Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 20-26

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August 23–September 22

Happy solar return! The sun dashes into Virgo this week, kicking off your birthday season and bringing a welcome burst of energy. This is the time of year when you’re meant to focus on yourself and what you want to make happen in your life. And even better than the sun’s grand entrance into your sign is the fact that it meets up with Uranus and Saturn a couple of days later, forming a triangle that astrology calls a Grand Trine. These three planets are generating a flow of positive energy and inviting you to align yourself with it. Consider this a major clue that you’re supposed to be pursuing growth experiences and discovering who you are — and who you’re capable of becoming. Take calculated risks that enable you to broaden your horizons. You’ll only learn what you’re made of when you test yourself by venturing into unfamiliar territory. You might travel, share your talents or do something else that makes you more visible and enriches you. The Grand Trine can really fire you up and launch you into the next year! When a full moon hits your interpersonal angle, a relationship may reach a turning point and possibly come to an end or reach a new level of commitment. You may need to hand the spotlight over to someone who needs it more than you now. A Venus-Pluto skirmish hints that intense desire can lure you to put your confidence or finances on the line. Stop to ask what this fixation is really worth to you.



September 23–October 22

With the sun slipping into your subliminal corner this week, your year is winding down. It’s appropriate to take a step back from the frenzy of daily life and give yourself a chance to rest and reflect. Find someplace peaceful where you can chill out and look back over the last year — in preparation for your upcoming birthday season when you’ll ramp it up and set your intentions for the future. The sun is forming a constructive triangle with Uranus and Saturn, which astrology dubs a Grand Trine. These three planets are creating a current of energy that links the most interior, emotionally oriented houses in your chart. They’re making it possible for you to release the past, accept the present and embrace change. You might be experiencing some growing pains, and flashes of awareness into the way you’re wired can point the way to personal transformation. A full moon in your efficiency corner could trigger a health or work crisis or a flurry of tasks and to-dos, and you might conclude that you have too much on your plate. Perfect time to say no to one more obligation or to ditch a time-wasting habit once and for all. A project may come to fruition now if you’ve been toiling away. Venus in Libra is squabbling with Pluto, so domestic difficulties or turbulent emotions can threaten a good mood, and ignoring the problem won’t help. Deal with what’s going on at home or inside you to restore a feeling of wellbeing.


October 23-November 21

After the sun soars into your humanity house this week, you’ll be less focused on standing out as an individual and making a name for yourself and more inclined to collaborate with others. Consider your various affiliations and the roles you play in other people’s lives. Group energy will give you a lift this month, so don’t try to go it alone. The sun, Uranus and Saturn are locking into a triangular configuration, and in astrology, this is known as a Grand Trine. Uranus is crossing your interpersonal angle, while Saturn is visiting your communication corner, so all three sections of your chart that are in play involve relating. This is an amazing transit for community organizing; connecting with kindred souls; establishing your identity in a new circle; launching a philanthropic endeavor; socializing with your squad; presenting something to a group; and meeting people who can teach you something or add excitement to your life. A full moon in your joy sector may set off sparks that bring a creative venture to fruition or cause a love affair to blossom or burn out. An urge for love and pleasure pushes you to express your needs and desires and enjoy life to the fullest. With Venus and Pluto going at it, though, you could be obsessing over a past love or private attachment and causing yourself pain. Let your emotions flow through you and out of you rather than holding onto them for dear life and going over and over them in your mind.



November 22–December 21

Step into the spotlight, Sag! The sun climbs to the peak of your chart this week, telling you that it’s your turn to shine. Time to set goals and devote energy to achieving them. Keep a high profile now; you may be called upon to assume a leadership position or prove yourself on a bigger stage. Show off your capabilities, and you’re bound to get noticed. Since the sun is forming a triangle (referred to as a Grand Trine in astrology) with Uranus in your productivity corner and Saturn in your worth house, you have the perfect opportunity to demonstrate what you’re made of in a professional or public setting. You’re open to learning new skills, trying your hand at different jobs and taking on fresh challenges. Plus you’re determined to develop your talents and willing to work hard to earn a living. All of this dovetails now, providing you with a unique chance to make your mark. A full moon at the base of your chart draws your attention to matters closer to home. While you’re busy conquering the world, be sure not to neglect family matters or shortchange self-care. A shift in your living situation could grab your interest, or you might feel the need to spend some quiet time alone unwinding. Venus in your group zone is clashing with Pluto, hinting that a problem involving money, values, belongings or self-esteem could set off tremors in your squad. Should you compromise or draw a line in the sand? Your call.



December 22–January 19

Now that the sun is setting up shop in your exploration corner, your blinders are coming off and you’re more interested in broadening your horizons than zeroing in on one person or undertaking. This is the season for expanding your mind through travel and study and seeking out learning experiences wherever you can find them. You’re up for adventure and eager to expose yourself to a broader swath of what life has to offer. And since the sun is forming a triangular coalition (known as a Grand Trine in astrology) with Uranus in your fulfillment sector and Saturn in Capricorn, staying out of your comfort zone and exploring the unfamiliar is sure to pay off. You’re due to enjoy unexpected pleasures and also prove something to yourself, so step outside your everyday routine and grow! Romantic sparks, a burst of creativity or a life-changing journey are all in the cards. The full moon can bring big news or information overload, and you may feel pulled in a hundred different directions. Your neighborhood is the scene where all the action’s going down now, so hang out near home. Venus in your ambition angle is at odds with Pluto in Cap, suggesting that a need to be in control can keep you from coming across well, especially with higher-ups. Try not to obsess over who’s calling the shots, and demonstrate your ability to work well with others. You know what you want but may need to tone down your approach a smidge so you don’t step on toes.



January 20–February 18

Once the sun sneaks into your power-and-merging house, you’ll do a deep dive into a relationship, private matter or passion project. This transit puts you in touch with what’s going on inside you and beneath the surface of things, so you’ll be more in tune with your own psyche and with the subtle, hidden dynamics between individuals. And because the sun is moving into a triangular configuration with your corulers, Uranus and Saturn (which astrology refers to as a Grand Trine), you could gain major insight into your backstory, free yourself from the grip of lingering emotions and attain a healing sense of closure. This transit can help you let go of the past, change old patterns and mature, in preparation for the next chapter of your life. It’s a great time for getting clarity on what — or whom — you should invest in. The full moon in your worth zone can trigger impulse splurges, as the line between wants and needs becomes blurred. But you could also hit pay dirt, particularly if you’ve been working hard behind the scenes. A surge of confidence could lead you to demand what you deserve, and a family member or partner is likely to come through for you. Venus’s skirmish with Pluto hints that you might be holding onto jealousy or anger, and that’s keeping you from taking a chance on someone new. Or you might find yourself secretly obsessing over a pleasure (or person) that feels like a reach. Acknowledge the intensity of your feelings, at least to yourself.



February 19–March 20

With the sun crossing your one-on-one angle this week, you won’t be all about taking care of business in the month to come. Your relationships are front and center now, and partnering with people will boost your energy. You can learn about yourself by noticing what roles you play in your closest connections, and it’s a good time of year to consider how you’re faring as a significant other, best friend or business partner. The sun is locking into a triangle (a Grand Trine in astrology-speak) with Uranus in your communication corner and Saturn in your group sector, encouraging you to reach out to others and forge new bonds. Go to a party or networking event, check out different social spots in your nabe, enjoy a GNO or date night — whatever you do, don’t go it alone! These planets are collaborating to help you connect, connect, connect. When a full moon hits your sign, that’s bound to make you extra emo. It’s fine to put your needs first, as long as you respect the rights of others. Open up about how you’re feeling and turn to your squad if you could use some support. Note that this is your best moon of the entire year for saying enough is enough. If anyone or anything is pushing you over the edge, maybe it’s time to cut the cord. A Venus-Pluto dustup could spell a clash between your personal life and your social life or jealousy in your inner circle. Avoid emotional blackmail if you find yourself on either end of it.



March 21-April 19

Whether you’re a student or not, you’ll get that back-to-school feeling when the sun marches into your efficiency corner this week, signaling that it’s time to get down to business. All play and no work might sound pretty great, but you’ll feel better when you grab your to-do list and start checking stuff off. This is your month to get organized, focus on the tasks at hand and channel your energy into doing things well and improving your health. Thanks to a triangular formation between the sun, Uranus and Saturn (which astrology dubs a Grand Trine), you’ll finally achieve a gratifying sense of progress. This triad is encouraging you to keep your nose to the grindstone so you can develop a stream of income and accomplish your goals. You might have a career breakthrough under this influence and can stack the deck in your favor by being super proactive about chasing down opportunities. The full moon will shine its high beams into your subliminal zone, so something secret or suppressed could come to light. Pay attention to your hunches, dreams and flights of imagination because they may contain valuable nuggets of truth. This is the ideal lunation for releasing an unhealthy attachment and ending a particular chapter of your life. You’re making space for what’s next—and starting fresh with a clean slate is right up Aries’ alley! Discord between Venus and Pluto can trigger tremors in a relationship if you’re fixated on a goal or one of you is being a powermonger. Compromise may save the day.



April 20–May 20

The sun bursts into your joy zone this week, inspiring you to be yourself and enjoy life to the fullest. This is a month where you should feel free to march to your own beat and play as much as possible. Express your creativity and your quirks and draw energy from doing what pleases you. A harmonious triangle involving the sun, Uranus and Saturn provides you with the courage to take a big risk in the name of growth. You might surprise yourself and realize you’re ready for a change. Revolutionary Uranus is cruising through your sign, electrifying even the most intractable Bulls and calling for you to liberate yourself from the same old same old. The process of exploring new ways of being you will help you discover your true self. The Grand Trine that these three planets are forming nudges you to go out on a limb and have new experiences so you can learn more about the world — and about yourself. Consider this your green light for a bold move! When a full moon illuminates your humanity house, you might have to be there for a friend in need or play a prominent role in a group. You could also decide to sever ties with an organization or take a needed break from a drama-queen friend. Your ruler, Venus, is tussling with Pluto, suggesting strong opinions can make it harder to maintain peaceful relations with cohorts. Allow for the possibility that there’s no one right way of doing something.



May 21–June 20

As the sun dips down to your foundation angle this week, your home life grabs a bigger slice of your attention. Although Venus’s trip through your joy sector is stimulating your desire to get out and have fun, you’ll also need some downtime in the privacy of your own space so you can unwind and tune into your own frequency. It’s the time of year when you check in with yourself and sift through your innermost thoughts, feelings and memories, taking stock of where you are in your life. The sun is generating positive vibes with Uranus and Saturn by forming a triangle that’s known as a Grand Trine in astrology. This is your cue to unpack some emotional baggage, let go of old feelings that have fossilized in your psyche and come to terms with the fact that you’re complex — and so are real relationships and real life. Accept how you got to where you are now and embrace the liberating power of forgiveness. With a full moon activating your ambition angle, a goal could come to fruition or you could reach a career crossroads. If you find yourself being called on to perform, intensive preparation and flashes of insight can help you put your best foot forward. You might step into a leadership role now or shift directions on your life path. A Venus-Pluto disagreement alludes to a clash between fun romance and heavy commitment, and jealousy may be an issue. Don’t gloss over what needs to change.



June 21–July 22

Your brain and your interactions receive a jolt of energy when the sun saunters into your cognition-and-communication house this week. You’ll be able to put a lot of yourself into everything you say and mqy notice an upswing in the rhythm of daily life. Neighborhood activities, learning, short trips, writing and conversation are all favored. And since the sun is joining forces with Uranus and Saturn in a triangular configuration known as a Grand Trine, you won’t have any trouble clicking with individuals and groups alike and meeting new people who’ll make an impact on you. Get out and mingle, saying yes to spontaneous get-togethers, a blind date, an industry event, a community meeting and whatever else comes up. You’ll feel in sync with others and part of something bigger than yourself. It’s a good time for securing a mentor, partnering on a project, launching a humanitarian effort, giving a presentation to a group and having a serious dialogue. With a full moon lighting up your exploration corner, a taste for adventure could inspire you to take a leap of faith. A big trip, publishing deal or entrepreneurial venture may finally become a reality under this lunation. And because a shift in your perspective is called for, this is the perfect time to drop a personal belief that has limited your growth and embrace a different outlook. A Venus-Pluto quarrel signals an obligation could prevent you from relaxing at home, particularly if someone calls in their chips, or you might be torn between playing it safe and risking getting hurt.



July 23–August 22

Your ruling planet exits Leo this week and segues into your worth house, turning your attention to what you have and what you need. This is a month for assessing your resources, getting your personal priorities straight and using your assets to your advantage. Thanks to a positive triangular formation between the sun, Uranus and Saturn (which astrology calls a Grand Trine), your finances, career goals and work ethic can all coalesce now. Tap into your full range of talents and also strive to learn new skills. Be willing to take on different responsibilities. Set flexible objectives. Think about what unique qualities you bring to the table and at the same time, take a humble approach to meeting demands and serving a useful purpose. A combination of your individual aptitudes and plain old hard work will facilitate progress. When a full moon lands in your intensity zone, sexual sparks could fly or emotional intimacy could bloom. It’s also possible that an outside resource such as a grant or a loan will finally come through. Once a year, a lunation pushes you to master the art of give and take, and this is the one. Strive to achieve a delicate balance between looking out for your own needs and sharing what you have with someone else. But if strong emotions like jealousy or anger bubble up, don’t stuff them back down. Venus’s argument with Pluto implies your workload or health can take you out of a good mood. Try to keep looking at the bright side.


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Can’t wait to get organised this week! Thanks for the horoscope!

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Thanks! :)

2 years ago

Tracy Allen you are amazing so accurate