in the last house of your chart for a few weeks, and during this period you’re likely to become more circumspect. Pay attention to your dreams, intuitive inklings and imaginative musings; they’ll provide more intel than regular communication, which is going to be rather murky for a while. If you find yourself reflecting on the past, sift through old feelings and consider forgiving someone. The lunar eclipse in your efficiency corner can trigger a health or work crisis or a flurry of tasks to attend to. Regardless of what transpires, note what feels like too much. It’s time to drop something from your plate in order to improve the quality of your everyday life. How can you be healthier and more productive? Is there a bad habit you can kick to the curb, substituting a positive one? Venus’s chemistry with Pluto is capable of producing powerful creativity, romance or joy. Don’t shy away from it; go deep!



September 23–October 22

Your ruling planet goes head to head with Neptune this week, making it challenging to maintain healthy boundaries. Don’t sacrifice too much for someone; the temptation to get involved in a situation that’s not right for you is great. You might be trying to help, but you’re making yourself very vulnerable. The sun is at odds with Uranus and Mars, so your role in a group could also be complicated. Maybe your intention is to be a team player, but your love life is throwing a wrench in the works. Or maybe you want to march to your own beat, but it doesn’t seem like you can do your own thing while also staying onboard with group interests. Are you pursuing a passion or a love interest and your squad isn’t supporting you? With Mercury going off the grid in your network zone, crossed wires with friends will be par for the course in the next few weeks, so you’d do well to stay away from gossip. You might reconnect with an old pal or professional peer or renew ties with an organization. Social media will probably be a minefield, making it extra important to think twice about what you’re putting out there. Be patient with technology snafus and keep your sense of humor. This week’s lunar eclipse is activating your fulfillment house, suggesting a creative project could reach fruition, bringing you plenty of attention. It’s also possible that a romance will burst into bloom or hit the skids, and unfortunately a dramatic breakup might be in the cards. If that’s the case, chances are it’s due. You won’t be able to hide your feelings and might make a grand declaration or have the time of your life. You need to express yourself with fervor, and a Venus-Pluto mashup on the heels of the eclipse hints at profound closeness or introspection that may be just the ticket.


October 23–November 21

A standoff between Venus and Neptune brings warm, fuzzy feelings, potentially blurring the distinction between platonic and romantic and luring you to idealize someone. Be open to a soulful connection or a creative collaboration, and make sure that any romantic bond has an undercurrent of authenticity rather than illusion. You might be moved to do something quite compassionate for a friend under this influence. When the sun in your ambition angle spars with Uranus and Mars, someone could yank you off-track in your quest to shine, or you might struggle to stay on top of work and home obligations. You may clash with an authority figure and should be careful not to do anything to undermine yourself. If you’re feeling frustrated, disengage and go off by yourself instead of trying to win every battle and put out every fire. Mercury is going rogue at the top of your chart for a few weeks, which will make communication with higher-ups a bit tricky, and you’ll need to mind your Ps and Qs. Review your goals instead of trying to spell them out. Get back in touch with an old boss or mentor, revise your résumé, contemplate how you can polish your public image and carefully proofread everything you send out. With the lunar eclipse rocking your foundation angle, a family or domestic development could grab your attention, and you’re bound to be moody. Your living situation feels unstable, and this dramatic lunation is capable of pushing it in one direction or another. Feeling overwhelmed? Between work, home, personal growth and relationships, you’ve got a lot going on and could use an escape—either a literal one or a mental one, ideally both! Venus’s harmony with your ruling planet can help you make powerful contacts and have deep convos, so reach out to a friend, sibling or someone in your community for a little bonding time.



November 22–December 21

This week’s Venus-Neptune opposition spans the pinnacle and base of your chart, suggesting you may not know where you stand with your boss or someone else in a position of power. Your creative work or savvy schmoozing are helping to cast you in a positive light, but your ambitions may not be delivering the satisfaction you’d hoped for. The sun’s spat with Uranus indicates your health, work or changing circumstances in your daily life can curtail your freedom and interfere with your ability to chase after exciting new experiences. Play it by ear to leave yourself more wiggle room. Due to a sun-Mars standoff, a difference of opinion can turn into a fiery debate, and the more wedded you are to your personal stance, the more heated it will get. Try to do as much active listening as you do talking and don’t focus on scoring points. With Mercury going retrograde, this is the perfect time to reassess your opinions and beliefs and try to gain fresh perspective. Education, travel and entrepreneurial ventures won’t go as smoothly as you’d like, so prepare yourself for delays and detours. And pause to weigh your words before sharing your POV, as they could miss the mark and require you to walk them back. It would be worth your while to revisit a place you’ve already been, rediscover a topic of study or revise something for publication. The lunar eclipse echoes the theme of a shift in your mindset and may also bring a writing project to a climax. You could suffer from information overload or get big news thanks to this lunation. Since you won’t be inclined to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself, share them with people you can be candid with. Venus’s chemistry with Pluto hours later gets you back on track work-wise, and putting your talents on display will ultimately budge your bank balance in the right direction.



December 22–January 19

When Venus gets lost in Neptune’s fog this week, exploring unfamiliar pleasures could become confusing. You might be drawn to someone and not know quite what to make of them. Or you might have a positive experience that’s rather disorienting. Although it’s possible to feel taken in if something or someone is misrepresented, you can also have a spiritual realization. You might feel deep empathy for people who are different from you and express how much you care. You’re unusually open to the unknown under this transit, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. The sun’s tension with Uranus and Mars may bring an urge to break off from a partnership to pursue your own interests and secure what you need for yourself. You’ll probably find intimacy, a personal obligation or an intense focus on something to be stifling, and the urge for diversion is hard to resist. A confrontation over money, possessions, sex, sharing, trust, jealousy or control is bound to be highly charged, and with Mercury turning retrograde, you won’t have an easy time getting on the same wavelength. In the next few weeks, you could dig into an old research project or investigation; reconnect with a past lover; reflect on a loss; and hit a snag with an outside resource like a loan. This is an appropriate period for reviewing the balance of give and take in a relationship and ensuring that whatever you want to keep private is well protected. A lunar eclipse in your worth house puts you in danger of blowing your budget because of a mood, but it could also bring a windfall. A confidence surge may go hand in hand with a money-making opportunity, but don’t sign any paperwork. Venus’s conference with Pluto in Capricorn encourages you to keep exposing yourself to more of what the world has to offer, as doing so can change you. Don’t play it too safe!



January 20–February 18

Your craving for closeness can lure you to give up a lot in order to be with someone, when Venus in your sharing house opposes Neptune in your worth zone this week. It’s also possible that fear or insecurity will hold you back, preventing you from getting close. If you’re overly conscious of what you stand to lose, you may not gain anything either. Try to find a balance of self-protection and vulnerability that feels okay to you. With the sun in your one-on-one angle squaring off with your ruler, Uranus, something going on at home or in your family could disrupt your relationships, and if you’re having mood swings, that will affect your rapport with others as well. The sun’s faceoff with Mars in Aquarius makes cooperation very challenging, and you may not be able to avoid a conflict. Try not to get defensive; instead, look for a way to compromise. Mercury will be backpedaling in your one-on-one angle for the next few weeks, muddying your communication with other individuals. Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions during this period, as the trickster planet is jamming the signal and you may have the wrong end of the stick. Aquarius is hosting this week’s potent lunar eclipse, making you extra emotional. As long as you don’t trample on anyone’s rights, you should feel free to put your needs first—and find a proper outlet for all those feels so you don’t do anything rash! This is the last of a series of eclipses in your sign, and it provides the perfect excuse to release things (and people) from your life if they’re not serving your highest good. If you’re craving attention, step into the spotlight and express yourself. Find private time later, because a Venus-Pluto meetup can generate powerful intimacy or psychological transformation.



February 19–March 20

Venus in your one-on-one angle comes face to face with Neptune this week, and you might wind up confused over an interaction. Someone could misinterpret the vibe you’re giving off, or you might read someone wrong. To avoid disappointment, do your best to keep your feet firmly on the ground and to view people through a realistic lens. Neptune can create smoke and mirrors that make it difficult for others to see you clearly, so self-awareness is essential. The sun’s tiffs with Uranus and Mars can mess with your productivity, as you’ll be easily distracted. You may not be able to keep up with your brain if you keep having different thoughts on what you’re trying to tackle. And you could be operating at cross-purposes, undoing your own hard work, especially if you slip into an old behavior pattern. A conflict on the job may involve another person working against you covertly, since Mars is hiding out in the house that rules hidden enemies. With Mercury turning retrograde, miscommunication with coworkers could become a problem in the next few weeks, and it’s best to steer clear of office gossip. Be careful not to overlook key details or become too critical. It’s a good time to relearn a skill, review your daily routine and health habits, reapply for a job, reconnect with a former coworker and reorganize your workspace. The lunar eclipse can cause something from your subconscious to burst through to the surface, so pay attention to what your dreams and hunches are telling you. If you need to finally let go of an emotion, forgive someone, heal a hurt or close the book on something in your life, this is a golden opportunity. The mind-body-spirit connection is key to what needs to be surrendered. A Venus-Pluto mashup can inspire you to bond with friends, collaborate on a creative endeavor or turn on the charm with an impressive contact, so reach out to people.



March 21–April 19

If you’re enjoying being productive, doing something creative, working on a relationship or helping someone you care about, this week’s Venus-Neptune opposition could cause you to become disillusioned or deflated momentarily. A tinge of sadness, doubt, regret or guilt may spoil your pleasure, but try to stay in the moment and keep doing what you’re doing. The sun in your joy sector is scuffling with Uranus in your worth zone, hinting that fluctuations in your finances or your confidence can impact your ability to have fun and express yourself freely. Be flexible and find a roundabout way to have a good time during this transit. The sun is also at odds with your ruler, Mars, which can cause your individual pursuits to compete with teamwork. You might be tempted to break off from a group so you can do your own thing. There’s probably a compromise that will offset the conflict of interests, but it’s up to you whether you want to meet people halfway, stay and fight, or go your own way. After Mercury reverses course, you could have trouble communicating with a lover, or you might reconnect with an ex and rekindle the flame. It’s a great time to revise a creative project, reread something for pleasure, rediscover an old hobby and reassess what fulfills you. A lunar eclipse in your network house packs a punch and may trigger high drama in your squad. You might support a friend in need or throw yourself into a humanitarian endeavor, but if you’ve outgrown a certain friendship or group, you could decide to cut ties under this supercharged lunation. There’s a lot of tension in the air, and if you need a release valve, an intimate relationship, intensive undertaking or private introspection will provide one. Venus’s harmony with Pluto hours later implies your current labors truly will pay off in the long run, so keep at it!



April 20–May 20

You’re in the mood to enjoy life, but Venus’s standoff with Neptune could throw you for a loop if the line between friend and lover becomes blurred. An attraction to a pal isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But you may need to be careful not to misinterpret signals or build someone up to be the perfect ideal. Escapist fun with friends is favored with this opposition, so a GNO is definitely on the menu. When the sun squares off with Uranus in Taurus, you’re likely to get restless and may provoke someone you live with. You could rebel against family or tradition (or family tradition!) to assert your independence. The tension you’re feeling now may have to do with the fact that you’re changing and people who know you well are more comfortable with the old you — plus you yourself might be clinging to an identity that no longer suits you. The sun’s faceoff with Mars can allude to a parental fight; a conflict between charging ahead and resting on your laurels; or a struggle to balance home and work. With Mercury going retrograde in your foundation angle, you’ll be dealing with crossed wires on the home front and may find yourself reminiscing about the past a lot. You might reach out to a relative you’ve lost touch with, reevaluate your living situation and rethink your décor. A lunar eclipse at the peak of your chart could be the push you need to get out of a career rut, step into a high-profile role or let go of an old goal that doesn’t resonate with you anymore. It’s hard to hide now, so be prepared to perform if you’re called on. On a different note, your ruler’s meeting with Pluto reminds you that all work and no play makes life dull. You might have a happy experience now that shifts your whole outlook.



May 21–June 20

Venus gets tangled up with Neptune this week, which could make you feel a bit aimless. You might be content to relish the pleasures of home and family and not terribly motivated to achieve goals out in the world. But it’s possible to do very creative work in the comfort of your own home, so use your imagination. You might get confused about your relationship with an authority figure and perhaps feel let down by someone you built up. The sun’s skirmishes with Uranus and Mars can create disturbances in your mindset and communication, so step back from your thoughts and notice their effect on you — and press pause before you speak! You could blurt out something you didn’t intend to or get pulled into a battle of wills. You’re identifying strongly with your ideas and opinions and are likely to take disagreements personally, which could turn up the heat and lead to a confrontation. Geminis love learning, and you can use that to your advantage here by seeking knowledge rather than a win. Your ruler will be retrograde for the next few weeks, complicating communication, tech and travel. Put off signing paperwork, making important decisions and having significant talks until August 19 at the earliest. You’ll have more luck revisiting places, revising what you’ve written, reconnecting with people, rethinking what you said or heard and reviewing info you’ve already gathered. Expect glitches with commutes and short trips, communication devices, written communication and even your thought process. Your sense of humor will come in handy! A lunar eclipse can bring a crisis of faith, a memorable adventure or an urge to fight for a just cause, and it also might bring an entrepreneurial or publishing venture to fruition. Plus this lunation provides your annual incentive to release a personal belief—especially one that’s limiting your growth. Hours later, a Venus-Pluto conference promotes cathartic self-care, transformative self-acceptance or powerful intimacy.



June 21–July 22

When Venus and Neptune move into an opposition this week, you’ll tend to believe what you want to believe, so you’re not in a good position to agree to anything major. Although your rational judgment is clouded, the upside of this transit is compassion, and you may feel a strong spiritual connection with others who are less fortunate than you. You may be viewing the world through rose-colored glasses, but it wouldn’t be a mistake to show you care, especially if truth or justice are in jeopardy. The sun’s battles with Uranus and Mars can instigate a struggle over money, possessions, values or priorities, and you should try to understand that what’s most important to you isn’t necessarily what’s most important to others. You might have an impulse to distance yourself from a group to look out for your own needs, or you might be trying to get people onboard with your agenda and not having any luck. A confrontation with someone close to you is liable to get intense if you can’t agree on a matter involving sharing. Notice what’s making you angry and ask yourself how important it really is to you. Look for a workable compromise if you and the other party are willing and able. Mercury is beginning its backspin, impairing your financial judgment and causing mix-ups and delays related to money and belongings. Keep an eye on your spending and use the next few weeks to take stock of your possessions and assets, go over your budget, dream up different sources of revenue and reorder your priorities. A lunar eclipse can dial up the feels in a close relationship or produce unexpected lust for someone new, and a financial resource may finally come through or dry up. On the heels of the eclipse, Venus syncs with Pluto, giving you a chance to enjoy a deep conversation or encounter someone you have a powerful connection with.


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Reconnecting with old friends sounds good this week! Thanks for the horoscope! ❤️

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4 years ago

Hello there! Thank you for a weekly horoscope. :-) (Btw, I’m not sure if it’s only me, but I can’t see any pictures of each signs. Just saying.)


4 years ago

Thanks! :)

4 years ago

What reading should I follow for 19 Jan born around 730 in morning?