FP Escapes: Scenes from Our Weekend in Malibu

Our very own Kacie — of the FP Social team — reminisces with warmth just how special – and nourishing – our weekend getaway really was…

It didn’t matter if it was the 21-year-old girl celebrating her birthday weekend, or the 42-year-old Malibu Times writer who randomly stumbled across the event while shopping online for dresses — the one word that was used many times over the course of our weekend Escape in Malibu was community. Everyone in attendance described some form of connection to each other. As all 140 of us sat at the large communal table, you could hear strangers becoming friends, conversations about farm-to-table concept, life transitions, recipes being shared, rave reviews of Honey Hi’s cornbread and how it reminded them of the one their mothers used to make (but better), that eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing taste.

Some of the best conversations were those about girls inc., guests wanting the women of our future to know that they can live healthy lifestyles and that communities like the one we built on Saturday night can and do exist.

Overall, our Escape became an intimate getaway with 140 of our closest friends and family.

“The energy here is the energy I want to live in. Strangers meeting strangers, food that nourishes you, and women supporting other women. This is community!”

“It’s very humbling to sit at a table with all different people and know that you’re all there for the same reason. I feel connected with all 100 people at this table.”

“I come to these things because I know I’m going to meet people with similar interests who I can connect with.”

“I’m going through a transition in life right now. Coming here tonight was a way for me to re-nourish myself.”

+ Thank you to Girls Inc.Native HotelMalibu Fig Tree RanchYola MezcalHoney Hi, AsheFrankie & Jo’sQuaker City Mercantile, Lyft, Supergoop, Flowerboy Project, Healthade kombucha, Camp’d Out Tents, Julie Bernier, and Bruce Klumph  for making the weekend truly amazing.


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I love the setup of the event! It looks awesome!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Perfect <3

Looks like such an amazing time!




Amazing!! Any place with all of the photos from that night? :)


Hi- I can’t find an itinary on any of your FP Escapes. I’d like to know what you do on the escapes, cost, options for schedule and activity levels.
Thank you-

hi Maura! be sure to watch here for any updates on upcoming Escape plans, as well as recaps of past events. please consider tagging along on the next one!

Kathleen Goldstein

I had considered going, but decided not to. Disappointed now. Hope to make the next one..


Are boyfriends and spouses usually welcome to attend these events?

This looks so refreshing!

Awesome post ! it is really helpful post . thanks for sharing.


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Amazing!! Any place with all of the photos from that night? :)

This is so entertaining to me honestly

Nice post. It is very helpful. Thanks for sharing it.

this looks cool


will this be happening again this year? would love to come!


Hi, when is the next FP Escapes?
I’m dying to attend another!

Superb images, looks like you had a great time – Dave Drains