FP How We: Making Staple Pieces Your Own

Confidence is a women’s best accessory — so if you need a little reassurance to pull off those Western boots or gold hoops, keep reading.

Style is so profoundly unique and individual… it can sometimes be daunting to know how to set yourself apart from your best friend who shares your EXACT taste.

FP How We makes a great case for considering key pieces and adding to them what you like to make you feel like… well, you.


Take a staple dress an easy and versatile favorite — a piece which can be played up to its inherent soft femme mood paired with some Mary Janes, or twisted cool with edgy extras.


All work and no play can make ANYBODY dull

Jumpsuits satiate a lot of outfitting needs, but don’t feel as though you need to stop there. Workwear can command fun — why not a pair of chunky boots or layering lots of gold necklaces.









And, sometimes, the statement piece IS the accessory


Denim is a sure thing… and often considered a staple of Western living. So it makes sense that a cowboy boot would pair well…but throw on a modern version — maybe a belt bag and bold jewelry — and change up the expected.



Even cowgirls can perk up the blues… Dress up a simple jean-and-shoe ensemble with an embroidered top, red lip and classic hoop.

And…if all else fails, ice cream always makes for a good accessory.


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4 years ago

Woww……….. Such a wonderful post!

Thank you for the great tips! I love dressing up a versatile piece with statement accessories as well. ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Love this!

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Woww……….. Such a wonderful post!